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March for Peace with Blue Crystals

sheila of satin crystals holding up a lapis palm stoneThis March stands for peace.

Satin Crystals stands for peace.

As Russia continues a brutal assault on Ukraine, the world stands up for peace.

This month, we are featuring our Blue Crystals.

When you purchase Blue Crystals through the month of March, 22% of the proceeds will be donated to charities working in Ukraine.

Use code BLUEFORPEACE in March to get 10% off blue crystals and have 22% of the proceeds donated to a charity in Ukraine.

Blue is symbolic of calm, serenity, and harmony. It soothes your soul through water element energy. It uplifts your spirit to the Higher Realms.

Blue stands for the sea, the sky, freedom, intuition, visions, loyalty, unity, and so much more.

Within the next couple of weeks, you can expect the following articles delivered to your inbox when you join the Satin Crystals VIP club:

  • Blue Crystals showcase
  • Blue Jewelry showcase
  • Meaning of the color blue
  • New Moon Divination with Blue Crystals
  • Full Worm Moon Rituals with Blue Crystals

Also, check out your March Crystal Horoscope to see what Blue Crystals you need the most this month.

Thank you for being a beacon of peace, a beam of light that shines through the darkness.

-Lisa, Sheila, & Ann Satin

Buy Blue

Check out these blue gems and jewels. Treat yourself while helping others. Don't forget to use code BLUEFORPEACE at checkout.


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Lisa Satin - March 10, 2022

Hi Isha,

Sodalite is a great stone for strengthening your mental state and also works at the Throat and Third Eye chakras.

I would check out our Throat Chakra article and collection for more ideas on crystals that help you communicate.

For the mental confidence, check out our Third Eye Chakra collection:


Lisa Satin

Isha - March 10, 2022

Can you suggest a crstal for speaking confidence and mental confidence?

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