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Meditation with Crystals for Beginners

Meditaton with Crystals for Beginners

If you are interested in meditation, it is important to understand the basics of the practice in order to get the full effectiveness of this exercise. Being here and reading this article is taking the first step on your personal journey!

Why is Meditation so Beneficial?

The purpose of meditation is to make the brain more aware of feelings and thoughts. Being more aware of your thoughts and feelings will help you find your place in this world. Rather than stumbling blindly through a mundane routine, your head will be clear on a goal and focus. 

Today, the world is busy, we are busy running errands, working, raising families, tending to the home, overworking and over-stressing our schedules and budgets in order to please everyone else as we frantically search for that one thing that will be the ultimate ah – ha!

Unfortunately, many will never find that moment and will die searching. But thanks to the mindful awareness and the benefits of meditation, your search can come to the end. The answer was within you all along!

Everyone can benefit from meditation. It's not a drug, it doesn't require you to travel anywhere, there is no set time limit, you can do it for any reason, and it can bring you a kind of joy, peace, and calmness that you cannot find anywhere else. Meditation is for everyone, but not everyone has enjoyed it yet.

Beginners Meditation Tip

When you first begin meditating, you may find it difficult to concentrate on sitting still. This could make your first experience with meditation a negative one.

Using crystals can help you focus, open up your inner mind, and help rid you of negative energy that may be standing in your way. Like in crystal healing, having a physical object to hold helps the mind zone in on its goal.

Hold on to a healing stone that you have programmed for your meditation's intent. If you tend to drop things, wear the crystal as jewelry instead. 

Selecting Meditation Crystals

If you don't have a particular intention in mind, you can play a random game when selecting which crystal to meditate with. Place all of the meditation crystal candidates in front of you and close your eyes for a minute. When you open your eyes again, allow your eyes to focus on just one crystal. Don't force yourself to choose one particular crystal. Allowing your eyes to slowly focus on one instead will be more beneficial to your meditation.

There are no crystals to avoid when meditating. All crystals can be used and each one offers different healing properties to enhance your experience. If you have an intention in mind for your meditation, we have an in-depth guide on which crystals can be right for you. Check out How to Use Meditation Crystals for the informative list of manifestations and their corresponding stones.  

Once you're comfortable with your meditation sessions, keep the momentum up with 5 Crystals to Improve Meditation.



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Sheila Satin - September 9, 2021

Hi Carlos, we use Bonojoro for personal videos. As for meditation you can hold it, gaze at it or place it on your heart, whatever you like. If you’re lying down it might be easiest to place it on your heart. If you are sitting up it would be easy to hold. If you have a place to put it in front of you it will be easy to look into.



Carlos - September 9, 2021

How would i use my Stone when i meditate? do i stare at it ? Hold it in my hand? place it by my heart? A buddy of mine told me about the stone so i quickly jumped on the web did some research and found yours site seemed legit .. I really love how you guys reply back asap! and Now this! thumbs UP!!

Lisa Satin - September 9, 2021

Hello Linda,

Thanks for writing to us and sorry to hear you are in pain.

We have a lot of information about chakras and depending on where your pain is you can read about that chakra. Otherwise, pain generally falls under the Root Chakra:

We also have several guided meditation videos. You can find them here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions :)


Lisa Satin

Linda P. - September 9, 2021

In need of meditation and chakra guidance to better my painful health. Do you have any recommendations?
Thank you

Lisa Satin - May 22, 2021

Hi Monique,

Thanks for sharing about your experience.

Not having a stable place to meditate and do crystal healing makes it more of a challenge, but it’s not impossible.
If anything, the ultimate goal for ALL of us is to be able to find peace no matter where we are.

To start, set your intentions by cleaning, charging, and programming your crystals and Moldavite. Here is how:

Here is an article on the Top 5 uses of Moldavite:

And here is a starting point to all our other crystal tutorials:

We wish you the best of luck on your journey, let us know how it goes.


Lisa Satin

Monique L Espino - May 22, 2021

What if you’re homeless and trying to change your life, get back on track and that’s why you bought a moldavite and you have other crystals too?How can you work with them if I don’t have stable place to meditate and stuff? I’m also a little confused on how to program them and set intentions.

Sheila Satin - June 7, 2020

Hi Linda, Happy Sunday!

However you found us, I’m glad you did! Enjoy the meditation, much needed in today’s world.

Yes we have a lot of videos, tutorials and blogs. And if you need to know any other answers just ask and I will guide you to the right article or we will whip up a new blog.

Starting tomorrow in the coming weeks we are going to be talking about the individual chakras, so make sure you’re on the email list if you aren’t yet:

😸 Sheila Satin

Linda - June 7, 2020


Happy Sunday to you!! I noticed that you have a lot of info on your site like how to guide meditations. I will def check it out since I will be guiding a small group this week!

I don’t know how I found your site. Lol. Maybe it was the video on the Moqui balls.

Lisa Satin - February 3, 2020

Hello Imogen,

We would like to suggest you read the following articles regarding crystals that can help in stressful situations:

Calming Crystals Good for Anxiety:

Relaxation Crystals:

Thank you and we hope you find peace and balance soon,
Lisa Satin

Imogen - February 3, 2020

Hi I would like some help I’m going though a lot got a lot of stress and need something to settle down

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