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Your Crystal Horoscope for September 2023

word september on turquoise background Mercury and Venus in retrograde...still?! Yes, these planets are making a mess in your Zodiac sign. Hold on tight because September is quite the storm. Sometimes things get harder before they get easier.

All signs benefit from healing crystals this month. Sparkling gemstones and jewelry align with the positive energy of the planets. There's plenty of evil to go around, but that's not what you're after.

Good things come to those who wait. The planets fall back to their righteous paths. Venus sings a song of inspiration about love, family, health, and wealth. She wants you to have the best of the best. Will you heed her offer? Or will you let Uranus destroy your destiny? Read on to find out. 

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Crystal Horoscope by Zodiac Sign  

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

The cosmos is aligning to bring you more success in love. Venus will soon turn direct in your House of Love and by the end of the month, she will have a showdown with Uranus. This could be a turning point where you realize that a complete change of strategy is needed for better results in relationships. What should you change?

Furthermore, a Full Moon in your sign on September 29 will help you clarify your goals and dreams while also providing opportunities to express them to others. Embrace the new air and embark on a thrilling love journey.

With so many chances for positive change hanging in your sky, Aries could harness the power of Quartz crystals to manifest a better life situation. There is an opportunity to excel in your personal development, relationships, and career this September. Clarify your goals with Quartz and then make it all happen with the help of the Master Crystal.

Discover incredible job opportunities, especially if you're seeking a career change. Take action after September 15 when a New Moon impacts your professional arena and Mercury shifts gears. That's the right time to pump out your resume and take firm steps forward. The doors will fly open! Wear Quartz on any upcoming interview or meeting to yield spectacular results.

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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

Expect increased peace and cooperation in your domestic life as Venus turns direct in your House of Kin on September 3. Any family-related issues, including those involving money or differing opinions, feel easier to resolve.

Your love life is about to get a big dose of energy. Any uncertainty about getting back together with your ex will be resolved when Mercury leaves retrograde and straightens out in your Love Chart on September 15. Experience a refreshing change in romance with a New Moon on September 14. 

Taurus has a lot to gain in love and friendship this September. Strengthen your bonds with Rhodonite healing crystals. These pink gems keep and enhance the good feelings of those around you. It is a favorite gemstone of Venus, and you want to keep her in your favor!

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Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 21 - June 20

Seize this month to conquer negotiations and make bold decisions in financial, romantic, or domestic matters. Venus shifts gears on September 3, reviving your charm in communication, thought, and writing. Prepare for triumph after September 15 when Mercury snaps out of retrograde!

Sodalite is the stone for Gemini this September. With so much to gain through positive expression, this blue gemstone can open your Throat and Third Eye chakras for success. Wear Sodalite to feel confident in your decisions and use it as a healing stone to gain energetic clarity.

Experience the powerful combination of Mercury turning direct and a New Moon on September 14 in your Family Chart. This is the perfect time to embark on a real estate venture that will bring you prosperity and success. Make sure to hold off on signing any official documents or contracts until then, to ensure a fruitful outcome.

Support your friend during the powerful Full Moon on September 29. You can be there for them.

There could be a twist in your love life as Venus faces Uranus in your House of Solitude. Consider your words carefully before expressing your feelings! Keeping Sodalite near the neckline can help you communicate correctly rather than botching up a good thing.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 21 - July 22

Unleash your financial potential! Venus turns direct in your 2nd House of Jobs on September 3. You can showcase your exceptional talents and boost your income. Seize the opportunity to explore new sources of revenue or negotiate a raise.

The Full Moon on September 29 enhances your career, boosting your chances of a promotion or starting a business. While there may be unforeseen costs associated with a start-up due to Venus facing off Uranus, the potential remains promising. Remember, you have to invest money to make money.

There is so much opportunity to make new money, you can't miss it! Cancer should use Citrine to enhance these lucky stars. Remember, the flow of finances could run either way. You want to ride with the tide.

Wear Citrine abundance jewelry all month and decorate your spaces with stones so as not to miss the boat of bounty.

You might jet off on a trip mid-month, once the New Moon takes a shine to your stars on September 14. Mercury shifts gears here a day later, giving you a hand with tidying up any contract in progress.

Although there's no major change to your love life, Venus helps boost your self-confidence and you feel a stronger sense of value to who you are. Use Citrine gems to strengthen your emotional self at the Solar Plexus chakra. Others are sure to notice the sunnier new you.

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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 - Aug. 22

Get ready for a September that will have you feeling like you're on Cloud Nine! Venus makes a comeback in your sign on September 3, giving you the boost you need to feel rejuvenated from the inside out. Leo can work with Aquamarine crystals this month to cleanse and self-care. This Water Element crystal ensures you are fresh for the good fortune to come.

You may have recently spent significant time addressing underlying obstacles to love. Even if your romantic relationship is fulfilling, you might have faced challenging emotions or felt less acknowledged by your partner. Don't forget: the best way to solve this is to clearly communicate your needs. This mature approach will bring you great benefits and make matters of the heart more fulfilling than ever.

Aquamarine crystals align with your Throat chakra and encourage healthy communication. A pendant, necklace, or stone near the Throat can help you be mindful of your words.

Your money mojo starts improving mid-month. A New Moon in your Financial
Chart on September 14 is followed by Mercury going straight the next day. Making changes to your budget will increase your disposable income and put you in a better position to boost your cash flow. All around great!

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Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

You might feel sluggish the first half of the month. Until September 15, Mercury Retrograde is still acting wonky in your sign! Your mental wires are crossed and you're confusing everyone around you. You might even be confusing yourself, making it a real brain-buster to make up your mind about something important. Try to avoid making major decisions about work, home, and love until then!

A New Moon in Virgo on September 14, followed by Mercury going direct, is your ticket to get things moving! Once the retrograde passes, the floodgates will open and you'll feel like yourself again. Let the good fortune fill your heart and inspire you to take action in your professional and personal life.

As the first half of your month requires calm and the second calls for action, Virgo benefits greatly from Chalcedony stones through September. The cooling blue minerals of Chalcedony allow you to keep a level head throughout the retrograde. Once that passes, you can tap into the energetic orange and red minerals of unique Chalcedony to power your way to success.

A new start awaits in your Romance Sector. Embrace the power of Venus turning direct on September 3, and let go of the love that has been breaking your heart. We've all made mistakes, but now is the time to release them. Embrace your Chalcedony stones and jewelry, they teach you to be tranquil and stable during uncertain times. As the past fades away, a radiant future awaits you.

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Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

You and a friend may have recently ended your relationship due to disrespectful behavior. This month, there is a possibility that you will resolve your differences. Alternatively, you may have decided that certain individuals no longer have a place in your life. Venus goes direct in your Friendship Area on September 3, boosting your beliefs. You're truly valuing yourself and your principles in all your social connections. Well done!

Cutting ties or repairing damaged relationships isn't always as easy as it sounds. That's why Libra benefits from Rose Quartz this month. Your September stars revolve around social connections. This pink crystal helps you attract worthy individuals and release the abusers.

A powerful Full Moon on September 29 in your Relationship Sector may mark a significant turning point for you, whether it's with a long-term partner or a new romantic connection. Regardless, prepare to strengthen your commitment to each other. If it's a business alliance, get ready to partner up. You both benefit from this arrangement.

To take advantage of this successful forecast, wear Rose Quartz jewelry as you work and place stones in the areas of your home and office that receive high foot traffic. It's the "people stone" and the planets have pinned you as a people person!

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Ignite your career in September! The Venus retrograde since July 22 made you feel like you were stuck in one place professionally. If your peers disrespected you, it's time to reclaim your pride in your profession. Venus is back on track as of September 3rd, so this is the time to pick up the pieces and leap forward in the workplace.

Feeling trapped by a tech project? Like building a new website or social media presence or figuring out how to use a new phone? Don't worry, once Mercury goes direct on September 15, things will start moving forward again! Joining a group or organization around the New Moon on September 14 can result in valuable connections that fuel productivity.

As you are finally able to forge ahead now that Venus and Mercury's retrogrades are out of the way, Scorpio could use Bloodstone crystals to solidify their successful stance. Bloodstone will help you overcome the nonsense of the past retrogrades and guide you to smart decision-making in the workplace and for your personal projects. Wear Bloodstone jewelry to harness a professional vibe and place Bloodstone crystals in your workspaces.

Expect a possible shakeup in your love life around September 29th. Venus and Uranus will clash, leading to a sudden change in your relationship status. Bloodstone is a stone of courage and will help you get through the shift, whether you feel negative or positive.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Awaken your potential to reconsider money and love. Embrace the power to shift your beliefs. With Venus leaving retrograde on September 3, your honesty will ignite transformative actions reflecting your newfound insights. What will you change in your financial and romantic worlds?

Green Aventurine is the stone for Sagittarius this month. Not only is it a power-player of abundance but it will also heal you at the Heart chakra for a flow of true love. Expect big changes in work and relationships in September. When you use Green Aventurine, those changes will be positive rather than negative.

Your career might have hit a bump with Mercury going retrograde in your chart. Miscommunication with your boss or a VIP may have caused some stress. Don't get too bummed if important contracts or conversations don't go as planned. Luckily, a New Moon on September 14, and Mercury going direct the next day, should give your career the boost it needs. Wearing Aventurine jewelry in the workplace is a smart move for Sagittarius. Place Green Aventurine stones near your desk or studio.

A Full Moon on September 29 might bring the romantic satisfaction you've been eagerly anticipating. Or fever! Do positive manifestations with Green Aventurine at your Heart chakra to take advantage of the lovely vibes.

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Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Venus goes direct in your 8th House of Money on September 3. This shift could bring movement to a stalled financial situation. If you've been waiting for news about a contract, bid, or loan, you may finally get an answer. Things are in motion once again.

While it's easy to get excited by the new momentum, be cautious and avoid risking everything on a rocky venture. Venus will create one last battle with Uranus on September 29. The result could be an unexpected turnaround. The legal process continues after September 15 when Mercury starts moving direct. Expect a resolution in a family or real estate matter during the Full Moon in your chart on September 29.

As you have a lot on your plate regarding money and legal matters, Copper is a fine choice for Capricorn to work with throughout the month. This metallic crystal is an alchemist's abundance stone that can turn looming contracts in your favor. It keeps you solid during the cosmic hiccups that otherwise cause frustration. Try wearing a Copper ring for steady-handedness or place a Copper sphere in your space to attract winning prosperity.

Hold onto your hats for a love life plot twist on September 29! Venus and Uranus are about to have a wild collision. It'll be a rollercoaster ride, so buckle up! Just remember, it might not last forever. Embrace the excitement while it lasts!

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 Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 

There is a positive outlook for your love and partnerships this month. You will be able to understand the essentials by September 3, as Venus transitions from retrograde to direct in your House of Relationships. The transformative power of Venus moving direct profoundly impacts a significant relationship in your life. Whether it be in business or on a personal level, embrace the opportunity to move forward with this special person.

Fix your finances after September 15. Mercury turning direct in your 8th House of Income and a New Moon lighting up this area on September 14 means money matters improve. Get a financial advisor or experienced person to help with your plans. 

Jade is the crystal for Aquarius this month. As you have major shifts in love and money, Jade can assist you in manifesting positive results in both areas. Wear Jade jewelry near the Heart chakra to strengthen your relationships all around. Work with Jade stones while you embark on business ventures and budgeting to come out in the green, financially.

The Full Moon on September 29 in your Communication Chart can help you win your way on important decisions. Also, Aquarius can consider taking a solo trip, embracing your independence!

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Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Monthly Horoscope 

Feb. 19 - March 20

To achieve overall happiness, it is crucial to appreciate what you do every day. If you feel stuck in this area, especially if you dislike your job, it's time to make a change. Experience powerful transformation as Venus turns direct in your Work Sector on September 3. Embrace this shift to ignite the changes needed for a truly satisfying routine. Discover the importance of this remarkable change!

Your relationships have also been twisting and turning. Mercury is retrograding through your House of Partnership and will soon turn direct on September 15. This will surely help resolve the communication issues you and your partner are facing.

Feeling unsure about a relationship choice? No need to fret: clarity is coming! The New Moon on September 14 will bring fresh insight into your current relationship and open new possibilities for singles.

As Pisces is opening many new chapters through September, the gem they can embrace is Moonstone. Moonstone is a crystal of transformation and changes that will help you through the career shifts and re-sculpting relationships this month. Work with Moonstone to manifest new jobs and lovers!

Recommended for Pisces this Month:

How's Your Year Going?

What kind of crystal healing rituals have you done this year? What kinds of successes have you experienced? How did you match healing stones with your astrological signs?

We love to hear about all of your experiences. Feel free to comment below on this blog.

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - September 21, 2021

Hi Tambra, here’s more on Tuning Forks:

Sheila Satin - September 21, 2021

Hi Tambra, here’s more on Tuning Forks:

Tambra - September 21, 2021

I have now my first order from you. Tuning Fork Chakra set! Fine jewels! Gorgeous! I’m eager in using, do you have a tutorial on how to use tuning forks in helps of all aspects of healing, along with gorgeous stones? Thank You Satin Crystal!!!

Sheila Satin - August 31, 2020

Hi Laura, We have a list you can visit here:


Sheila Satin

Laura - August 31, 2020

I’m looking for a list of crystals and their meaning and what ther do?

Lisa Satin - August 29, 2020

Hi Alexandria,

It’s understandable to be sad about losing such an important gemstone. You might take comfort in the fact that it may have moved on to another person or place who needs it more. If it’s meant to come back to you, it will. Otherwise, it could be that you’re ready for a different crystal.

We have written an article about the meaning of lost and broken stones because it happens to many people. Check it out:

Lisa Satin

Alexandria - August 29, 2020

My mom had a black onyx gemstone I’ve had it ever since she passed . Someone has lost it and I’m devastated will it come back if someone else lost it? Will my black onyx come back if someone else lost it

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