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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55 & up

Kyanite Earrings Blue Oval Chain

Original price £65.00 - Original price £73.00
Original price
£65.00 - £73.00
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Only 2 left!
Only 2 left!
Size: 2 inch

Get lost in the mysterious blue shimmer of these Kyanite earrings. They transport you to the vast oceans of your intuition, allowing you to unlock the secrets of the Spirit. Magical blue gemstones bring together souls seeking answers to life's mysteries. Set in an antiqued leafy design, the unique Kyanite jewels add a spark of intrigue to your outfit. 

10x14mm stones

When you are feeling pent up and stressed out, Blue Kyanite melts your tensions. By opening up your Third eye chakra, this healing stone reminds you that life is short: enjoy it!

Your new earrings feature natural and untreated Kyanite. These are shiny blue stones polished into ovals and set in antique brass leaf-designed metals hanging from antiqued steel hooks. Each stone is unique.