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Obsidian: Powerful Protection Stone in Black

hand holding a silver sheen obsidian sphere Need an introduction to the most powerful crystal in town? It is our pleasure to present you with Obsidian.

This shiny volcanic rock will protect you from the Evil Eye, get your thoughts in a positive groove, and vanquish negativity from your life.

Let's learn more about Obsidian! But first, sign up for the free Satin Crystals VIP club. Enrich your life with crystal healing wisdom and amazing offers.

Obsidian: The Powerful Protector in Black

There are literally thousands of crystals out there. What is your favorite? Mine is Obsidian. After you hear about this powerful protector in black, it just may become your favorite too: 



  • Obsidian cloaks your aura from the negative vibes that have overtaken the world
  • Obsidian, made from lava and magma, fills you with the power of erupting volcanoes
  • Obsidian is a black beauty

  • Obsidian often reveals a secret world of rainbows that can leave you awestruck

I could sing more odes to Obsidian, and that's exactly what you will be hearing over the next two weeks. Why live in fear when Obsidian the Protector is here?

Do you Benefit from the Power of Obsidian?

If you find one or more of these statements to be true, you can benefit from the protective powers of majestic Obsidian:

  • I'm a reader or a psychic looking for the best crystal for gazing
  • Dark Obsidian jewelry would look great on me as they do their protective duties

  • I'm a healer who doesn't want to take on the burdens of my client because it would prevent me from being able to help them

  • I'm looking for the ultimate Feng shui protection stone

  • I want to feel the power of volcanoes in the palm of my hands
  • I want to manifest love

  • I prefer my Root chakra to be open and flowing rather than blocked and miserable
  • I need Obsidian for Front Line protection

  • I want to mask my soul from negative energy so I attract positive people into my life rather than poisonous scenarios.

  • I feel stress and anxiety so I need a crystal to help uplift me to a state of calm relaxation.

Obsidian: The Most Protective Crystal on Earth

Obsidian is the most powerful crystal on Earth. Rather than deflecting negative energy away from you like other protection stones, Obsidian has the unique ability to transform negative energy into positive vibes. It actually turns bad into good! Obsidian is the best mask you can gift to your aura. This knight in shining armor gemstone wards of fears, evil, and anxiety that have been haunting your mind so you can breathe easy once again.

Everyone has their own opinions about what is the most effective protection stone. Based on my own experiences and the stories I've heard from others, Obsidian remains my steadfast favorite.

Obsidian Protection Stone for the Front Lines

Protection stones have always been popular. In fact, they have been used throughout the ages across multiple civilizations. Who wouldn't want a shield around their aura to protect against the world's nastiness? Obsidian even wards off evil forces that lurk in the spirit realm.

With the Pandemic taking over the 2020 timeline, we've had several people asking us about protection stones. Some people are staying at home to avoid infection, while others are on the front lines. This month more American cities are beginning to re-open the economy. It's a scary time of uncertainty and people are feeling fearful on all levels.

Although no stone can prevent you from catching COVID-19 or cure you of the Coronavirus, there are other elements that Obsidian can assist with:

  • Obsidian can protect you from falling victim to senseless panic caused by people and propaganda. It keeps your mind clear of misguided influence.

  • Obsidian can protect you from enhanced stress in the workplace. With so much uncertainty regarding the virus, job security, and general stress of coworkers, this stone can transform the vibe of your workplace from pessimistic to optimistic. 

  • Obsidian can protect you from the new stresses at home. As lives and roles have been dramatically upheaved, it takes time to adjust to the new norm. Obsidian protects you from the surge of tension, fighting, and anger that may come with the transition.

  • Obsidian can protect you from taking on other peoples' traumas. We all want to help each other, but if you're sad and depressed over situations that don't belong to you, you actually lose the ability to help those in need.

Obsidian for Personal Protection

Obsidian has been the top contender in protection stones for centuries now. Not only does it protect you energetically, but Obsidian was literally carved into a physical protection tool by earlier civilizations who used Obsidian arrowheads for hunting and defense.

For healing purposes, we focus on the metaphysical properties. Obsidian protects your personal aura from dark forces, ill-willed people, voodoo, spells, psychic vampires. It keeps you neutralized from coworkers, family members, neighbors, and strangers who have ulterior motives.

Obsidian is your personal protector when you place it in the home, in the garden, in the office, and on your body as jewelry. Don't forget to travel with Obsidian- I never take a trip without my Obsidian bracelet.

Obsidian is such a strong protection gemstone that it seems you should have one with you at all times... and you should! 

Obsidian is the Protector in Black... and other colors too!

Obsidian is made from volcanic glass. It is the result of magma hardening after a volcano erupts. Unlike most crystals, it has a natural glassy quality that makes it shiny. 

Obsidian is commonly black. Yet sometimes what seems black in ordinary lighting is actually holding a secret world of color and sheen within.

Here at Satin Crystals, we have offered a variety of Obsidian over the years. This includes Black Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Bronze Sheen Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Midnight Lace Obsidian, Blue Spiderweb Obsidian, and Apache's Tear Obsidian.

Of all these stunning Obsidians, my personal favorite is Rainbow Obsidian. What's your favorite?

Obsidian for Magical Manifestation

While the protective elements of Obsidian are its most popular appeal, it actually holds all kinds of additional manifestation powers. Don't forget to take full advantage of Obsidian and its other benefits.

We will be discussing the magical benefits of Obsidian over the next couple of weeks. This is what you can look forward to hearing about:

  • Obsidian for Visionaries: Did you know that the famous fortune-teller Nostradamus gazed into an Obsidian mirror to have the future revealed to him?

  • Obsidian for Manifestation: Obsidian is a manifestation stone. It makes your dreams become reality. While we usually think of pink stones summoning love, one of Obsidian's secret powers is that it attracts love. Its many manifestation abilities will be highlighted in the Obsidian article to come, plus the free Obsidian affirmations you will get when you join the VIP list.

  • Obsidian for Meditation: When you dart off into a sprint without properly stretching, you are at risk of injury. Similarly, if you take off into a metaphysical journey or astral flight without proper safety protocols, you are at risk of infecting your soul. While doing spiritual work such as healing or meditation, your aura is opening up to different energy. Never venture off without taking preventative actions like holding Obsidian. Keep posted to find out how Obsidian helps in meditation. You even receive a free Obsidian meditation script if you're on the VIP list.

Shop Obsidian Crystals

When you wear and work with Obsidian, you will feel a sense of safety. Shop the Obsidian Collection or buy them right here on the blog:

Your Path to Protection...

We will be sending you in-depth information on Obsidian in the following days. Make sure you are part of the Satin Crystals VIP Club to receive the information in the comfort of your inbox.

Meanwhile, here are other related links to follow: 

Has Obsidian protected you?

Have you used Obsidian stones to protect you during these chaotic times? Have you used this black stone to rid of the negative thoughts and stay positive?

We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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Lisa Satin - October 3, 2023

Hello R.G.

Yes, it certainly can! Moldavite doesn’t work by itself, it works together with the power of your mind. As you already have the intention of positive changes with the Moldavite on its way, your mind is manifesting results.

We look forward to your feedback once the Moldavite arrives this week :)

R.G. - October 3, 2023

Ok thank you so much, I will go on website and find one, one more question can Moldavite start working with me even before I receive it? Because I have some weird stuff going this morning?

Lisa Satin - October 3, 2023

Hello R.G.! Thank you for telling us about the experiment you did with the Obsidian mirror. The red light you are seeing could be from the flashlight itself and not from the stone.

There are several types of Obsidians. Some are solid and some are translucent. So we would not know if your piece is real or fake based solely on the information you provided. It could be a translucent Midnight Lace Obsidian mirror that’s showing a red reflection of the light, or something fake altogether. If it was purchased from Satin Crystals, then it is 100% real.

Learn more about Obsidian in our comprehensive article:

R.G. - October 3, 2023

If I shine my cell phone flashlight thru a black obsidian mirror and the other side shows bright red, does that mean it’s fake?

Sheila Satin - June 21, 2022

Hi Tristan, here is an article that will help you out. Letting others hold your crystals is a personal preference:

Unfortunately, we do not make custom jewelry at this time. However if you need any of our current selection of bracelets restrung to your size, we can do that. We do recommend finding talented custom designers on for your custom needs.

Tristan - June 21, 2022

I happened upon your video looking for info on sharing my palm obsidian with other. Let them hold it?
I have a natural crystal that hasn’t been as strong since I chose it. Needs recharge? Should I not allow others
To touch it?
Do you make bracelets with specific stones I need? I think I know what I need, but do you also make recommendations? Thanks!

Sheila Satin - February 5, 2021

Hi Thomas, thanks for your email. We have our dedicated Obsidian vendors, but if you are looking to sell, I’m sure there is a market for it! You can try ebay, or maybe you have a similar site in Africa?

Thank you for thinking of us.

Sheila Satin

Thomas M - February 5, 2021

Hello Sheila,

My name is Thomas and I came across your video on youtube about Obsidian rocks and their spiritual benefits.

I must be honest and say I am new to crystals and their healing benefits. However, I have slowly become more interested in science.

While watching your video I realized I had seen this ‘Obsidian Rock’ many times when I was a child. (Now 30 years young) It then struck me that here in Kenya ( Africa ) we happen to have a significant amount of various types of Obsidian.

Snowflake Obsidian, Black Obsidian, and Mahogony Obsidian

These are the types I am sure we have but I can do my research and start looking for more. The obsidian has been formed along the Rift Valley. Which makes it millions of years old.

I was wondering if you think people would actually want some? I can send some pictures and samples if you would like.

Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi Mark, you are right, there is a lot of information out there in terms of protection crystals. That is because we are all different and what works for one person will not work for the other. The best answer we can give you is to trust your instincts and start experimenting first with the stones that most attract you. You can visit our Protection article for reference, but again, it’s up to you as far as how you use the stones in your own protective practices.

Sheila Satin

Mark - November 22, 2020

I read so many things on crystals and stones my head is spinning. What I would like to know is what crystals or stones to use for protection and staying safe from talking to haunted (spirited) dolls ??? Bad or evil energy a Big No No

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