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Lapis Earrings Blue Coins Sterling

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These deep blue Lapis earrings keep your thoughts aligned with Spirit. Walking your true path is easy when your intuition is flowing. The darling gemstones in sterling silver help you gracefully navigate the ups and downs of life. Save these Lapis Lazuli earrings for a fancy outing or wear them casually with your favorite jeans.

1x0.5 inches total (12mm stones)

Lapis invokes cutting-edge vision and innovation. Gain a heightened awareness of human nature. With this gem, you maneuver the big blue globe like a leader. Read more about Lapis Lazuli.

Your new earrings showcase natural and untreated Lapis Lazuli gems polished round and set on sterling silver wires secured with latches. Each stone differs. Assembled in the Satin Crystals studio in the USA.