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Shop by Intention

sheila of satin crystals holding an angelite stone egg for shop by intentions pageWhat Do You Wish to Manifest?

What better way to shop than to listen to your intuition? If there is something particular that you wish to improve in your life, shopping by intention may be the perfect solution for you.

Even if you are unsure of what is missing in your life, don't worry. Your subconscious and your Higher Self will lead you the crystals that you need right now. It is often said that the crystal knows exactly who needs it most.

Here are the most popular manifestation intentions:


green aventurine stone tower for abundance crystals

Abundance Crystals: This category is perfect if you wish to attract money and become rich. Find the best stones for bringing you cash flow, financial prosperity, wealth, and success. Alternatively, abundance crystals can also be programmed to bring richness in other areas of life. 


blue lace agate and chalcedony stones for calming crystals Calming Crystals: This category will take you to the stones that bring the most serenity, peace, and Zen. It is a good place to shop if you need to soothe your stress, anger, and worries. Calming crystals are also perfect for adorning your home, office, and meditation relaxation areas. 


grounding crystals - shop by intention Grounding Crystals: This category is full of stones that bring you Earth energy. For those moments when you feel spacey, loopy, or just plain out of balance- choose Grounding Crystals. Grounding crystals also make a perfect match for nature lovers, environmentalists, animal lovers, and even pets and plants. 


happiness crystalsHappiness Crystals: This category is full of stones that bring you happy energies. When you are feeling sad, depressed, cranky and down-in-the-dumps, choose Happiness Crystals to bring you back up. Besides lifting your own emotions, Happiness Crystals can be focused to bring joy to your relationships, friendships and home life.  


love crystals Love Crystals: This category is great if you wish to open and expand you Heart Chakra and benefit from the healing, blissful qualities of love. Weather you are working on finding a soul mate or enhancing an existing relationship, Love Crystals are here to help. Love Crystals are also meant for those working on self love, family love, and even love of humanity or the entire Universe. 


moonstone bracelets on hand for new beginnings New Beginning Crystals: This category is for your transitional times of change. When you are looking for a transformation in your life, whether it is a new job, new love, new adventure, New Beginning Crystals will see you through in a balanced manner. Don't go at it alone, surround yourself with the support of healing stones and you will have a much easier time reaching your new destination. 


hands in meditation wearing rhodochrosite and malachite stone stretch bracelets

Meditation Crystals: This category is for you if you are looking to enhance your meditation practice. Adding natural healing crystals help to vibrate your energies to a higher level. Choose meditation crystals and go hang out with your guardian angels, spirit guides and your Higher Self in your peaceful meditative state. Increase your spiritual vibrations with meditation crystals and natural stone jewelry and go into a deeper state of enlightened bliss.  


protection crystals shop Protection Crystals: This category holds stones that can protect you from negative energy. If you want to reduce negativity, choose Protection Crystals. This includes cleansing of negativity within yourself, from outside influences (like unhealthy in-laws or coworkers etc.), and dark forces at large. Protection Crystals are excellent for guarding your home, office, space, and rooms.

If you need additional guidance or you don't see the intention you desire, please ask and we are glad to assist. You can email us directly or reach out in the contact box.

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