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Black Tourmaline Earrings Glitter Sterling

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With a hint of glam and a whole lot of charm, you become the center of attention wearing these Black Tourmaline earrings. Command respect through your achievements, but maintain mysterious allure by how you present yourself. Be a strong beauty with these glistening gemstone earrings shining in your aura.

3 x 0.25 inch (76x6mm)

Black Tourmaline keeps negative vibes away from your spaces. Forge ahead confidently knowing that you are fully protected. Read more about Tourmaline.

Your new earrings feature natural and untreated Tourmaline polished into round faceted beads. The beads are strung on sterling silver wires and dangle from Thai Hill Tribe's fine silver ear wires. Beaded in the Satin Crystals studio in the USA.