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10 Summer Jewelry Back-in-Stock!

sheila of satin crystals holding orange carnelian necklaces

Look what's trending this season! These 10 Satin Crystals pieces are so popular they keep flying off our shelves. A hot new batch hit the shop just for you.

Don't just blend, lead the trend.

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10 Back in Stock Gemstone Jewelry

Moldavite Mania!

Moldavite is the IT gemstone of 2021 and refuses to give up the spot as top dog. This cosmic treasure of 14.7 million years is rare and spectacular. Many say transformational. Try it for yourself, but act fast because these are really hard to get. 

#1 Moldavite Big Alien Pendant

Coming only from the Czech Republic in controlled quantities, these bad boys are a true treasure. Shake some life into your soul with Big Alien sterling silver Moldavite pendant. They're rare, they're real, they're you.

#2 Moldavite Halley's Comet Bracelet

Designed by Sheila Satin herself, our Moldavite Halley's comet bracelets have been a cosmic hit. Feel original and extraordinary in this sterling silver adjustable gem. We are almost completely out of these faceted beads, so this may be the last batch.


Carnelian Craze of Blaze!

Carnelian has always been a brilliant hit. This July it's up and coming once again. Are people drawn to Carnelian because of its bright summery blaze-of-fire looks? Or because it's a psychic vampire slayer, keeping out the bad? Whatever your reason is, proudly embrace the Carnelian Craze.

#3 Carnelian Blazing Sun of Fun Bracelet

Okay, yea! You deserve to stand out from the crowd. Be the blazing sun and the center of your Universe wearing this bold reddish-orange Carnelian bracelet. It has been freshly strung and restocked by Sheila and Ann Satin. Many sizes are available- until they're gone.


#4 Carnelian Blazing Sun Necklace

What better way to personify summer than to wear this Blazing Sun Carnelian necklace? It's like wearing a ring of fire to get you motivated and inspired. Feel hot with passion, get noticed, and get your Carnelian blaze on.


Tropi-cool Drop Pendants

Wouldn't it be nice to lay upon a pristine beach and fully relax in a tropical paradise? Whether or not you are traveling this summer, you deserve a mental break. These drop pendants are the holistic healing gems you desire.

#5 Amazonite Luscious Drop of Ocean Pendant

Hello Heaven! When you want to feel totally tranquil and as calm as the tropics, wear this soothing Amazonite pendant. Resembling a drop of the vast and wise ocean, it helps you stay cool no matter what life brings. 

#6 Red Tourmaline Drop of Love Pendant

Are you looking for summer love? Or maybe just a sweetly satisfying scoop of raspberry sorbet? Regardless of what you desire, this Red Tourmaline pendant wants nothing more but to bring you pure joy. Feel the fun side of the season with this charming and romantic pendant.

Summer of Prosperity Bracelets

Enjoy the height of abundance this summer when you rake in the good vibes. These prosperity bracelets keep the Law of Attraction on your side. Look and feel like a winner in life by owning abundance energy.

#7 Jade Lucky Delight Bracelet

Here's one of our best-selling bracelets, and for good reason. This glamourous green Jade bracelet is the epitome of luck and prosperity. Passed down from generation to generation, Jade is a true and tried treasure. Sheila and Ann have worked hard to restring and restock this hot hit- pick your size before it vanishes again.

#8 Citrine Money Mindset Bracelet

The perfect counterpart to Jade, Citrine is another sizzling stone of prosperity. These Citrine bracelets are just right for summer, harnessing the power of the sun to heat you. They put your mind on the money track, which is surely a nice path to take. Available in many bead sizes, they have been freshly restocked thanks to Sheila and Ann's stringing extravaganza.

Eternal Moonshine

Look up in the clear summer night and find a big shiny moon to greet you. Our Moon jewelry is popular all year round but is especially nice this summer. It brings that yin to your yang, that zen to your zany, that spiritual touch to balance your material rush. Gaze upon these newly restocked beauties of the sky.

#9 Rainbow Moonstone 14K Moon Necklace

Light, breezy, and beautiful, this Moonstone necklace says it all. You're as brilliant as the moon that shines bright in the summer sky. Embrace each day as a new beginning with Goddess Luna empowering you through this 14 karat gold adornment.

#10 Moonstone Rose Quartz Lunar Bracelet

A touch of serenity, a touch of love. Your new White Moonstone and Rose Quartz bracelet is the calm and cooling jewel of the season. Through thunderstorms or heat waves, you remain centered. Usher in the best things in life with the nurturing energy of this bracelet. Many sizes are available once more.

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