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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

10 Tigers Eye Stones for 2022 Year of the Tiger

brown tigers eye tigers, pyramid and slabGet ready for roaring success in the 2022 Year of the Tiger. Deck your space with Tigers Eye crystals to enhance your good fortune. Check out the top 10 Tigers Eye stones for your year.

The Tiger is all about confidence, leadership, and accomplishment. Guess what? So is Tigers Eye! This brilliant crystal ensures you are the winner you were meant to be.

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Tigers Eye Guardian Animals 

Strong and Symbolic

Tigers Eye mini animal statues infuse your aura with confidence, energy, and a sense of purpose. These little charms can be carried as protective talismans or displayed in any space to create happiness.

Pick the Tiger for Total Success

Be a champion in the 2022 Year of the Tiger. This Tigers Eye mini tiger is the perfect crystal to channel the powerful king of the jungle. Feel confident in work, money, love, spirituality, and life. The little Tigers Eye animal cheers you on as you step toward shining success. Choose one Tiger as your protective guardian or pick a pair to double your fortune. LEARN MORE.

Pick the Dragons for Almighty Protection

This itsy bitsy Tigers Eye dragon duo emits protective powerful vibrations. The mighty little dragons fiercely guard your space. They eliminate bad energy that wishes to enter your aura. The two Tigers Eye dragon statues watch over you like Feng Shui forces. LEARN MORE.

Pick the Rabbit for Joyful Abundance

This adorable mini Tigers Eye Rabbit shows you how to hop to greatness. Don't wait for luck and good fortune to come to you, leap at it like the spry bunny. Your adorable little buddy stands on its hind legs and is ready for action. Pick one to be your personal animal guardian or pick a pair to double your positive vibes. LEARN MORE.

Pick the Cat for Confidence

Your tiny little Tigers Eye cat statue has the confidence of a tiger. Gain the power and poise of a boss when you channel the energy of this adorable feline. The shiny Tigers Eye mini statue watches over you like a witty guardian. It's simply stunning and utterly adorable. Pick one to keep you company or pick a pair to double your luck. LEARN MORE.

Tigers Eye Crystal Balls

Valorous and Victorious

You are a real winner with a Tigers Eye crystal ball by your side. Like the eye of the tiger, you'll gain better visions and faster instincts with a Tigers Eye sphere. Hold it in your hand to harness tiger energy, or display your orb proudly as a champion showpiece.

Pick the Tigers Eye Sphere for Tiger Power

Succumb to the mesmerizing power of this Tigers Eye crystal ball meant for winners like you. Gold and brown glistening patterns draw you in like liquid silk. The stone melts your fears and worries as you pounce ahead of the game to achieve your goals. The sphere fits nicely in your palm and makes a brilliant display piece when placed in the home or office for positive Feng Shui. LEARN MORE.

Pick the Tiger Hematite Sphere to be a Champion

This glamourous glistening Tigers Eye sphere is for world champions. It is rich with Hematite inclusions. The Hematite lines the golden brown stone, shimmering like the eye of a tiger. Be sharp, be keen, be successful when you harness the Feng Shui energy of this mighty orb. It is a showpiece ready to empower your office and home. LEARN MORE.

Pick the Red Tiger Iron Sphere for Success

With this Red Tigers Eye crystal ball, you feel one with the world and all of its powers. This earthy grounding gemstone connects you to the wild energy of animals and the prosperous life of plants. Tigers Eye is a stone of material manifestation, lavishing you with successful abundance. Your Red Tigers Eye sphere shines with a bold life force. LEARN MORE.

Tigers Eye Healing Stones 

Pretty and Powerful

Tigers Eye healing stones are stunning with their chatoyant shimmer and shine.  Tigers Eye is the champion of the crystal world, strengthening your lower chakras while solidifying your spiritual resolve.

Pick a Pyramid for Sacred Spirituality

2022 is the Year of the Tiger. This Tigers Eye pyramid brings you the confidence you need to succeed. The sacred shape elevates your status toward spiritual mastery. Be an all-around heavy-hitter this year when you use the energy of your Tigers Eye pyramid during the year of the fierce tiger. LEARN MORE.

Pick Hearts for Lasting Love

The best lovers are brave lovers and these Tigers Eye hearts capture your valiant spirit. When you hold onto these two shimmering gemstones, you feel a surge of confidence in love. Whether you're growing through a rough patch, keen on attracting a new lover, or simply need Zen vibes, the Tigers Eye hearts are here for you. LEARN MORE.

Pick a Pendulum for Wisdom

You want a pendulum that is bold, shimmering, and elegant. That's where Tigers Eye comes in. This high-class healing tool is handcrafted and secured to an upgraded sterling silver chain. Be a strong and confident healer with this Tigers Eye pendulum as you do dowsing, hypnotherapy, divination, and crystal healing. LEARN MORE.

Your Tigers Eye Trek

Have you tried Tigers Eye? We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing. You can comment on the blog below. 

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Lisa Satin - March 10, 2022

Hi K.B! Thanks for letting us know. We love Tigers Eye too, and it’s perfect for this Year of the Tiger energy. It’s one of the best crystals for confidence and success. Also looks amazing!

Moss Agate feels like it’s alive!

Glad to know that you are enjoying the start of your crystal journey, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Lisa Satin

K.B. - March 10, 2022

My favorite has be the tigers eye it’s really hard to pick since these are my first set of crystals but I say my tigers eye then my moss agate those are my two favorite so far but I love all the crystal I own

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