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14 Crystal Heart Showcase: Every Day is Valentine's

man and woman holding pink rose quartz heartsShout and cheer, Valentine's day is near! No matter what your relationship status is, there is always something to celebrate. These crystal hearts are the embodiment of Saint Valentine's loving spirit. And remember, love is eternal; so every day is Valentine's day.


Keep crystal hearts to attract the kind of love that is meant to be. Crystal hearts open your energy to true love.

Have a soulmate? 

Gift crystal hearts on Valentine's day, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Gratitude is at the heart of healthy lasting relationships. 

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14 Crystal Hearts for You & Your Loves

Love is the ultimate power that fuels a happy life. There are many areas of love and relationships that you can focus on. We present you with hearts for spiritual divine love, romantic love, rich love, and pairs of partnership. 

Hearts for Divine Love

Spiritual hearts showcase your eternal love

#1 Pick Amethyst for Divine Love

Fall in love with your whole soul when you gain the limitless power of this Amethyst heart. The shiny crystal cluster sparkles with spiritual vibrations, showing you the way to unconditional love. Go beyond materialism and feel bliss and beauty with nature's finest gemstone treasure.

#2 Pick Clear Quartz for Pure Love

You want a love that is real, clear, and pure like this Quartz Heart. The magical crystal not only helps you attract the best relationships but also improves the love you feel for yourself. Use your Clear Quartz heart to cleanse your energy. Gain a natural glow that shall be noticed by all. 

#3 Pick Moonstone for True Love

Your love for the moon, crystals, and everything beautiful is encompassed in the energy of this stunning Moonstone heart. Shimmering Moonstone is laced with protective Black Tourmaline. It is a perfect piece for embarking safely on new adventures in love and life. You are the light that shines bright in this world. 

#4 Pick Angelite for Heavenly Love

Waves of love vibrations pour over your aura when you take hold of this blue Angelite heart crystal. Let the divine love flow into your life through the positive energy gem. Your blue beauty is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Let Angelite hearts into your life and your soul will thank you.

Hearts for Romantic Love

Amorous hearts showcase your passionate love

#5 Pick Rose Quartz for Sweet Love

When you're in love, you glow. This soft pink Rose Quartz heart radiates with loving vibrations that heal and inspire. Are you looking to attract love? Improve relations? Find new friends? Nurture your self-esteem? This Rose Quartz sweetheart is the crystal that holds your hand throughout this journey of life and love.

#6 Pick Chrysocolla for Wild Love

"Forget me not, for my love is true." This gorgeous Chrysocolla heart is a symbol of your eternal love. It is a work of art that captures your beautiful spirit. Gift the Chrysocolla heart to your partner, friends, and family so they may forever be reminded of your bond. Keep it for yourself as a heart chakra healer gem and a sight to see. 

#7 Pick Fire Quartz for Hot Love

Your love is on fire and this Red Fire Quartz heart says it all. Don't be afraid to highlight your passion, it's a strength of your character indeed. The Red Fire Quartz heart makes sure you celebrate your relationships, as well as your lively spirit. Own it proudly. 

Hearts for Rich Love

Abundance hearts attract premier love and luxury

#8 Pick Jade for valuable love

Love is a precious gem, much like this rare Jade heart. The dark green treasure symbolizes the depth of your feelings. Your love is valuable, meaningful, and timeless. Your love is true Jade.

#9 Pick Aventurine for prosperous love

If you feel gratitude and want to project your attitude of love, this Green Aventurine heart is meant for you. The natural crystal attracts the best of the best to those who are grateful and kind. It is the perfect gemstone for prosperity, relationships, and healing. Get a Green Aventurine heart for yourself and gift one to someone special.

#10 Pick Chalcopyrite for solid gold love

You've got a heart of gold. Your golden Chalcopyrite Heart is here to protect your big loving personality, making sure no one tramples on it. Give your love freely and have it appreciated by others. The stone attracts friends, family, and lovers with good intentions. It is nice and weighty upon touch, with metallic elements. This brilliant Chalcopyrite heart is the perfect gift to give special people, including yourself.

Heart Pairs for Perfect Love

Heart pairs bring harmony to partnerships 

#11 Pick Tigers Eye for team players

The best lovers are brave lovers and these Tigers Eye hearts capture that valiant spirit. When you hold these two shimmering gemstones, you feel a surge of confidence in love. Whether you're going through a rough patch, keen on attracting a new lover, or simply need zen vibes, the Tigers Eye hearts are here for you.

#12 Pick Rhodonite for bonded lovers

This pair of lovely pink Rhodonite hearts symbolize the bonds you have with your best friends and lovers. Feel eternally connected and honor your love with these gemstone hearts. Gift the healing set as a present or keep one for yourself while sending the second to a special someone.

#13 Pick Selenite for soulmates

When two soulmates first meet, their auras glow as bright as these white Selenite hearts. Keep your love flourishing and your emotions fluttering with the pure energy of these Selenite stones. The feel-good crystals are ideal for attracting love, rekindling romance, tightening the bonds of family and friendship, or simply teaching you how to love yourself.

#14 Pick Amethyst for kindred spirits

Double up in love and laughter with the divine energy of your new Amethyst hearts. Your vibrant gemstone pair encourages you to seek love that washes away worries. Hold one in each hand as your soul floats in meditation. Gift one to a lover and feel forever connected. With this Amethyst heart set, you are on top of the world.

Your Crystal Heart Journey

Have you used or gifted real crystal hearts? Want to know more about using crystal hearts? Watch the Crystal Heart video and discover more!

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing. You can comment on the blog below. 

Meanwhile, shop the Satin Crystals Hearts Collection to find your lovely treasures. You can also shop right here for the perfect piece:


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Hi Camera, we have more about how to use Crystal hearts here:

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Camera - March 28, 2022

I have a question….. how do I use my heart stone and my recent blue ball I just recently got too? I know how to cleanse and charge them, I just don’t know the best way to use them for the intentions they are programmed for that were listed on the item description them when I bought them. Can you help me with this?

Sheila Satin - February 10, 2022

Hi Jennifer, we do not have a paper catalog. Everything is online. If you need any help, just let us know.

Jennifer - February 10, 2022

Do you have a paper catalogue of your products?

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Hi Megan, you can find instructions for wholesale here:

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Hello, I am looking to purchase wholesale for a business that I am just starting up. I will be selling on Etsy and my own personal site within the next couple months.

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