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15 Bestseller Money Abundance Stones

abundance crystalsWhy wait? Rake in the riches with Abundance stones. Wealth should not be put off for later, live the life you desire immediately.

Think rich and act rich with the help of Abundance crystals. Others have succeeded. Now it's your turn.

In this showcase, you will find the 15 most popular Abundance crystals that are beloved by our customers. Discover:

ONE Almighty Abundance Stone Set

TWO Financial Flow Figurines

THREE Cash-Cow Citrines

FOUR Richness Rocks

FIVE Billionaire Balls

Before you look at these bountiful gemstones, say it with me:

"5-4-3-2-1, Abundance has already begun!"

"1-2-3-4-5, Money makes me feel alive!"

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Finally, the Abundance stone your showcase awaits...

15 Most Popular Abundance Crystals

These are the most beloved money stones at Satin Crystals. See the abundance set, figurines, Citrines, rocks, and crystal balls. The ones which attract you the most will help you attract the most money.

1 Almighty Abundance Set

This new release Abundance Set is already a hit. You get the three money power-player stones all in one convenient kit. Manifestation is about confidence and concentration. Are you cut out for the rich life?

Abundance Set Money Maker Citrine Jade Aventurine

Abundance is your aim, money is your game. This crystal set is for people who are serious about manifesting a rich life. When you're ready to join the upper echelon of society, recruit the three most powerful prosperity crystals to your team. Glistening Citrine gets your cash flowing, Jade enhances your wealth, and Aventurine is about ultimate abundance.

2 Financial Flow Figurines

Why work for your crystals when your crystals can work for you? Expand your financial team with these adorable additions. But don't be fooled by how cute they are, these crystals play hard for Team Prosperity.

Aventurine Ganesh Elephant God Mini 1" Statue

This mini Ganesh crystal statue is your perfect companion from the holy realm. The Hindu "Remover of Obstacles" clears energy and bulldozes hurdles that try to block your path. The pint-sized deity packs a mighty punch. Display Ganesh on your altar, on your desktop, or carry him with you on daily adventures.

Jade Rabbit Get Lucky Bountiful Bunny Zodiac 2023

Get lucky! This precious Burmese Jade rabbit is the bountiful bunny that brings you prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. It is the Zodiac animal spirit guide for 2023.  Gain quick instincts, bountiful creativity, and prolific prosperity with this Jade figurine fit for the year of the rabbit.

3 Cash-Cow Citrines

Sparkling sunny Citrine is your cash-cow crystal. An infinite amount of money blows in and out of your wallet, easy breezy style. You make money to spend money. Treat yourself to the best with these golden treasures ensuring that payday is every day.

Citrine Raw Crystal Real Untreated Point Believe Receive 

You've been hunting for prosperity and searching for real Citrine. These are all-natural, untreated Citrine points here to fulfill your destiny. Bursting with abundance, the chipper yellow gemstone draws in whatever you desire. Focus, manifest, and believe; with these Citrine points, you're sure to receive. 

Citrine Cluster Lucky Sun Kissed Prosperity Stone

You are in luck, fortune is coming your way. The sun blesses you with a kiss through this yellow Citrine cluster. The dazzling crystal bestows you with solar healing and universal flow that results in your abundant glow. The adorable Citrine cluster brightens your room, your home, your office, and your life.

Citrine Tumbled Stone Set Stack of Shiny Abundance

Get pumped with an abundance mindset. These Citrine tumbled stones cheer you on the path to positive thinking. When you're thinking optimistically, your aura attracts bounty and rewards. The glorious Citrine crystals are perfect for carrying in your pocket, doing healing layouts, grids, meditations, and money manifestations.  

4 Richness Rocks

Richness rocks! Gimme some of those rocks that rake in the riches. Keep them around you for endless abundance energy.

To amplify your success, use these crystals while you do prosperity rituals and abundance meditations.

Pyrite Raw Crystal Set Protection Prosperity Sparkle

Your pair of sparkling pyrite gemstones exudes luxury and refinement. Benefit from the power of Pyrite by using it as a protection crystal and also as a stone of abundance. Pyrite helps you live an opulent and well-guarded life. These two treasures are perfect for crystal grids in the home, financial Feng Shui, or carrying in your bag. Hold one in each hand to receive amazing results in meditation and manifestation.

Emerald Raw Crystal Set Double the Luck Gems

This Emerald raw gemstone duo doubles your luck. Precious Emerald has been cherished by the nobility throughout history. That's because the green gem amplifies your luck in love, wealth, and manifestation. The Emerald Cluster pair is your ticket to a life of jackpots. 

Bloodstone Smooth Stone Valiant Win Manifestation 

This Bloodstone smooth stone boosts your confidence and transforms you from a meek mouse to a valiant winner. Manifest your desires with proud strides. The handsome green gem slides smoothly into your pocket for a daily jolt or can be set on your body for a chakra lift. Be the person you want to be with this polished Bloodstone healing crystal.

Jade Polished Stone King's Abundance Green Jadeite 

Share a slice of the king's abundance through this powerful Burmese Jade stone. The partially polished piece is a boulder of bounty energy. Jade has been revered through the ages for bringing fortune, and now it's your turn. 

5 Billionaire Balls

How do you get wealth rolling into your life? Gaze into these abundance crystal balls and see the way. The Universe wants to show you that dreams can come true.

Iolite Sphere Debt Freedom Rare Blue Crystal Ball

Just when you thought you've seen it all, you lay eyes on this rare and beautiful blue Iolite ball. Fall in love with this stunning abundance crystal that teaches you how to live debt-free. Find the freedom of spirit when you free your financial burdens. Transform them into the pinnacle of prosperity by holding tight to your blue Iolite rarity.

Copper Sphere Alchemist Metal Metaphysical Healing

Awaken your inner alchemist with Copper, the Metal of Antiquity. Unimaginable experiences await when you lay your hands on this Copper sphere. Fast-track your way to a wealthy, healthy, and happy mindset. This Copper ball's conductive energy urges the Law of Attraction in your favor. The weightiness and textured surface brings a satisfying sensation when you hold it. Get one, get two, and more to share! 

Green Aventurine Sphere Lucky Streaks Money Abundance 

This amazing Green Aventurine sphere is here to bring you lucky streaks of abundance. Get the ball rolling and start living the lavish life you were destined for. Green Aventurine is all about wealth- it emanates and shines with money energy. This powerhouse of prosperity has unique streak formations that channel infinite abundance. Say yes to the best and let the Aventurine ball do the rest.

Garnet Sphere Sophisticated Soul Red Power Crystal Ball

Your lustrous Red Garnet sphere emanates fine sophistication. This naturally elegant crystal ball has you tingling with power and pleasure. Infuse your day with an enthusiastic lust for life. The orb gets your physical passion going while accelerating your spiritual pulse. Place your Garnet ball on display to elicit praise and swoon. 

Pyrite Sphere Lucky Strike Gold Fortune Attraction 

Your dazzling Pyrite sphere brings back the nostalgia and adrenaline high of the Gold Rush. Strike it big with this lucky, sparkling, golden geode ball. Like the old-timer 49er miners, this sphere is full of abundant energy that attracts opportunity and fortune. Display the natural sparkling Pyrite treasure to shimmer endlessly through your home and healing space.

More money crystals for you

Do you love money crystals? We have a whole collection of stones and jewelry dedicated entirely to prosperous energy and a positive money mindset. Check out the Abundance Crystals Collection or shop right here at your convenience:

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