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7 Anklets You'll Adore

group wearing beaded anklets and braceletsStep into happiness with crystal anklets. These magical gemstone accessories ground you to planet while also lift you to a colorful realm of healing and fashion. Feel the force the of Earth empower you as you dance to the rhythm of nature.

What colors will you sport this summer? In this showcase, you see the top 7 Satin Crystals anklets, each designed and handcrafted by Sheila. 

Are you feeling out of flow? Align your energies and follow the beat through the motion of your feet. When you wear crystal anklets, you feel strong, self-assured, and stylish. Treat your feet to real gemstones that vibe.

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7 Anklets for Happy Feet

Did you know that Satin Crystals anklets are made to fit? We offer a range of sizes because each body is unique. Find your favorites and pick your size:

# 1 Obsidian Anklet Set Black Mahogany Snowflake 

Made from natural volcanic glass, Obsidian is said to be a powerful stone of protection that absorbs negative energy. It is believed to keep you grounded and connected to the Earth. This set of three Obsidian anklets is a best-seller for a reason! Add a positive vibe to any outfit and express your unique style with these beautiful anklets. Wear them for a night out, for yoga, or just for a gentle reminder that you are rooted in your own strength and power. 

#2 Aventurine Anklet Endless Summer Beach Vibe 

Sparkle and shine with this Aventurine anklet! It's the perfect accessory for those days when you want to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the beat of the music in your soul. Not only is it great for summer, but it's also perfect for winter months. Let it keep you connected to the vibrant colors of the summer while providing a warm reminder of the joys of life.

#3 Bloodstone Grounding Anklet Earth Power

The grounding energy of the Bloodstone anklet works to bring a sense of clarity and peace. Stay in the present moment. With its Earth energy, the Bloodstone anklet is like an anchor for your soul, connecting you to the core of the Earth. Its energy helps you to stay balanced and centered.

#4 Chrysoprase Anklet Bask in the Healing Limelight 

The Chrysoprase anklet is a perfect accessory to show off your Type-A personality. Not only is it beautiful, but the quality of the gemstone is top-notch, allowing you to make a statement with your style. Wear the anklet with confidence as you take on new endeavors and challenges, and feel a sense of pride in knowing you are strong and capable. As you move forward into a bright and beautiful future, always remember that you are a superstar and worthy of living life to the fullest. 

#5 Jet Anklet Root To Earth Nature's Ancient Healing

"I embrace the power of Jet and connect to nature's energy wherever I go. The Jet anklet gives me protection and a sense of security, knowing that I am connected to the Earth's healing energy. With this powerful stone of safety and spirituality, I am able to channel positivity and strength into my life. Every time I look down and see the Jet anklet, I am reminded of its mystical powers and the protection that it brings."

#6 Labradorite Anklet Natural Touch of Magic New Moon

As you slip on the Labradorite anklet, feel the power of the stars and the strength of the moon. Let your spirit soar with the celestial energy and tap into the metaphysical power of the night. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the midnight sky. Breathe in the fresh air and let your mind wander to the stars.

#7 Pyrite Oval Anklet Positive Gold Status Lifestyle

Adorn yourself with a Pyrite anklet and walk with power and grace. Its luminous energy will keep you grounded and balanced while you rise to the top. Feel the strength of the Pyrite and the power of your own will, and know that you can achieve gold status in whatever you do. Each step you take is a reminder to keep going and strive for greatness.

Anklets for You

Which anklet will bring a spring to your step? Who do you know that would love a Crystal anklet as a gift? Check out the Satin Crystals Anklet Collection or shop right here at your convenience:

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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