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7 Best Uses for Tumbled Stones

woman holding chrysocolla tumbled stonesYou are about to learn the 7 best ways to use tumbled stones. A tumbled crystal is almighty- its benefits have no limits so long as your imagination is open.

Enrich your metaphysical energies by using tumbled gemstones to create mandalas, crystal grids, and chakra layouts. Grab these crystals to carry, make jewelry, decorate your garden, and share with others.  

What is a tumbled stone?

It is a small rounded freeform crystal that has been tumbled in a rock tumbler to bring out its smooth and glossy beauty. 

How do I use tumbled stones?

Tumbled stones may seem small in the crystal world but don't dismiss the power of these pretty little pieces. Tumbled stones can join forces to form magnificent crystal mandalas that invigorate your life. Tumbled stone sets are the most versatile tools of any crystal healer.

Here are 7 best ways to use your tumbled stones in healing:

#1 Tumbled Stones for Mandalas 

What is a crystal mandala? Crystal mandalas are stunning combinations of crystals laid out in creative geometric forms that serve your desired needs. In Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas represent the Universe. It is the Sanskrit term for "circle".

You can use your imagination to form these magnificent crystal patterns or go online to sneak a peek at what others have done. You will notice that tumbled stones often have a dominant presence in crystal mandalas. 

When you gaze into your crystal mandala you are swept into a state of spirituality. Your mind is relieved of petty stresses and the mandala helps you attain deeper meditations. 

Use tumbled stones to create whatever crystal mandala you desire. Pick crystals according to the energy and colors you wish to enjoy, and let your imagination free.

Need ideas? Combine Amethyst, Apatite, and Aquamarine tumbled stones to create a crystal mandala that speaks to your spiritual soul.

#2 Tumbled Stones for Grids

What is a crystal grid? Like mandalas, crystal grids are beautiful formations of gemstones that summon healing energy to your space. They evoke the power of crystals in community with each other to create a powerful experience.

Whereas the word "mandala" has specific religious and historical meanings, crystal gridding is open-ended. Essentially, they are very similar. Grids do not need to follow a geometric or round form, so you can use your tumbled stone sets to make any formation you wish. Grid your room, your house, your car, or your healing space. 

Need ideas? Create a prosperity grid near your work desk or money area to get the abundance vibes flowing. Combine three of the best money stones to make your grid: Citrine, Green Aventurine, and Emerald.

#3 Tumbled Stones for Layouts

What is a crystal layout? A crystal layout is when you place gemstone directly on your body or form a grid around your body. 

Again, tumbled stones play a vital component in crystal layouts. You can choose tumbles according to the chakra that you are focusing on, or choose several stones to cover all 7 of the major chakras.

Place these gemstones on your body (or your client's body) and begin the process of relaxation and visualization. Imagine the energy and the color of each tumbled stone infusing your etheric body, bringing healing light. Pick your tumbled stones according to what energy you wish for.

Need ideas? The Upper Chakra set helps you focus on spiritual energies. The Lower Chakra set helps you focus on physical strength and worldly gains. Snag the 7 Chakras tuning fork set to cover your entire self.

#4 Tumbled Stones for Carrying

Why carry tumbled stones? These little gemstones are the perfect size to stash in your purse, pouch, pocket, or wallet. Take crystal energy on the go. Tumbled stones are polished smooth, making them more durable than their pointy counterparts. Carry tumbled stones with you any day or night of the week. 

Need ideas? Carry Black Obsidian in your wallet to feel protected 24-7. Carry Fluorite in your pocket when you're headed to an exam to help you concentrate. Carry Sodalite in your purse if you're prone to overthinking and anxiety.

#5 Tumbled Stones for Jewelry Making

Why use tumbled stones in jewelry-making? Tumbled stones are glossy, attractive, and durable. You can feature one tumbled crystal in your piece, or combine several.

Making your jewelry from tumbled stones is the perfect way to ensure you have an original work of art rather than some mass-manufactured design worn by millions of other people. You infuse your time and energy into your jewelry which makes it all the more powerful. It is also often much more affordable to create your own jewelry pieces than buying pre-made gems.

Need ideas? Wire wrap a large Lepidolite or Black Tourmaline tumbled stone to make a statement pendant. Are you extra-talented? Wrap up several Ametrine crystals into a bracelet that is sure to impress.

#6 Tumbled Stones for Plants

Why use tumbled stones for decorating your plants and gardens? It's common practice to use all kinds of natural stones for decorating your garden and soil. Most often, people use common rocks and minerals. Why not upgrade to real gemstones? Real tumbled crystals provide your plants with much more energy than common rocks and synthetics. They are naturally colorful and pleasing to the eye.

Line your potted plants with tumbled stones. Sprinkle tumbled stones into your backyard, front yard, and patio. They provide excellent Feng Shui balance.

Need ideas? Decorate your potted plants with Chrysoprase so they grow healthy and happy. Line the garden of your front yard with Mahogany Obsidian to provide protective Feng Shui to your home. Sprinkle Chrysocolla near the trees of your backyard so they grow mighty like a forest.

#7 Tumbled Stones for Sharing

Why share tumbled stones with others? Almost everyone loves crystals! Gifting tumbled stones is a rewarding experience, and it doesn't break the bank! You can pick crystals according to what energy your friends or family members need in their lives at the moment.

Alternatively, get some tumbled stone sets for yourself and share a few of those pieces with others. Tumbled stones are little tokens of happiness that make a big impact.

Need ideas? Gift Quartz tumbled stones to those who are just beginning their crystal healing journey. Gift Carnelian tumbled stones to artists and musicians who need a bout of inspiration. Gift Hematite tumbled stones to those who need a calm and grounding energy.  

Tumbled Stones for Crystal Healing

Over the next several weeks, you're going to learn all about tumbled stones. 

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