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7 Heartfelt Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

mother and daughter with crystal heartsAre you on the quest for original Mother's Day gift ideas? When you're ready to think outside the box, move beyond the box of chocolates and delve into the Satin Crystals Hearts Collection.

Moms love things that sparkle. Offer her the best in energetic jewelry and gemstones. Show your mom love with a heart-shaped treasure. Each unique piece has a special meaning and healing characteristics that give her the boost she needs.

This Mother's Day, your thoughtful gifting skills will be the talk of the town. For more exciting gift ideas and crystal healing news, join the Satin Crystals VIP email club. It's fresh, free, and easy.

#1 Red Quartz Heart pendants for Fiery Mom

Your mom is not mass-manufactured, so why should her jewelry be? With this Fire Quartz pendant near her heart, Mom will never forget her favorite child. This unique gemstone charm can only enhance her love.

#2 Amber Heart earrings for Global Mom

These heart-shaped map charms are perfect for the mom who dreams big and thinks globally. Precious Amber and sterling silver ensure high standards for quality. The earrings are a perfect symbol of her love of travel.

#3 Amazonite Hearts for Nurturing Mom

Let the sea-green sheen of Amazonite take her soul on a tropical vacation. Mom works hard, gift her something soothing. She deserves the stress-defying energy of organic and amazing Amazonite hearts. 

#4 Amethyst Hearts for Nature-Loving Mom

Direct from the caverns of exotic Brazil, this gift makes a sparkling statement on Mother's special day. Gift her stunning purple Amethyst cluster hearts, carved straight out of nature's geodes. She will be mesmerized!

#5 Rainbow Obsidian Heart Pendants for Goddess Mom

This tantalizingly beautiful treasure reminds Mom that she is a queen. Glowing with rainbows from within, this discreet gemstone works hard in keeping precious moms protected! 

#6 Petrified Wood Hearts for Greatest Mom

Gift your mom a timeless treasure when you present her with a Petrified Wood heart. Crystallized through centuries, this heart will show her that you are connected through eternity. She is the greatest mom in history!

#7 Fluorite Heart Necklaces for Many Moms

Perhaps you are looking to distribute something to your sisters or daughters who are mothers as well. These charming Fluorite heart necklaces delight all the lovely ladies in your life. Find it in Rainbow Fluorite, Green Fluorite, and Blue Fluorite!  

mother daughter with rose quartz heart

Eternal Hearts

Mother's Day gifting should never be boring. Forget the flowers that wilt within the week and get your mom something that lasts a lifetime. Any of the 7 heartfelt gift ideas above will win your mom's heart this Mother's Day.

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How will she use her crystal hearts?

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Have you used or gifted crystal healing hearts? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only.

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Sheila Satin - February 2, 2023

Thank you for writing to us, Tihamer.

Here is a highly viewed article about the Top 5 Crystals for Kids:

Another very popular stone for kids and students is Fluorite. Called the “Genius Stone”, it aids in concentration while at school or doing homework. You can read about Fluorite here:

You can find even more ideas in our Back to School crystal guide for kids and parents:

As for tired and overwhelmed parents, here are some suggestions:

Tihamer C. - February 2, 2023

I am just wondering which stone is most suited for my wife to deal with stressful situations and calm her mind and body. I want her to have something to improve her calmness, clarity, and peace of mind. I am unsure whether my 5 and 7 years daughters, too, would benefit from wearing any stones to improve clarity and aid learning power. Appreciate your feedback and advice in choosing suitable stones for my wife and kids.

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