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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

7 New Crystal Bracelet Styles

arms stacked with 7 crystal healing braceletsUpdate your style and amp up your vibes by expanding your bracelet collection today. We have 7 brand new designs for your crystal healing needs and total fashion enjoyment.

Below is a showcase of 7-from-heaven new bracelets. 

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Watch the Bracelet Showcase Video

Click to see the video of these brand new bracelets in action:

7-From-Heaven New Arrival Bracelets 

Here are the 7 new crystal bracelet designs you can now find on Satin Crystals. For more information and photos of your favorites, click the links.

NOTE:  Use the drop-down menu to select your perfect size. Even if 5.5 inches is showing out of stock, others are still available. 

#1 Rutilated Quartz Bracelets

Adorn yourself with the divine energies of Rutilated Quartz. Full of golden Angel hair inclusions, this mesmerizing gemstone takes you to new heights. Feel the spiritual vibrations of your crystal healing bracelet whether you are lounging around at home, chatting with friends around the dinner table, or deep in blissful meditation. This intriguing jewel sparks inner reflections and outer conversations. Learn more about Rutilated Quartz Bracelets.  

#2 Onyx Combo Bracelets

Encircle your aura with the protection of Black Onyx gemstones. A double-duty combination of matte and glossy stones, this unique bracelet shines with strength. Wear the handsome jewelry to defend against the Dark Arts and keep your soul shining eternally in the Light. Learn more about Onyx Combo Bracelets

#3 Lapis Boho Bracelets

You are a healthy member of the metaphysical tribe, and this blue Lapis Lazuli bracelet proves it. Wear this chunky gemstone jewel as a badge of honor; it is a cuff of well-being that gives you a sense of spiritual belonging. Cleanse your aura in the refreshing water-element energy of Lapis Lazuli crystals. What a pretty and powerful way to foster your soulful bohemian vibes. Learn more about Lapis Chunk Bracelets

#4 Rhodochrosite Love Bracelets

Self-heal with the loving energies of your genuine new Rhodochrosite bracelet. This brilliant pink gemstone gets to the core of your Heart chakra. Work with its gentle but steadfast vibrations and watch the healing crystal patch the wounds of your soul. Easily slip this bracelet on your wrist and fall deeply in love with Rhodochrosite, a gift from Mother Earth's heart to yours. Learn more about Rhodochrosite Love Bracelets.

#5 Moonstone Rose Quartz Bracelets

Creamy white Moonstone and pale pink Rose Quartz blend seamlessly in your new crystal healing bracelet. Combining the energies of serenity and love, you feel a rush of relief wearing these soothing gemstones. Forget the chaotic world and live in your peaceful bubble with Moonstone and Rose Quartz crystals. Wearing this healing bracelet draws upon the divine energies of the moon goddess Luna and the unconditional generosity of the love goddess Aphrodite. Learn more about Moonstone Rose Quartz Bracelets.

#6 Calcite Happiness Bracelets

Surf the sunny skies with the uplifting energy of Yellow Calcite. Is there any other color that could shine so bright? Wear this cheerful gemstone bracelet and feel your face light up with a smile. Your happy confidence becomes like the expansive rays of sunshine, rejuvenating all who cross your path. Learn more about Calcite Happiness Bracelets.

#7 Labradorite Mystic Bracelets

These Labradorite gemstones light your soul on fire. The exceptional rainbow flashes take you on a metaphysical journey of a lifetime. Delicate but powerful, this Labradorite bracelet is excellent for protecting your personal space while shining a light on the best parts of your personality. Learn more about Labradorite Mystic Bracelets.

Adorn your Modern Soul

Love these fresh new bracelet designs? Collect them while you can! If your size is not in stock, feel free to contact us and we'll put you on the waitlist. 

Here are additional gemstone resources for your enjoyment:

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Lisa Satin - January 26, 2023

Hi, Sultani! Lapis is a great choice for meditation. It aligns with the Third Eye chakra foremost.

You can wear it with other stones and jewelry. Some people have no problem with combining and others might not vibe well with a particular stone. Here is an article that can assist you:

Sultani M. - January 26, 2023

Can I wear bracelets made from other stones while wearing the blue lapis lazuli stones bracelet? Could it obstruct the power of lazuli stones if mixed with other stones? Appreciate your advice on this.

Lisa Satin - June 6, 2022

Hi Ali! Sorry about your mom passing, we are happy that the beautiful crystals will keep her memories alive.
And, a Happy Birthday to you too!
-Lisa Satin

Ali - June 6, 2022

I will look at your moonstone bracelets. My birthday is in June and it will be a present to myself as my mom passed and will be a reminder that she is with me!

Lisa Satin - May 26, 2022

Hello Rita,

Thank you for your inquiry!

If you are ordering a stretch bracelet, then we would recommend size 5.5 for a snug fit or 5.75 for a relaxed fit.

We sell our stretch bracelets in increments of 0.25" so that you get exactly what you need :)

Please let me know if you have any other questions or need assistance with placing the order.


Lisa Satin

Rita - May 26, 2022

My wrist is 5-1/2” so according yo your sizing chart I should order an extra small. However when choosing a size the option is to choose a size in inches. Can you please tell me what length I should order? Thanks so much.

Sheila Satin - September 9, 2021

Hi Parvinder,
Yes, you can wear all crystals together. This article will clarify:

And as for wearing them to sleep, it depends on the fragility of the stone, if it’s harder stones like Quartz, then it should be okay. But again, if it has points or sharp edges, it may not be good for the bed. It also depends on your comfort level, as you may not sleep well with the stones in the bed. You could try placing them at your bedside or under your bed as well!

Sheila Satin

Parvinder - September 9, 2021

Can we wear clear quartz crystal bracelet & lapis lazuli bracelet while sleeping at night

Sheila Satin - February 4, 2021

Hi Abigail. We use this kind of cord:

1mm Elastic Stretch Crystal String Cord for Jewelry Making Bracelet Beading Thread 60m/roll

Abigail G - February 4, 2021

Trying to restring a stretch bracelet at home and don’t know what type of cordage to use. Can’t find it online. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.!

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