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9 Clear Quartz Master Crystals

holding clear quartz sphere on black pillowClear Quartz is the key to crystal healing. It is the master of all crystals.

Isn't it time you hold the Master Key to the crystal kingdom? Check out these top 9 Quartz gemstones fit for your crystal healing kit.

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9 Master Healer Clear Quartz Crystals

Whether you're healing yourself or others, Quartz is a must. Discover some real and powerful pieces that are ready to awaken your crystal healing talents:

#1 Clear Quartz Master Healing Ball

You want a real Clear Quartz sphere that serves as the master key to the crystal kingdom. This premier crystal ball is the treasure you've been waiting for. Gaze into its crisp, transparent layers to find a light sprinkle of inclusions coupled with intense deep healing energy. Clarity of mind leads to clarity of life, and this beauty embodies it all. LEARN MORE.

#2 Clear Quartz Pendulum Dowsing Tool

When you need clarity in life, you can count on this clear Quartz Pendulum. The faceted beauty boasts a real sterling silver chain- quite the upgrade from your typical pendulum. It gives you keen insight into dowsing, chakra measuring, hypnotherapy, and crystal healing. The deluxe Quartz Pendulum is a must-have gem for every healer. LEARN MORE.

#3 Clear Quartz Egg Crystal Healing Reiki

This crisp, clear egg is the cornerstone of your crystal healing collection. The most powerful crystal of all, Quartz clears your head of destructive thoughts and manifests the things that you desire. Gaze into the translucent stone and get lost in its organic inclusions. The gemstone egg helps cancel negative karma and puts you on the right path. LEARN MORE.

#4 Clear Rainbow Quartz Sphere Chakra Sky

Feel your soul soar and your chakras light up with the bedazzling energy of this clear Rainbow Quartz sphere. Your sparkling treasure is meant for spirits who seek the truth and follow the way of the light. This delicious, Rainbow-infused orb goes above and beyond the call of duty, lifting you higher than you ever imagined. LEARN MORE.

#5 Lemurian Quartz Wand Ancient Lemuria

Awaken the ancient psychic powers of Lemuria through your enchanting Lemurian seed crystal. This wand formed by Mother Earth unlocks the secrets of Spirit that have been lost through the generations. When you are ready to move higher in your evolution, this natural Lemurian Quartz crystal shall be your guiding force. LEARN MORE.

#6 Clear Quartz Skull Secrets of the Great

Help connect with the beyond with your new Quartz crystal skull. This is a clear stone full of shiny inclusions, finely carved into a standing skull. Skulls aid in channeling work and connecting one with the spiritual realms, passed loved ones, the Other Side, and communicating with alien races. LEARN MORE.

#7 Included Quartz Sphere Gaze the Haze 

Your healing collection isn't complete without a masterful Quartz crystal ball. It is the most fundamental yet most powerful of all stones. Gaze beyond the cloudy haze of your crystal ball to find the spiritual clarity you seek. The inclusions will captivate your attention while your mind transcends to a higher realm. LEARN MORE.

#8 Included Quartz Dorje Wand Buddhist Power

Are ready to experience nirvana? Vibrating with the energy of enlightenment, this Quartz Dorje is the spiritual wand meant for true crystal healers. Symbolizing yang action and yin wisdom, the Buddhist stone aligns you to a state of perfect balance. Pick up your Quartz Dorje during all of your ceremonies, rituals, and healing sessions. LEARN MORE.

#9 Crackle Quartz Point Wand Cool  Rainbow

There's nothing like the calming vibration of this icy cool Crackle Quartz crystal to heal your frazzled nerves. It looks like a tower of refreshing ice. The rainbows reflect in so many directions, bringing positive meanings and metaphysical properties. When you're feeling irritated, grab hold of your Crackle Quartz and gaze into its beauty to feel a surreal peace. LEARN MORE.

Your Quartz Quest Continues

Do you have Clear Quartz in your crystal healing kit? Which pieces do you have? Which do you need?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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Sheila Satin - February 26, 2022

Hi Paul, thanks for writing. At this time we do not have Herkimer diamonds from the mines in New York but we do have Herkimer like diamonds. They just cannot be called the same because of a trademark. Other than that they are same in their double terminated shapes.



Paul - February 26, 2022

Hello again! I was wondering if can get me Herkimer diamond or do you not sell them?

Sheila Satin - August 8, 2021

Hi Linda, we usually use Quartz first and then Selenite from the Crown to the Root chakra, but everyone has a different preference. There is no right or wrong answers in healing if it works for you.

Here is more on Chakra healing with crystals:

Sheila Satin - August 8, 2021

Hi Linda, we usually use Quartz first and then Selenite from the Crown to the Root chakra, but everyone has a different preference. There is no right or wrong answers in healing if it works for you.

Here is more on Chakra healing with crystals:

Linda - August 8, 2021

Trying to self teach chakra correctly, Do I clear myself first with quartz or selenite? Bottom to upwards or vice versa
Grateful for your advice. Anxious to begin but want to be sure of myself.Thank you kind folks

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