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Abundance Crystals Combinations

woman holding iolite and pyrite eggsDo you have Abundance crystals that are ready to be put to work? This is your opportunity to gather them up and do money manifestations. For fast and lucrative results, enhance your experience by using Abundance crystals in combinations.

What crystal combo protects your cash? Do you want to gain fame and fortune or more luck? Become a money magnet or a business magnate? Learn about the top 9 Abundance crystal combinations and their benefits.

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What Abundance crystals do I use together?

Abundance crystals vibrate at the Law of Attraction frequency. When you bundle them up and use them together, you create a vortex of energy that becomes magnetic. Here are some combinations to accelerate your abundance journey: 

#1 Aventurine + Citrine

The Ultimate Abundance Duo: These are the power-players when it comes to manifesting abundance. Aventurine is known for bringing abundance of all kinds, from love to health to wealth. Citrine attracts cash flow opportunities. Combine these two stones for an infinite supply of monetary wealth complimented with a high-quality lifestyle.

#2 Aventurine + Citrine + Jade

The Money Power Trio: This crystal combination is for people who are serious about manifesting a rich life. When you're ready to join the upper echelon of society, recruit the three most powerful prosperity crystals to your team. Glistening Citrine gets your cash flowing, Jade enhances your wealth, and Aventurine is about ultimate abundance. Learn more about the Citrine-Jade-Aventurine Money Trinity.


#3 Bloodstone + Iolite

The Money-Mindset Healers: For tuning in to the money track, use Bloodstone and Iolite crystals. This is the deep mental healing combination you need for sustainable success. Bloodstone is known for its courageous energy, helping you overcome the financial fears deeply engrained in your mind (called the poverty mindset). Iolite reprograms your Third Eye chakra to adopt a positive money mentality. 


#4 Bloodstone + Pyrite

The Wealth Protection Pair: Combine Bloodstone and Pyrite when you wish to grow and retain your wealth. Bloodstone secures your riches while Pyrite attracts new opportunities. Pyrite also guards your finances against ill-intentioned people. This hearty set of crystals is perfect to store in your Feng Shui money corner. 

#5 Copper + Pyrite

The Money Magnet Metals: Glistening metallic Copper and Pyrite stones attract wealth like magnets. Use this stone combination when you are reciting your money affirmations and broadcasting your goals to the Universe. Let the shiny coins of prosperity rain upon your aura!

#6 Garnet + Moldavite

The Law of Attraction Duo: Raise the vibrations and enjoy a good life when you pair Red Garnet with Moldavite. This gemstone combination balances your spiritual goals with your earthly desires. Your spiritual purpose and worldly mission must be aligned before you can channel the Law of Attraction. Red Garnets and Moldavite set you up for luxurious wealth on all levels. 

#7 Jade + Moldavite

The Luckiest Combination Crystals: Jade and Moldavite form one of the luckiest duos out there. Fortune and happiness are yours when you use this combination together. Find success on your path to riches with this tried-and-true abundance pairing. 

#8 Ruby + Emerald

The Royal Fame and Fortune Gems: Do you want fame alongside fortune? When you're looking to join the social elite, use this royal crystal combination. Ruby and Emerald are precious gemstones that have traditionally adorned kings and queens. In modern culture, celebrities sport these shiny abundance gems to show their status. You can create prosperity and popularity with the Ruby and Emerald combination.

#9 Iolite + Citrine 

The Business Magnate Minerals: When you're looking to build a business empire, Iolite and Citrine are your correct crystals. Iolite opens your visionary Third Eye to innovation and big ideas. Citrine is the Merchant's Stone that draws capital to your venture. Tap into the secrets of this little-known abundance combination to come out on top.

More money crystals for you

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Sheila Satin - January 18, 2024

Hi Ricky, thanks for watching our videos. Here is more information for Moldavite and Citrine:

Sheila Satin

Ricky M. - January 18, 2024

Hey Sheila, Thank you so much for the welcome video. I will admit that I was skeptical at first, however I feel a lot more comfortable now that I watched a few of your videos 😅 I would simply like to have additional details about Moldavite as well as Citrine. Lately, I’ve been a lot curious about those two gemstones/quartz. Thank you again, Ricky

Lisa Satin - August 21, 2023

Thank you for sharing your dreams with us, Brenda. Abundance crystals sound right for you. Also check out this article on how to use crystals to manifest your desires, via Law of Attraction:

Brenda S. - August 21, 2023

I want to own my own company and buy me a house. Have a new relationship.

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