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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Ace the Amethyst Quiz

Why is it the most popular crystal around? Amethyst is number one when it comes to healing stones. Find out why and how you can use this purple gemstone to your benefit.

Advance your Amethyst Knowledge

Click above to watch the video then answer the questions below to test your Amethyst knowledge:

  • What birthstone is Amethyst?

  • What did Amethyst save you from according to Greek mythology?

  • What did the medicine men and women of North Africa use Amethyst for?

  • What is the best way to energetically charge Amethyst?

  • What is Amethyst's most popular healing property?

  • Why should you put Amethyst under your pillow?

  • Does Amethyst fade or change colors?

FIND THE ANSWERS and discover how you benefit from Amethyst healing today.

sheila of satin crystals with amethyst eggYour Path to Crystal Knowledge...

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Lisa Satin - August 26, 2022

Hello Amelia, thanks for reaching out to us.

Technically, there is no such thing as Pink Amethyst. Amethyst is purple Quartz. If it is pink, then it is called Rose Quartz.

However, you may be referring to a piece that has pink inclusions or is a lighter shade of purple/fading to pink?

Here is a comprehensive article about Amethyst that tells you the scientific and metaphysical properties of this amazing stone:

There is a section near the bottom titled “Does Amethyst lose or change its color?”

This can help you understand why and how Amethyst fades.

Please let me know how I can assist you further.

Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Amelia - August 26, 2022

Hi I had a question, does pink amethyst fade in sun light. I wanted to get a statement piece but I don’t know if I can put it in the sun. Thank you!!!

Lisa Satin - January 30, 2022

We have an article dedicated to Real vs Fake stones that you can see right here:

I hope it helps.


Lisa Satin :)

Alondra - January 30, 2022

hello i was wondering how to tell if my amethyst crystals are fake and stones

Sheila Satin - September 20, 2020

Welcome back! How long has it been? Yes, we are getting stronger every year :)

Fall clearing is great. I need some time to do that too, feels so cleansing afterwards. Let us know if you need some crystal energy to fill your newfound space!

Sheila Satin

M Kelly - September 20, 2020

While doing some fall clearing, I came across your business card – So glad to see you all are still in the business

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