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Activating the Sacral Chakra

happy couple holding out carnelian pyramids

Sex, passion, romance. Art, theatrics, career. No, it's not a soap opera, it's the power of your Sacral Chakra.

How's your Sacral chakra feeling these days? Are you inspired with a sense of passion, creativity and the motivation for success? Or are you feeling kind of dull, droopy, and stuck? Maybe it's something in between.  

Don't settle for mediocre, forge ahead and activate your Sacral Chakra immediately. Let's get your mojo going.

Sacral Chakra Basics

Color: The Sacral chakra is associated with the color orange while encompassing tones of brown and darker yellow.

Location: This chakra vortex spins through the reproductive system, and is centered about 4 inches below the belly button. The energy flows in a clockwise motion through your body and out the backside.

Function: The Sacral chakra is best known as the sexual center.  As human beings, sexuality is one of the most important parts of our existence. Without sex, none of us would be here.

Despite it still being culturally taboo, it is important for you to be in touch with your sexuality to form healthy relationships. An open Sacral chakra ensures a healthy sex life, strong bonds, and an important flow of physical energy. Learn even more about the Sacral Chakra in How to Heal the 2nd Chakra

What if my Sacral Chakra is blocked?

A closed or blocked Sacral chakra leads to issues like low libido, displeasure during physical contact, fertility or virility challenges, and other sexual problems. If you cut out sex completely, the energy that needs to be released is pent up, causing frustration and distorted thoughts. Therefore, you should not feel guilty about responsibly enjoying one of the basic life activities that connect you to your fellow beings and keeps you energetically balanced.

Is the Sacral Chakra just about sex?

The Sacral chakra is the root of life and creation. This includes all kinds of creation, like procreation, artistic creation, business innovation, and more.

For those who do not engage in sex, it is very important that there is a creative outlet where this energy can be released.

In the Sacral chakra, you feel the passion that stirs manifestation. The energy of this chakra is a gateway for art, music, theatrics, business and artistic innovations, and all things creative.

Those who vow to a life of celibacy must carefully release the pent of sexual energy through healthy creative activity and meditation work.

female meditating with a carnelian pyramid in hand

Crystal Healing the Sacral Chakra with Carnelian

One of the ways to keep the Sacral chakra balanced is to work with healing crystals. As we said before, the Sacral chakra vibrates with the color orange. The most popular naturally orange crystal is Carnelian. Carnelian is an excellent choice when activating your sleepy Sacral chakra. Here are some ways you can use Carnelian in your chakra balancing practice: 

  • Place a Carnelian pyramid over the Sacral chakra and lie in meditation.

  • Hold Carnelian palm stones in both hands. In your receiving hand, you will focus on absorbing Carnelian's vibrations to your Sacral chakra. In your giving hand, you will focus on letting go of blockages in your Sacral chakra.

  • Make a Carnelian gem elixir with tumbled stones or from a Carnelian bowl to drink from. 

  • Gaze into a Carnelian crystal sphere and use scrying methods to open up the Sacral chakra

  • Use a Carnelian wand to move the energy of your Sacral chakra clockwise. This is best done by a practitioner or a friend, but you can attempt self-healing as well. Visualize an orange energy vortex moving in a strong clockwise motion with your wand. 

  • Lie in a grid of Carnelian stones and visualize the orange vibrations strengthening your Sacral chakra. 

  • Wear Carnelian jewelry that you have programmed for the specific purpose of activating the creative energies of the Sacral chakra. 

  • Surround yourself with Carnelian while doing yoga hip opening postures. 

  • Cut the cord with unhealthy people in your life that could be contributing to your Sacral chakra blockages. 

    Additional Sacral Chakra Crystal Recommendations 

    Although Carnelian crystals are the number one go-to for opening the Sacral chakra, here are some runner-up stones you should consider:

    agate stone to open the sacral chakra Agate is a grounding stone, stabilizing your Sacral chakra to the material world. Agate helps to improve your vitality, concentration, and self-esteem. This stone brings balance to your physical and spiritual self, stabilizing the aura and connecting you to the present moment. 

    amber to open the sacral chakraAmber oozes the orange confidence needed at your Sacral chakra. It is the golden gem of ancient trees, carrying with it the wisdom of centuries gone by. Activate your Sacral chakra with Amber and feel a deep connection with the primal energy of the Earth. 

    copper to open the sacral chakraCopper is a conductive metal element. It was prized in temples, used to adorn Gods and Goddesses, and prized in Alchemy. Today, you can program Copper to charge up your Sacral chakra with its bright energies.  

    fossils to open the sacral chakraFossils, like Amber, are a record from the past. They are useful in addressing lingering issues you have in the Sacral chakra. Fossils assist in ditching old programming, bad habits, and past-life carry-overs. They help you establish a fresh perspective in which the Sacral chakra is free to flow strong. 

    jasper to open the sacral chakra Jasper is also known as the Supreme Nurturer. This is the stone you want to use when your Sacral chakra issues are painful to deal with. Use it in combination with Fossils. While Fossils will assist in letting go of your past baggage, Jasper will gently promote a healthy sexuality.

    moonstone to open the sacral chakra Moonstone is the mother of all gemstones. It is closely associated with the cycles of the moon, fertility and the female reproductive area. Using Moonstone at the Sacral chakra aligns it with a healthy sexual energy and a strong feminine identity.

    sunstone to open the sacral chakraSunstone is the stone of light and happiness. its glowing orange tones are perfect to activate the Sacral chakra. Use Sunstone when you want to infuse the life-giving energy of the sun into your aura. 

    Working on your Sacral Chakra

    Spend time on activating the special Sacral chakra. It is often overlooked by those wishing to work on the "spiritual" upper chakras, but enlightenment can not be attained if you avoid your physical self. Sexual pleasure and orgasm puts you in a state of bliss and ecstasy unique unto itself. It is what binds your flesh with your beloved partners, and weaves the fabric of all life on Earth. That alone should be powerful enough to convince you to love your Sacral centers, despite what we may or may not have been taught before.

    Now that you are focused on activating the Sacral chakra, keep the momentum going with these important links: 

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