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Chakra Tutorial

Chakra Tutorial - Woman lying with chakra hearts What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy vortexes (wheels) that connect your physical body to your energy body. There are seven main chakras located in a line aligned with the spine & correspond to the colors of the rainbow and we also keep in mind an eighth chakra at the feet for grounding:  

                      1: crown: violet crown: violet
                      2: third eye: indigo
                      3: throat: blue
                      4: heart: green: pink
                      5: solar plexus: yellow
                      6: sacral: orange
                      7: root: red
                      feet: black: brown 

When the chakras are open, your physical body will be healthy. When there is a problem, it will first develop in the energy body before they reach your physical body. If you are not a clairvoyant who can see the aura and the chakras, it is effective to clean and balance the chakras every once in a while to prevent blockages.

Chakra knowledge was once handed down from spiritual teacher to student, a highly guarded secret so that it would not be abused by those who weren’t ready for the knowledge. In the West, sacred knowledge is now freely available and we can readily learn about the chakras, but let’s just keep in mind that intellectual knowledge is no substitute for a spiritual teacher’s guidance and your own personal experience.

Science has now confirmed what spiritual teachers have taught for ages – the existence of the energy field. Kirlian photography is able to capture the subtle energy field of plants, trees, animals and humans. If a leaf has its own energy field, you can only imagine how complex the human’s energy field is.

Within this energy field, chakras play a major role. Life energy travels like river through our energy field, also known as our aura. Where many rivers meet, a confluence is formed. It is a powerful pooling of energies, a whirling vortex of force. This is chakra – a confluence where life energies meet. It is a wheel of life.

The Indian Sanskrit word Chakra means wheel. Chakras are energy wheels that are spinning like vortexes though our aura. Outside energy is absorbed through our front, processed and emitted through the back.

All physical matter produces a subtle counterpart, a subtle energy. Our physical bodies have the aura, our personal space. Our nerves have a subtle counterpart called meridians. Meridians feed our chakras, which can be likened to our energy organs. The major chakras are all connected to one another via the Sushumna Meridian which is the subtle energy within the spine, so we always want to make sure that meridian is clear as well.

Each chakra is described as a lotus. Lotuses are rooted in the mud, rise through the waters and blooms upon the surface, symbolizes the journey from earth to spirit. Each chakra is symbolized with a certain number of petals, the Root chakra having 4 petals symbolizing the earth and materialism up to the Crown chakra which has a thousand petals for the spiritual realm.

Chakra Tutorial - Stones in Tibetan singing bowl

Energizing the seven major chakras

1. Root Chakra – Base of Spine

We are like trees, we need to have strong, deep roots to grow. Our social roots are so complex and chaotic these days that we must ground our roots into the Earth to have a sense of place and meaning and stability. We need to be rooted to Earth and realize that we are dependent on the Earth. We are nourished by contact with nature.

The Root Chakra represents primitive instinct and physical survival. This chakra keeps us rooted to the Earth; however, we don’t want to live solely in this chakra's energies because that would lead to the dominance of power, territory, violence and ego. We want a balance of all the chakras.


Muladhara – Mula=root, adhara=support


Red. It is the first color of the rainbow, the lowest color of the spectrum, the color of blood and life.

Physical Associations

Adrenal gland which generates fight or flight response, legs, feet, bones and large intestines, excretion.

When Root Chakra is Malfunctioning

Obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, trying to find a sense of belonging through material belongings because we are not rooted to Earth, greed, waste and destruction of nature.

When Root Chakra is Open

The ability to let go of past feelings and repressed anger, feeling a part of nature and connected to other people, a sense of belonging.

Energizing this Chakra

  • Red Crystals (Garnet, Jasper, Pietersite)

  • Brown Crystals (Tigers Eye, Smoky Quartz, Moqui Balls)

  • Black Crystals (Obsidian, Tourmaline, Hematite)

  • Physical Exercise

  • Walking on the Earth (sand, grass, dirt)

2. Sacral Chakra – Reproductive Area

The Sacral Chakra connects with intimacy; not just sexual exchange, but a feeling of connection with others. It is also connected to the unconscious. This is where we store pleasure and pains. The Sacral Chakra is connected to the element of water, fluid and mobile like your emotional life. Like the Heart Chakra, opening the Sacral Chakra can be a draining experience, as it houses both the sexual center and unconscious memories.


Svadisthana = one’s own abode = your most intimate space


Orange. A warm blend of red from the Root Chakra and yellow from the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Physical Associations

Reproductive Organs.

When Sacral Chakra is Malfunctioning

Impotence, frigidity due to unconscious fears and the hidden memories concealed in this chakra.

When Sacral Chakra is Open

Ideas, imagination and desires will stimulate your mind, the powerful force of human creativity will rule. You will be open to intimacy with others (sexual and non-sexual). Your senses will sharpen and your psychic energies will open.

Energizing Sacral Chakra

  • Orange Crystals (Carnelian, Calcite, Sunstone)

  • Creativity Crystals (Unakite, Crazy Lace Agate, Dalmatian Jasper)

  • Reproductive Crystals (Moonstone, Jasper)

  • Expressing yourself creatively (art, writing, crafting, music)

  • Physical contact and intimacy

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Abdomen

The Solar Plexus is our personal sun. Whereas the sun is the center of the universe, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the center of power – our willpower. This center is transforming us both physically (through food) and emotionally (through willpower).

The Solar Plexus chakra is connected to the element of Fire. Our personal fire is our ambition and determination. This is our place of empowerment.

Whereas the Sacral Chakra stores emotions, the Solar Plexus Chakra is where we create the emotions. The stomach area, where the Sacral Chakra is located, is highly sensitive to our emotional state. We feel panic, fear, shock, anxiety, sickness, anticipation, joy in this chakra. Whereas, we do want to feel all of these emotions, we do not want them to overpower our senses; we want to learn our lessons from these emotions and carry on.  


Manipura = city of jewels = process of transformation through fire.


Yellow, the warming energy of the sun.

Physical Associations

Digestive system, liver, spleen, stomach and small intestines.

When Solar Plexus Chakra is Malfunctioning

Ulcers, diabetes, eating disorders, distortion of will power. Eating disorders occur when the body becomes a battleground for conflict of power – when we are not in control of our own willpower – whether it be our parents, partners or authority figures who have taken away this power.

When Solar Plexus Chakra is Open

You are emotionally balanced, you learn from your emotional states rather than be consumed by them. You are confident. You are in charge of your own life.

Energizing Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Yellow Crystals (Citrine, Tigers Eye, Calcite)

  • Emotional Release Crystals (Malachite, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite)

  • Absorb or visualize the power of the sun

  • Accepting yourself and taking responsibility for yourself

Most people move together with the humankind through the first three chakras – survival, reproduction and self-expression. Only a few move on to master universal love and the chakras above the Solar Plexus.

4. Heart Chakra – Middle of Chest

The Heart Chakra is the center for love. This is the most important chakra because it encompasses our hearts, the very essence of our physical lives. It is also 

the center of manifestation. Wishes will spontaneously be filled when the desire for personal gain has been transcended.

Unconditional love is transcendent, seeks nothing in return. The goal in opening the Heart Chakra is to allow unconditional love to flow. 

The Heart Chakra is associated with the element of Air. As we move through the chakras we move from solid elements of Earth at the Root Chakra to the abstract. Air is invisible yet omnipresent like love.


Anahata = unstruck = hearing sounds that are not actually “struck”, more cosmic level, listening to the universe, noticing the signs from the universe, hearing the subtle sounds of nature.


Green, the color of rebirth.

Physical Associations

Heart, Immune System.

When Heart Chakra is Malfunctioning

There is a limitation in the idea of love, which brings heartaches, relationship problems, heart problems, immune problems.

When Heart Chakra is Open

You are big hearted, open hearted, warm hearted. This brings generosity and openness, able to direct healing energy to others. It allows for healthy relationships when you are open to give and receive love. You realize and accept the balance of falling in love and out of love are as inevitable as life and death.

Energizing Heart Chakra

  • Green Crystals (Aventurine, Serpentine, Malachite)

  • Pink Crystals (Rose Quartz, Ruby, Rhodonite)

  • Being of service to others

  • Following your heart – your bliss, passions, what makes you happy

  • Living by the rule: if you love something set it free.

5. Throat - Communications

The Throat Chakra is dedicated to the power of sound – the restorative power of music and sound is important for our well-being. Consider the power of the words. Think before speaking. In our media-ridden culture, we are all too aware of the destructive force of words. Instead, we want to use words to unite, heal and reconcile.

The Throat Chakra allows us to listen to our inner voice, our intuition. It allows us to listen and hear what others are truly trying to communicate beyond their actual words – like a cry for help or a white lie. 

The Fifth element symbolizes the mystery of life itself. The Throat Chakra is the gateway into the transcendent levels.


Vishuddi = purify = challenges us to purify our speech.


Blue, the color of the sky and its limitless expanse, free from matter.

Physical Associations

Shoulders, neck, throat, thyroid gland

When Throat Chakra is Malfunctioning

Leads to stiff neck, throat infection, tension in the shoulders, headaches, swallowing problems, frustration which leads to shouting or a complete withdrawal of communication.

When Throat Chakra is Open

You choose your words wisely and are able to express yourself in a calm and rational manner. You are able to really hear what others are communicating, read their whole body language and energy they are sending you rather than just hearing the words.

Energizing the Throat Chakra

  • Blue Crystals (Angelite, Aquamarine, Amazonite)

  • Filter out negative thoughts

  • Singing, chanting, performing

  • Teaching what you love to others

  • Storytelling

6. Third Eye Chakra - Brow

The Third Eye Chakra is connected to the five senses and the sixth sense: psychic connection, which everyone has, but most of us have blocked. The physical eyes sees and the Third Eye knows.

The Third Eye chakra is related to cognition and it is where we receive and implement good ideas. When mentally balanced, we are able to think logically and calmly. Visualizations, or picture-making in the Third Eye, relates to higher consciousness and is far more powerful than empty words. Creative writers, artists and metaphysicians have always understood the power of the internal picture.


Ajna = to know and to command


Indigo, a high vibration color

Physical Associations

Mind, brain, eyes.

When Third Eye Chakra is Malfunctioning

You receive distorted ideas, dangerous logic that can lead to harming others, get writer’s block, no follow through, over analyzing, eye problems, confusion, indecision, headaches.

When Third Eye Chakra is Open

You are forced to question why we exist, the meaning of life, the passing of time and space – you are able to see the big picture rather than get caught up in the small details of everyday life!

Energizing the Third Eye Chakra

  • Indigo Crystals (Iolite, Lepidolite, Sodalite)

  • Intuition Crystals (Moldavite, Lapis, Ulexite)

  • Listening to your intuition

  • Being fully aware of your surroundings

  • Practice Psychometry – receiving impressions about an object, its history and owners.

7. Crown Chakra – Top of Head

The Crown Chakra is not like the other six chakras; to describe it would only place limits on its energies and possibilities. From instinct (root chakra) to transcendence (crown chakra), we are moving beyond the physical realm. 

Very few people have achieved this state of consciousness, so we may expect the unexpected here. It can only be achieved through a genuinely open mind; we must know that everything we think is false could be true.

The Crown Chakra connects us to our Higher Selves, to our path in this life and our place in this universe. It leads to self-realization – the essence of all major religions – that we are one with everything around us.


Sahasrara = Thousandfold crown – qualities without number


Violet, a highly vibration color of the rainbow

Physical Associations

Coordination, spine.

When Crown Chakra is Malfunctioning

Clumsiness, poor balance, dyslexia, “bad luck.”

When Crown Chakra is Open

You are spiritually coordinating with the universe – being somewhere at the right time, meeting the person you were supposed to meet, having “good luck”, manifesting what you are desiring. Everything aligns.

Energizing the Third Eye Chakra

  • Violet Crystals (Amethyst, Lepidolite, Charoite)

  • White Crystals (Quartz, Howlite, Scolecite)

  • Spiritual Crystals (Apophyllite, Celestite, Selenite)

  • Complex exercises or following choreography or juggling for coordination

  • Crystal ball gazing

Chakra Tutorial - woman with ulexite crystals over her eyes

How to Open Chakras

Like rivers, our meridians and the chakras may be blocked by obstruction, drained empty. As human beings we have both positive and negative energies depending on our moods and the situation. When obstacles are removed from our energy field, we will feel full and nourished. Ultimately we want to be open and balanced, so the chakras need to be constantly tuned like instruments. When energy fails to flow through certain chakras, there will be a block and it will show up in our physical bodies.

Meditation is the key to opening the chakras, as is Pranayama, breathing exercise best learned from a spiritual teacher. Prana is a subtle energy, same as life force, universal energy or chi or ki. It can be directed through the body by the concentrated use of the mind. Our energy fields are highly sensitive to directed breath. We can direct our energy to our chakras through focusing on our breath through pranayama and meditation. Energy follows thoughts.

Besides meditation we can also use healing crystals. Crystals are like tuning forks, they help our chakras to vibrate at a balanced energy. This you can do for your self or have a healer perform. Of course we have many classes to teach you how to effectively use crystal energy.

We can keep the chakras open and clear through meditation (there are many ways of meditating which include use of sound, sacred shapes, gazing, tai chi, group meditations, you will find the right method for you!), pranayama breathing and regular energy healing session, very important especially if you often find yourself in stressful states. Ultimately we want to remain balanced no matter what situation is presented to us!

Methods to keep the Chakras open

  • Meditation

  • Pranayam Breathing

  • Chakra Layouts

  • Chakra Jewelry

  • Chakra Plates with tuning forks

  • Chakra Generator Wands

  • Keep the meridians open with Copper, Magnetite or Hematite

Chakra Tutorial

Awakening the Kundalini

Only when all chakras are open can the Kundalini energy rise. The Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra are regarded as the two poles of magnetic force. When the chakras have been sufficiently awakened and purified, the Sushumna is clear for the forces of matter (Root) and spirit (Crown) to unite. The rising energies is known as the awakening of the Kundalini, flowering the seven chakras, bringing spiritual consciousness. 

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