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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing Tuning Fork and StonesBalancing your chakras improves your health and well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally. There are a number of therapies one can use to create a better balance in their chakras. These therapies include healing crystal therapy, massage, Pranic healing, Reiki healing and yoga. 

What are your chakras?

Chakras can be best described as wheels of light located all over our bodies. There are literally thousands of them located in each of our bodies, but the seven major chakras can be found along our spines, from the base to the crowns of our heads. Here is a breakdown of where each of the major chakras is located, and the crystal colors associated with each:

Crown Chakra 
Location: Top of Head 
Crystals: Violet. White or Clear

Third Eye Chakra 
Location: Above & between eyebrows 
Crystals: Indigo, Dark Blue

Throat Chakra
Location: Base of throat
Crystals: Blue

Heart Chakra 
Location: Center of chest 
Crystals: Green or Pink

Solar Plexus Chakra 
Location: Just above navel 
Crystals: Yellow, Brown

Sacral Chakra 
Location: Just below navel 
Crystals: Orange

Root Chakra 
Location: Base of spine
Crystals: Red, Brown, Black

As you can see, each of the major chakras is associated with different parts of our bodies. For us to feel our best, all of the chakras need to be in complete balance. One of the biggest obstacles to balancing our chakras is that chakras absorb energy from our thoughts,  emotions and environment, and then feed this energy into our bodies. Essentially our body is affected by the quality of the energy that passes through our chakras. If we have negative feelings, we will  move negative energy through our chakras and into our bodies. 

We cannot avoid coming into contact with negative energy or feeling blue sometimes, but there is a lot that we can do to protect ourselves from harmful energy. Chakra balancing is an important tool we can use to protect ourselves from negative energy. 

Spending a few moments balancing your chakras before you get out of bed in the morning and before you turn in for the night is a wonderful, healthy habit to develop. If you can only find the time to work on your chakras during the day, be sure you have a quiet space you can use to focus your efforts most effectively. 

Because each chakra is associated with different body parts, emotions and life areas, when you balance each chakra, you will be flowing energy to any issues or problems you have. 

Chakra Stones in hand

General associations for each of the seven major chakras

Root Chakra

Survival, security, energy, trust, power to achieve
Body parts- Skeleton, legs, bones, spine, large intestine

Sacral Chakra

Feelings, self-awareness, self-love, creativity
Body parts - Kidneys, bladder, sexual organs, reproductive system

Solar Plexus Chakra

Personality, self-respect, self-confidence
Body parts- digestive system, small intestine, skin, nervous system

Heart Chakra

Love, compassion, sharing, forgiveness
Body parts- heart, chest, lungs, arms, hands, circulation

Throat Chakra

Creative self-expression, communication, inspiration

Body parts - throat, neck, nose, mouth, teeth

Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, understanding, insight, realization
Body parts - eyes, ears, base of skull, nervous system

Crown Chakra

Knowing, wholeness, perfection, enlightenment, unity
Body parts - upper skull, skin

Chakra Tutorial

There are different methods available to help you balance your chakras, including healing crystal therapy, visualization or affirmations. Whichever method you choose for chakra balancing, you can be assured the end result will be rewarding, soothing, and positive. Continue on to the Chakra Tutorial for a more extensive look at chakra energies and how to keep them open. 


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