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Crystal Care

Crystal Care Cleaning Crystals

How Do I Clean My Crystals? 

Crystals do pick up negative energies from time to time. When you do healing work with your crystal, it acts like a lint roller. You must at some point remove the lint from the roller for it to continue its job. Choose one of the following methods:

1. Run cool tap water over crystals for 30 seconds.

2. Running stream or ocean in mesh bag 5- 30 minutes. 

3. Place on a crystal cluster or crystal slab.

4. Bury in bowl of Sea Salt or Rock Salt

5. Intention.

6. Smoke of sage or smudge sticks.

7. Bury in earth.

8. Bury in dry brown rice. 

9. Activate in a singing bowl.

10. Activate tuning forks for vibration healing.

Note: Not all crystals can be cleaned in the above manner. For example: water soluble crystals should not be placed in water. If unsure, always be sure to ask!

Crystal Care Charging Cluster

How Do I Charge My Crystals?

Just like our own energies can be depleted, so can a crystal’s. To charge your crystal, choose one of the following methods to place it in/on:

1. Sunlight (for healing purposes)

2. Moonlight (for healing or psychic purposes)

3. Big crystal cluster (cleans and charges)

4. Crystal plates and slabs (charges with active energy)

5. Selenite (charges and is self-cleaning)

Crystal Care: Programming Crystals

How Do I Program My Crystals?

Intuition is your sixth sense, a knowing that goes beyond the confines of your everyday mind. Thoughts are the highest vibration of energy. Thoughts and Intentions are very powerful when programming a crystal.

Before programming your crystal, form your intent. What do you want the crystal to do? Help you in healing? Help you attract love? Help you be successful in your job? Help you study?

Say it in the present tense. For example, “This crystal always attracts the right man/woman for me!” Special requests should be included. Keep it positive!

Once you have formed your intent: 

  1. Deprogram any intentions previously in the crystal.
  2. Place on your third eye and focus your intent into the crystal or hold it in your hand, and direct your intent.

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