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22 Agate Stones for Earth Energy

woman holding agate tumbled stonesStop, drop, and shop! Look at all the colorful crystal Agates! These gemstones have you rolling on the ground with earth energy.

When you feel stressed or spacey, Agate stones anchor you back to reality. When you feel out of touch with yourself or others, Agate stones reconnect you with your natural instincts. When you feel weak, tired, or unmotivated, Agate strengthen you with planetary healing. 

In this showcase, you are introduced to Satin Crystals' awesome Agate gemstones. Agate comes in a vast variety and you're sure to fall in love with something or the other.

Let's rock and roll with Agate...

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Top 22 Agates for You

Just when you thought you've seen it all, you're surprised by yet another beautiful variety of Agate. With Agate, the possibilities are endless. Look and learn.

Agate Eggs of Earth Energy

Hatch the healing energy of nature through your shiny Agate egg. Agate is Mother Nature's favorite crystal child, her special gift to you. When you need a boost of confidence and a feeling of connection, hold Agate gemstone eggs in your aura.

Choose from these revolutionary rocks:

Flower Agate Egg for a blossoming soul

Black Agate Egg for suave protection 

Agate Spheres of Serenity

Fly high to the sky or root down with the trees. With Agate crystal balls, you can have it your way. Not only do these orbs look amazing in your meditation room or on your living room mantel, but they also emit massive healing vibrations. How can Agate help you today?

Choose from these glossy globes:

Blue Lace Agate Sphere for spiritual serenity

Blue Agate Sphere for Earth-Sky-Water elements

Tree Agate Sphere for building your strong foundation

Agate Pyramids for Planetary Power

Deep in the jungle, powerful pyramids have been discovered. When you work with Agate pyramids, you channel the energy of Earth's core into your realm. These sacred shapes simultaneously draw the spiritual dimensions into the physical plane. You are a balanced being of both worlds.

Choose from these sacred shapes:

Brown Coffee Agate Pyramid for physical manifestations

Moss Agate Pyramid for powerful life force

Tree Agate Pyramid for Earth-Spirit connection

Agate Tumbled Stone Sets

Tumbling tumbleweeds! Agate crystals are found all over the Earth in different varieties and colors. You are blessed to have an abundance of Agates available, there's a treasure to match anyone! Pick up your favorite set or mix and match them individually.

Choose from these meaningful minerals:

Lavender Agate Stones for spiritual sages

Tree Agate Stones for caring environmentalists

Lace Agate Stones for colorful personalities

White Agate Stones for hopeful dreamers

Turritella Agate Stones for high achievers

Root Chakra Stone Set for intense healers 

Agate Hearts for All Love

There are many kinds of relationships that make your life full. Do you desire love, friendships, family? Have it all with Agate hearts! Satin Crystals offers you a pallet of Agate hearts for all your loving bonds.  

Choose from these pretty pieces:

Flower Agate Heart for romance

White Agate Heart for auric attraction

Blue Lace Agate Heart for free flowing love

Blue Lace Agate Heart for waves of vibrations

Tree Agate Heart for thriving relationships

Moss Agate Heart for forever friendships

Moss Agate Heart for nostalgic love

Moss Agate Heart for clear love

Agates for You

There's so much you can do with Agate. What is your favorite type of Agate? Check out the Satin Crystals Agate Collection or shop right here at your convenience:

Stay Ahead with Agate

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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