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Amethyst Crystal Ball Showcase

female holding a light purple amethyst sphere

Amethyst Spheres of Spirituality

It's time for your soul to ascend with the spiritual powers of Amethyst spheres.

These high vibrating Amethyst crystal balls are the perfect purple treasures for your meditations, gazing sessions, revelations, and metaphysical holistic practices. Whether you are a crystal healer, Reiki master, or everyday modern soul- there's an Amethyst ball that's just right for you.

Heed the beckon and call of your spiritual guardians and angels as they sing to you through the Amethyst orb.

Amethyst Collection Spheres

These Amethyst collection spheres are chosen for their timeless quality. 

#1 Amethyst Angel Wings Chevron Sphere

Fly high on the white wings of your Chevron Amethyst ball. The wild purple orb gets you amped up about pursuing your spiritual path. If you are feeling demotivated or dull, slap your inner sloth and embark on a journey into the heavens. Get pumped up about life and spirit when you do crystal healing with this Amethyst Angel Wing sphere.

#2 Amethyst Cloud of Dreams Sphere

Your attractive Amethyst ball exudes the energy of peace, hope, and accomplishment. Hold the purple treasure to embark on a dreamy soul journey through the clouds and into the heavens. Achieve your dreams and desires when you meditate with this shiny orb. Place it in any room for positive Feng Shui all day and sweet dreams all night.

#3 Amethyst Deep Soul Uruguay Sphere

This Amethyst ball sings to your soul. Its vibration strums your spirit to the pulse of the Universe. When you hold the purple gemstone in your hands, you feel as though angels are playing a concerto of harps in your aura. This natural crystal sphere is exceptional for enhancing your healing and meditation experiences at the deepest level of your soul. It has a rare, rich purple color that hails from the country of Uruguay- hard to find but easy to adore.

#4 Amethyst Mineral Mania Sphere

Amethyst has gone wild in your mineral mania sphere. Let your soul dance alongside the magic of this vivid Indian orb. What gems will you discover in your crystal ball? Pools of Jasper? Streams of Agate? Rivers of Quartz? Each sphere is unique and mysterious, just like you. Use it for intensive meditation, healing, Reiki, gazing, and anything else that makes your heart feel free.

#5 Amethyst Crystal Clear Visions Sphere

This Amethyst ball delivers spiritual happiness. Gaze within its clear purple surface to find encouraging rainbow flashes. With this Amethyst sphere beside you, go from feeling offbeat to fully fabulous. Hold the crystal ball for positive guidance and security. Listen as it whispers messages of wisdom. In addition to its spiritual healing energy, your Brazilian Amethyst orb makes quite a spectacular display.

Amethyst Rare Showpiece Spheres

These Amethyst showpiece spheres are one-of-a-kind crystals. Once they're gone, they're gone.

If one of these brilliant beauties catches the attention of your soul, make it yours today: 

#6 Amethyst White Lace Mandala Ball

This gorgeous ball will take your breath away. It is blooming with a flowery white lace mandala that emits spiritual bursts of energy. A medley of mineral inclusions and abstract patterns bring you spiritual bliss, financial abundance, and physical health. The unique piece makes a grand display, commanding attention as the flower of your collection. 

#7 Amethyst Smoky Quartz Protected Spirit Ball

This mesmerizing sphere is formed with Amethyst and Smoky Quartz, intermingling to capture your attention. Lively mosaic patterns make your lovely sphere a natural centerpiece of art. When protective Smoky Quartz meets spiritual Amethyst, it allows you to fearlessly explore new realms of thought and vibrations. Feel good knowing that you get the exact sphere pictured here.

#8 Amethyst Rainbow Bliss Ball

Gaze into the lustrous shimmering clear and purple portals to find rainbows suspended in eternity. The orb is so stunning you feel that time has stopped; cherish this very moment. Amethyst boasts top spiritual powers. This generous sphere sits smoothly in the palm of your hands during meditation. The Brazilian beauty makes a surreal display in your home or office as a tribute to Earth and Spirit.

#9 Amethyst Cathedral of Dreams Ball

Indulge in the richest purple that Amethyst has to offer- Royal Purple African Amethyst. The high vibrations of this spiritual crystal wrap your soul in a shawl of luxury. It warms your chakras and lights up your aura. If you are a collector of the finest and best gemstones, this wise spirit stone awaits you. It is ready to bless you with the healing benefits of Amethyst while opening your world to new dimensions. Display your orb as a natural work of art for all to adore. 

Amethyst and Beyond

Have you worked with the spiritual powers of purple Amethyst? What was your experience? Let us know below. 

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Sheila Satin - March 9, 2021

Hi Erik, We also have a smaller one here:

They are both one of a kind so you would get the one pictured. We usually don’t order these specifically, they come in our amethyst batches, but sometimes we find the smoky quartz within and can sell them as such!


Erik - March 9, 2021

I was wondering on the (Amethyst Smoky Quartz Sphere, I see you have one for $400 is that the only size you guys have

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