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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Best Crystal Healing Jewelry for Hope & Faith

jessica of satin crystals wearing blue aventurine mushroom charm bracelet for the spring

You may be spending a lot of time indoors at the moment, but that doesn't mean that your soul can't thrive this spring. With extra time for reflection, you can prioritize hope, faith, and strength in your life. Feel hope for a bright future. Have faith in your abilities to make the best of this situation. Use your inner strength to conquer the challenges along the way.

Crystal healing jewelry highlights these priorities and enhances your positive vibrations. Personify hope, faith, and strength this springtime with the jewelry pieces you choose to wear. Let your soul speak to the world through these powerful gemstones.

Watch the Jewelry Showcase Video

Click to watch the showcase on these springtime jewels:

Here are your best springtime crystal healing jewelry picks:

#1 Quartz Hummingbird Hoop Earrings

Hummingbirds remind you to indulge in the nectars of life. Find the joy in the small things every day. Coming in compact packages themselves, these adorable hummingbirds sing sweet songs from morning to nighttime. The stately blue hoop earrings boost your confidence, clear Quartz gemstones elevate your aura and the hummingbirds keep your mind focused on feeling gratitude in every moment.

#2 Aventurine Mushroom Bracelets

After the rain washes away your worries, the mushrooms sprout up and are ready to play. Associated with fairies and gnomes, mushrooms symbolize faith in the magical realm. Have faith that these enchanted beings shall pop up when you need them the most. Beaded with blue Aventurine, the stone of abundance, this joyous springtime bracelet has you skipping along youthfully with your head in the clouds.


#3 Picture Jasper Amulet Necklace

Did you know that the sky is actually purple but we see it as blue? Our human eyes may play tricks on us, but the beauty of this Jasper gemstone is undisputedly picture-perfect. This stone is marked with Mother's Nature paintbrush. The markings are like the colors of the rainbow. Feel the heartbeat of the planet when you wear this Picture Jasper necklace. Experience her enchanting dawns, setting suns, and mysterious dusks deep within your spirit. Everything under the sky is yours to keep. Lock it safely in your special Picture Jasper amulet necklace so that it remains near and dear to your heart.

#4 Pyrite Angel Necklace

Those that have faith in the Angels are blessed with hope and strength. It is easy to connect with the spiritual realm wearing your new Pyrite Angel necklace. Pyrite keeps you grounded and protected here on Earth while the Angel connects you to all things spiritual. Have faith in both realms and find a state of balance. This piece helps you realize that you are perfect just the way you are. Through your perfection, your soul soars to new heights.

#6 Rose Quartz Coil Bracelet

Spring into action when you wear this Rose Quartz bracelet. This pretty-in-pink gemstone adorns you with a sense of curiosity you only felt as a child; a time where wonder was a natural emotion and excitement came easily. It brings back the faith that you once felt, knowing that everything is okay and that the world is actually a magical place to live and love.

#7 Rhodochrosite Butterfly Earrings

Butterflies love to emerge from their cocoons at the sunniest time of day. Channel the golden butterfly. Engulf yourself in optimism and shine your brightest by wearing these long Rhodochrosite earrings. Rhodochrosite gemstones fill you with love and overwhelming happiness. Do you want to dance? Do you want to leap? Do you want to fly? Feel yourself soar like a powerful butterfly. 

Adorn yourself this Spring

Do you have one, two, or all seven of these fresh springtime jewels in your collection? How do you feel wearing carefully chosen crystals for hope, faith, and inner strength?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can email us directly or comment on the blog below. 

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Sheila Satin - May 4, 2020

Hi Lichen, I am happy to restring your bracelet for you. If you would like to send it back, we can restring for a fee.

However, if you are part of our Satin Crystals VIP club (free to join) it is FREE for all restringing of our bracelets for a lifetime. I’ll email you at your transaction email.

Have a great day, Sheila Satin

Lichen - May 4, 2020

Can I send this bracelet back to be restrung?

I’d be willing to pay for the service.

Thank you,

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