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Best Crystal Pyramids for Wealth & Money

woman meditating with green aventurine pyramids

How can you use crystal pyramid power to generate and grow your wealth? Discover the money energy that vibrates through these sacred geometrical shapes. Learn about the best money pyramids and how to use them to manifest your abundance.

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How to Use Crystal Pyramids for Wealth

Crystal pyramids are known for drawing in spiritual energy to help you manifest your earthly goals. The apex of the pyramid funnels Universal energy from above and releases it at the base, down against the Earth. This unique formation makes the pyramid shape an ideal tool for money manifestation. 

The first step in using crystal pyramids to aid in your abundance is to select the correct gemstone. Below, you will learn about the top 10 beneficial crystal pyramids for money and wealth.

Once you have selected your crystals, you will want to clean, charge, and program them with your intention. Infuse each pyramid with one specific intention. For example, you might program your Tigers Eye pyramid with the intention "I gain a 10% pay raise by next year." You might program your Aventurine pyramid with the intention "I am ready to purchase my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom dream home with my loving partner."

After you have programmed your crystals, there are several ways to use them for the purposes of generating and expanding wealth. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do abundance meditations while holding money pyramids in your hand

  • Do a crystal layout with money pyramids surrounding you

  • Write a manifestation list with the money pyramids beside you

  • Make elixirs with money pyramids

  • Place money pyramids in the correct Feng Shui location as explained in the next section.

Where to place crystal pyramids for wealth?

According to Feng Shui, the Wealth and Prosperity corner of any room is the back left corner (view the room as though you are standing it the doorway). This is the best place to put your crystal pyramids that have been programmed to bring in prosperity.

If you are following the Vastu Shastra pyramid placement, you should put your wealth pyramid in the southwest corner of the house or directly in the area of your money (such as a safe, office, work desk, etc.)

What are the best crystal pyramids for wealth & money?

The Great Pyramids were built for kings and queens, nobility, and their wealth. Hidden within these grand structures were heaps of gold, gemstones, and precious artifacts. How can this sacred shape benefit you?

To attract wealth, you want to work with crystal pyramids that specialize in financial abundance.

Here you will find the top 10 money pyramids for various money goals. 

#1 Best Crystal Pyramids for Wealth

Pyrite Pyramids are your top choice for manifesting wealth and a luxury lifestyle. Long adored for its dazzling exterior and resemblance to Gold, owning a Pyrite pyramid tells the Universe that you enjoy the sparkling riches of life. You are not afraid to indulge because wealth is not a passing phase but a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Garnet Pyramids are the preferred alternative when Pyrite isn't available. Garnet pyramids encourage you to enjoy the fine wines of Planet Earth. This stone is not for the faint of heart or frugal personalities. Inviting a Garnet pyramid into your life opens the door to sustained wealth and a high-class status. 

#2 Best Crystal Pyramids for Financial Growth

Moss Agate Pyramids promote financial growth and continued abundance. Don't let your success stagnate, keep thriving. Resembling a mossy forest, this crystal leads you to the path of lush prosperity. You are a high achiever by nature.

Prehnite Pyramids are another fine pick for financial development. Glowing with green money energy, this crystal is all about eternal growth and everlasting happiness. Just like how you work to be a stronger and more prosperous person day by day, you want the same to happen with your money ledgers.

#3 Best Crystal Pyramids for Business

Tigers Eye Pyramids are good luck for business. Placing these stones in your workplace draws in the Universal frequency of success. But it's not just about being lucky, Tigers Eye also boosts your courage and confidence. Smart and savvy decision-making skills are highly valued traits in the professional world.

Mahogany Obsidian pyramids are highly recommended for career success. These distinguished stones exude elegance and competency. Should you wish to take on a leadership position, place Mahogany Obsidian in your workspace and gain the respect of others.

#4 Best Crystal Pyramids for Money-Making

Iolite Pyramids are financial advisor stones that keep your mind on making money. When you don't want to leave your money matters up to luck, Iolite shows you practical solutions on how to save. For those who are interested in learning the skills of accounting, investment, and money management, Iolite is the wealthy wisdom stone for you.

Lapis Pyramids are a nice alternative for those interested in money-making. This is a royal blue gemstone that reveals to you the tricks and trades of nobility. Lapis will open your Third Eye to visions and insights. Try placing this precious pyramid direction on your forehead to see your way toward wealth.

#5 Best Crystal Pyramids for Abundance

Green Aventurine Pyramids are your best bet for harnessing all-around abundance into your life. Glistening with Mica, this green gemstone specializes in raking in the riches. You can also program it to attract other types of abundance such as material goods, a big family, or a strong body.

Red Aventurine Pyramids also work well in manifesting abundance. This Root chakra stone is especially skilled in helping you attract material goods. Work with Red Aventurine to envision your dream car, the perfect house, and even your ideal body.

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