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Birthstones for Cancer

orange calcite heart with word CANCERCancer is an intuitive, refreshing water sign of astrology. These souls are gentle, psychic, and caring. When you're looking to buy a gift for Cancer, birthstones make a meaningful choice.

Discover some of Cancer's strongest personality traits. See the 8 birthstones that represent those belonging to the crab symbol.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between June 21 and July 22 fall under the astrological Cancer sign.

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What are Cancer's personality traits?

Represented by the crab, souls born under the Cancer sign can seamlessly travel between land (the material realm) and ocean (the emotional realm). This gives them a psychic and intuitive edge. They can read the energy of a room and the mood of others.

Cancer is known to be gentle, caring, and compassionate. They are as fluid as the water they come from. However, these crabs retreat into their shell when unhappy or afraid. They can be very protective. When extremely bothered, they may lash out with a moody, passive-aggressive pinch.

What are Cancer's birthstones?

There are eight birthstones matching this sign. Gifting Cancer with these healing crystals and jewelry is a wise decision. 

blue calcite sphere
Calcite: Cancer enjoys being at home. Colorful Calcites are the perfect crystal to help them balance the Feng Shui in their spaces. When they are being too much of a hermit crab, Calcite jewelry gives Cancer the confidence to leave their shell and enjoy the outside world.
emerald sphere
This precious gemstone is an ideal gift to show Cancer that you care. Cancer is a nurturing sign that gives to others yet doesn't ask for much in return. When you present Emerald to the crab, it symbolizes loving reciprocation. It tells Cancer they are appreciated and respected. Emerald is a luxurious gemstone of abundance and love. 
feldspar sphere
 Encompassing several stones like Labradorite, Sunstone, Amazonite, and Moonstone, Feldspar is a tribute to Cancer's versatile nature. These shimmering stones connect the crab to its elements: land, sun, water, and moon, respectively.
howlite sphere
 When you care about a Cancer, you want to keep them healthy and happy. Howlite encourages good habits and well-being. This Crown chakra crystal comes in a variety of gemstones that will suit their mood.
moonstone sphere
  As Cancer is ruled by the moon, Moonstone is perfect for their vibrations. Cancer is an emotional and moody sign. Moonstone calms and guides the crab. It also brings out their natural psychic gifts. Give Cancer Moonstone to aid them toward spiritual enlightenment.
rhodochrosite sphere
 Do you love a Cancer? Gift them with Rhodochrosite, a precious pink love crystal. The crab is an emotional and sensitive soul who will be deeply attracted to this meaningful stone. They are loyal and will never forget your generosity.
black tourmaline sphere
 Cancer is known to be hard and protective at times. Tourmaline is the protection crystal that compliments their personality. When the crab needs a break from the outside world, Tourmaline will ward off evil and keep it safe in its cozy shell.

selenite sphere
: Did you know that most crabs are nocturnal? Energized by the moon, they are one of the most psychic signs. That's why Selenite is a good gift for Cancer. This moon crystal is named after Moon Goddess Selene. Selenite stones and jewelry sync with Cancer, nurturing them through the night.

More Birthstones for You

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Every soul deserves something special.

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