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Birthstones for Capricorn

capricorn amethyst geode and plantWho are the captivating Capricorns in your life? Known to be ambitious, these individuals garnish our attention and our respect. Discover their fascinating character traits and see their 6 unique birthstones.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between December 22 and January 19 belong to the astrological sign Capricorn.

Represented by the mythical sea goat, Capricorn love to climb to the top in business and recreation. Birthstones make inspirational gifts for motivated Capricorn.

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What are the Capricorn personality traits?

Capricorns are revered for their determined personalities. They charge ahead in career, letting no hurdle stop their progress. Capricorns love to excel in the material world, and their hard work is rewarded with money and luxury. These loyal and successful souls fall under the Earth Element.

With such strong worldly traits, Capricorn may often come off as cold or materialistic. Their lofty standards could make them judgmental and get lost in the chase of happiness, forever pursuing goals.

What are the Capricorn birthstones?

There are six birthstones that correspond with the Capricorn Zodiac. When you're shopping for gifts, keep the following gemstones in mind: 

amber sphere
 Naturally optimistic and driven, Capricorn vibes perfectly with Amber crystals. Energized by the sun, Amber provides ample positive energy for the mythical sea goats. As they are natural drawn to chipper stones like Amber, when you gift these gems to Capricorns, they are sure to light up with a smile.
amethyst sphere
AmethystBeing an Earth Sign that is deeply entrenched with material pursuit, Amethyst is a wonderful stone to help balance the Capricorns in your life. It is a reminder that they are so more than their worldly status and career. Amethyst brings out the soulfulness and spiritual divinity in the sea goat.

hypersthene sphere
Hypersthene: This shimmering gemstone brings out the hidden magic element in Capricorn. They are so grounded and focused on worldly pursuit, they have forgotten about their own spiritual powers. When you gift Hypersthene to Capricorn, it awakens the mystical beauty of their soul.

labradorite sphere
While Capricorn is a natural protector and provider, they themselves also need protection. To keep your Capricorns safe, gift them Labradorite crystals that deflect negative energy and jealous people. Additionally, this New Moon Stone gives them a boost in any new pursuit or project they are pursuing. 

pyrite sphere
Being a stone of abundance and prosperity, Capricorns adore Pyrite. This golden gemstone helps them attract money, luxury, and success: some of their favorite aspects of life. To bedazzle the Capricorns you care about, lavish them in Pyrite jewelry and gemstones.

sodalite sphere
SodaliteWith a passion for innovation, Sodalite opens Capricorn's Third Eye chakra to visions and innovations. Sodalite is an ideal stone for Capricorn to use in the workplace. They can also turn to this blue beauty for spiritual practices like meditation, calming affirmations, and holistic healing.

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