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Birthstones for Leo

sunstone spheres, skull, tumbledLet's learn a bit about Leo's personality and view the 6 birthstones that represent those falling under the mighty lion symbol.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between July 21 and August 22 fall under the astrological Leo sign.

Leo is represented by the lion. Leo souls are daring, bright, and strong. They love adventure and attention. Birthstones make a wonderful gift for lavish Leo.

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What are Leo's personality traits?

Leo is a Sun sign. The lion loves to be the center of attention, the spotlight of the show. And why not? Those born under the Leo Zodiac are capable of being strong leaders. They exude love, positivity, and optimistic confidence. The lion is very protective of their clan.

As Leo is front and center, they can sometimes succumb to selfishness and act egotistical. Setting aside time for calm reflection is important to neutralize these traits.

What are the Leo birthstones?

There are six birthstones matching this sign. When you're choosing a gem for Leo, consider healing crystals and jewelry made from these stones: 

amber circle



Amber: This bright and beautiful crystal embodies the spirit of Leo. When you appreciate their sunny personality, gift Leo with Amber gemstones. This timeless treasure lights up their Solar Plexus chakra, keeping Leo happy and warm.

labradorite sphere
Labradorite: Sparkling with rainbows and flash, Labradorite highlights Leo's ability to be the attractive center of attention. This leadership stone brings out their strongest traits so they are noticed and appreciated for their talents.

onyx sphere
Onyx: While Leo is a super protective lion sign, your loved ones also need protecting. Onyx keeps Leo safe as they go about their daily adventures. Gift Leo with Onyx jewelry so they are guarded on the go. Or choose some real Onyx stones that ground them at the Root chakra.

peridot circle
 This glistening green gemstone is known as the "Smiling stone". Sunny Leo will bask in the positive energy of Peridot. It keeps them optimistic and focused on success. When you care deeply about a Leo soul, give them the gift of this joyous gem.

rhodonite sphere
 Known as a friendship crystal, Rhodonite keeps Leo active and happy in their social scene. Leo thrives around others but the wrong type of people can drain them. Rhodonite crystals help Leo form a network of worthy people and repel the nay-sayers. 

sunstone sphere
: Being a zodiac sun sign, nothing befits Leo better than Sunstone. This upbeat crystal naturally energizes them to be the strong and happy leaders they are meant to be. Sunstone gems and jewelry bring everyday joy and purpose to the Leos who you love the most.

More Birthstones for You

There are unique crystals for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. You can explore birthstones by horoscope sign and by month. Check out the Satin Crystals Birthstone Guide.

Every soul deserves something special.

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