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Birthstones for Libra

libra with black tourmalineWhat does it mean to be a Libra? Let's learn a little bit about Libra's personality and see the 6 birthstones that represent these beautiful beings.

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between September 23 and October 22 fall under the astrological sign Libra.

Libra is represented by the scales. Those born under the Libra sign desire a life of beauty, charm, and balance. They are harmonious souls dedicated to peace. Birthstones make a wonderful gift for lovely Libras.

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What are Libra's personality traits?

As indicated by the scale symbol, Libras love justice, harmony, and balance. These artistic souls appreciate the beauty of everyday life and desire a connection with nature. They like to work cooperatively and socially. Libra, an air sign, is driven toward peace.

Libra can sometimes get lost in pleasing others and forgetting their own needs. They may harbor anger or resentment caused by lack of communication since they tend to avoid conflict. 

What are the Libra's birthstones?

There are six birthstones matching this Zodiac. When you're gifting a gemstone to Libra, shop healing crystals made from these minerals: 

black lava circle
 This volcanic crystal is perfect to ground, protect, and root Libra souls. These daydreamers are prone to having their heads in the clouds, so Lava helps balance them to the physical world. Often putting others first, Libra benefits from the protective powers of Lava so they don't become emotionally drained or taken advantage of.

lepidolite sphere

Lepidolite: This gemstone complements Libra's spiritual nature perfectly. Lepidolite opens the Crown chakra, accentuating the flow of psychic intuition and visions in Libra. Libras will be naturally attracted to Lepidolite's sparkling beauty and elegant energy. Gift them Lepidolite gems and jewelry for an extra smile.

moldavite sphere

Moldavite: A meteoric gift from the stars, Moldavite aligns with Libra's air element qualities. This phenomenal gemstone opens up Libra's naturally loving Heart chakra so that they attract positive people and relationships to their realm. When you know a Libra who's working on manifesting a big life change, gift them Moldavite. It will change their Universe.

prehnite ball

Prehnite: Libra is a lover of nature and is naturally drawn to Prehnite crystal. This beautiful green gemstone matches the vibration of Libra while also helping them connect with others. A lover of social activity, Libra can show off Prehnite jewelry as they go about their affairs.

clear quartz sphere

Quartz: Tip the scales to the center with Quartz, the Master Healer. Quartz works to activate all 7 of Libra's chakras simultaneously, keeping them healthy and balanced. Libra is forever energized by the powerful energy of Quartz stones and jewelry.

black tourmaline sphere

Tourmaline: This versatile stone matches Libra on many levels. Choose Black Tourmaline when you want to keep a special Libra protected and grounded. Pick Pink and Green Tourmaline for Libras who adore love and relationships. Tourmaline comes in the colors of the rainbow, there's something for each Libra on your wishlist.

More Birthstones for You

There are unique crystals for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. You can explore birthstones by horoscope sign and by month. Check out the Satin Crystals Birthstone Guide.

Every soul deserves something special.

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