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Birthstones for Pisces

woman wearing rose quartz rings

Intuitive Pisces is the most caring sign on the Zodiac wheel. Reciprocate their love by presenting the Pisces in your life with meaningful crystal healing stones. Discover their admirable character traits and see the 6 Pisces birthstones.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between February 19 and March 20 belong to the astrological sign Pisces.

This fluid sign is represented by the fish. Birthstones make emotionally impactful gifts for these artistic and empathetic souls.

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What are the Pisces personality traits?

Pisces falls under the Water Sign, fitting for the fish. They have a very caring and compassionate character, throwing themselves fully into relationships. The fish is intuitive, spiritual, and deeply emotional. Pisces are creators, artists, and healers. There is never a dull day when you are with a Pisces.

With such a strong swing toward the yin, it's easy for Pisces to get thrown off balance. They are easily taken advantage of and can harbor resentment when their feelings are hurt. These personalities are susceptible to gloom and doom.

What are the Pisces birthstones?

Six birthstones are compatible with the Pisces Zodiac. When you're shopping for gifts, keep these crystals in mind: 

amethyst circle
Amethyst: This very spiritual stone perfectly represents Pisces. The Pisces in your life have a gift for psychic reading and intuitive thinking. Purple Amethyst enhances their skills and helps them develop their naturally gifted spiritual side. Giving Amethyst gems and jewelry to Pisces is the way to win their souls.
aquamarine ball
Aquamarine: A fish needs water to survive and thrive. Aquamarine fuels the life force of the Pisces zodiac. It is the calming crystal they need and desire, as their emotions are all over the place. Aquamarine brings balance and peace to the Pisces in your life.

charoite ball

Charoite: Another highly spiritual purple crystal, Charoite vibes well with Pisces. This is the crystal to gift them for spiritual pursuits and healing. If your Pisces pals have a propensity for meditation and manifestation work, they will love rare and beautiful Charoite crystals.

moonstone ball

MoonstoneThis is a yin energy stone blessed by Moon Goddess Luna. Moonstone compliments the creative flow of Pisces. The artistic fish finds motivation and inspiration through the energy of this gem. Gift Moonstone to a Pisces who has a project to complete or creative a mission to achieve.

rose quartz ball

Rose Quartz: Relationships mean the world to Pisces. This magical Zodiac sign throws itself 100% into love and relationships. When you gift Rose Quartz crystals to Pisces, you are showing them that their love is appreciated and reciprocated. Nothing makes them happier.

turquoise sphere
TurquoiseThis crystal can help Pisces communicate, which is a natural weak point of the sign. As the fish likes to hold in their feelings and harbor resentment, gifting a Turquoise stone allows them to express themselves more healthily. This is a must-have gemstone for Pisces.

More about Birthstones

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Every soul deserves something special.

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