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Birthstones for Scorpio

scorpio birthstones What do you know about Scorpio? Today we spotlight Scorpio, the star of the astrological show. Discover their fascinating personality traits and see the 6 birthstones that represent these spicy souls.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between October 23 and November 21 belong to the astrological sign Scorpio.

In alignment with its name, this sign is represented by the scorpion symbol. Those born under Scorpio are intense, strong-willed, and loyal. Birthstones make a wonderful gift for passionate Scorpios.

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What are Scorpio's personality traits?

Scorpio is a water sign, ruled by emotions and feelings. Souls born under this sign are known to be strong-willed, determined, and assertive. Scorpions go after their desires, following both psychic intuition and physical instincts. They are loyal friends and high-achieving professionals.

Beware the sting of the scorpion. The sensitive nature of Scorpio means they lash out when feeling hurt. An innate love for luxury and pleasures may cause these individuals to overindulge or overspend.

What are the Scorpio's birthstones?

There are six birthstones matching this Zodiac. When you're gifting a gemstone to Scorpio, keep these minerals in mind: 

aventurine sphere

Aventurine: This abundance stone is exactly what Scorpio loves. Aventurine attracts prosperity that will fuel and fund their lavish lifestyle. It also helps them keep a balanced budget so they don't accidentally dip into the red. Gift Aventurine gems and jewelry to a Scorpio and they will thank you tenfold.

garnet sphere

Garnet: This stone of wealth not only rakes in the riches but funds high-class living. Scorpio loves the spotlight and Garnet delivers. A Root and Heart chakra crystal, Garnet encourages Scorpio to follow their heart in physical pleasures and spiritual love. It compliments their natural intuitive gifts and passionate personality.

hematite sphere

Hematite: Ruled by emotions, Scorpio's dramatics can get out of hand. Hematite is the grounding crystal that keeps them balanced. If you know a Scorpio that could use some rooting energy, gift them with beautiful Hematite gems and jewelry they'll adore. It has a steady force they can rely on.

malachite sphere

Malachite: A stone of intense healing, Malachite matches Scorpio's depths. This precious gemstone releases trauma and patterns of the past so they can move on to a greener future. To help Scorpio heal and thrive, gift them with Malachite jewelry they can wear any day or a stone to keep in the home. 

obsidian mirror

Obsidian: Scorpio is prone to dramatics. Obsidian protects the strong-willed scorpion from becoming too tangled up in complicated situations. With protective Obsidian gemstones on their side, Scorpio can walk confidently and achieve their many goals in life.

black tourmaline sphere

Tourmaline: This desirable gemstone aids Scorpio on many levels. Attractive Pink, Red, and Green Tourmalines accentuate their personal passions and professional accomplishments. Black Tourmaline safeguards the scorpion from predators and keeps them strong even through the rainiest days.

More Birthstones for You

There are unique crystals for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. You can explore birthstones by horoscope sign and by month. Check out the Satin Crystals Birthstone Guide.

Every soul deserves something special.

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