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Birthstones For Taurus

pyrite bull for taurus Do you know a Taurus? Birthstones make a wonderful gift for these super-powered bulls. Let's learn a bit about Taurus's personalities and view the 6 birthstones that align perfectly for the souls born under this bull sign.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between April 20 and May 20 fall under the astrological Taurus Zodiac sign.

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What are Taurus personality traits?

Being the sign of the bull, you can imagine that Taurus is strong, persistent, and full of energy. Along with their brawn comes brains. They know how to think and maneuver in this world to win their way.

Taurus is ambitious, hard working, and enjoy stability or routine. When things are out of order or they don't get their way, bull-headedness prevails and tempers flares.

What are the Taurus birthstones?

There are six birthstones matching the Taurus sign. When you're choosing a gift for the Bull, consider gems and jewelry made from these crystals: 

agate sphere
 Taurus is an Earth element sign, so they feel comfortable with earthy grounding Agate crystals of all kinds. Agate brings out the best personality traits of the bull. It channels their wild energy to rational and productive activity, leading Aries to big success in their worldly pursuits. Gift Agate to Taurus who are working on a goal or who need to find their purpose.

aragonite sphere

Aragonite: This is another grounding Earth crystal that can root Taurus very well. If you know a Taurus who flies off the handle any time something goes wrong, Aragonite will do well to stabilize them at the Root chakra. These gems and jewelry heal Taurus' emotional trauma and temper.

lapis sphere
Lapis: Taurus can be very diligent, driven, and smart. If you know a Taurus who is business savvy, this Third Eye crystal helps them gain innovation and focus on success. It is also the choice gemstone for Lapis who are travelling along the spiritual journey. Bulls make strong leaders and Lapis puts them ahead.

rhodonite sphere
Rhodonite: As Taurus operates on emotions, they can be very loving and loyal friends and family members. Rhodonite gems and jewelry activates their thoughtful and sensitive nature. If you wan to show a special Taurus soul that you care, Rhodonite vibrates with your love. In turn, it brings out the best in them.

rose quartz sphere
Rose Quartz: If you know a Taurus in love, a Taurus who wants love, or you yourself are in love with one, Rose Quartz is an ideal crystal gift. Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, the love goddess herself. They enjoy romance and long, stable relationships. Rose Quartz brings them the positive energy and people they desire.

selenite sphere
: Celestial Selenite calms and inspires Taurus. This magical crystal aids them on the spiritual path and also in divine healing. For Taurus who enjoy the guiding light of the moon, gift them with these crystals and jewelry of goddess Selene. They will love and adore you forever.

More Birthstones for You

There are unique crystals for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. You can explore birthstones by horoscope sign and by month. Check out the Satin Crystals Birthstone Guide.

Every soul deserves something special.

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