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Calcite Crystal Confidence Showcase

calcite polished and raw stonesWhat's there to love about Calcite?


Available in a medley of pleasing colors, Calcite is the fifth most common mineral on Earth. That's why we have plenty of interesting pieces for you to choose from.

This crystal boosts your confidence, healing power, and happiness level. Calcite stones look festive on the mantel. They are intense when used in the therapy room. A gemstone that comes in every chakra tone, Calcite has got you covered from head to toe. 

Take a look at this attractive Calcite healing stone showcase. Brighten your life with Calcite. Happiness is a trend that never ends.

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Top 21 Calcite Confidence Crystals

Below, you find 6 colorful crystal balls, 4 hearts of confidence, 4 scrumptious stone sets, 3 eggs of creation, 2 chakra healing sets, and 1 tower of power. There's certainly something that matches your vibe!

Colorful Crystal Balls

Drop the drab and decorate your space with the fab! Calcite crystal balls are your fabulous Feng Shui crystals. These energetic spheres enhance your healing space, home, and office. A touch of color goes a long way.

Choose from:

Blue Calcite for Zen

Pink Calcite for Love

White Calcite for Visions

Honey Calcite for Creativity

Orange Calcite for Confidence

Septarian for Grounded Protection 

#1 Blue Calcite Sphere Air Element 

Let the soothing energy of this dreamy Blue Calcite sphere restore balance and serenity in any space. Its calming presence and Air element qualities fills you with blissful energy, helping you break free from panic, fear and worry and cherish every moment. 

Positive Affirmation: "Keep calm and cherish the moment"

#2 Pink Calcite Sphere Easy Breezy Love

Does love have to be complicated? Fall in love with the simple beauty of this Pink Mangano Calcite sphere. Harness the crystal's easy breezy energy in relationships to remind you that love doesn't have to be complicated. Let its healing light fill you with joy and peace. 

Positive Affirmation: "Love is easy breezy"

#3 White Calcite Sphere Spiritual Oracle

Gaze into the infinite wisdom of the White Calcite crystal ball and unlock your spiritual potential. This luminous healing gemstone is the perfect alternative to a Quartz sphere and an invaluable tool for enlightenment. Discover your future, unlock your power, and gain visions of the oracle with this stunning crystal ball.

Positive Affirmation: "I gain the visions of the oracle"

#4 Honey Calcite Sphere Birds 'n Bees 

Your sun-kissed Honey Calcite sphere is the epitome of beauty. Instill yourself with the most wonderful of thoughts. Birds singing, bees buzzing, and the sun's rays rise gracefully. This gleaming sphere motivates your aspirations, hopes, and creative ideas. It's time to nurture yourself. 

Positive Affirmation: "The birds, the bees, the sun charm me"

#5 Orange Calcite Sphere Power of Wow! 

Behold this stunning Orange Calcite crystal ball –its vibrant hue and energetic vibe will fill your home with confidence and optimism. Enjoy the powerful, positive energy pulsing from this healing stone and absorb its inspiring mantra. Let this sphere bring sunny days into your life to help you achieve your goals.!

Positive Affirmation: "I am impressive"

#6 Septarian Sphere Dragon Stone 

Harness the energy of the mighty dragon and bring Septarian spheres into your home. This stone promotes spiritual growth, helping you reach new levels. This crystal ball is linked to the elemental realms of earth, sea, land, and air. Perfect as an eye-catching display piece, the Septarian crystal ball unlocks your potential. 

Positive Affirmation: "The power of the dragon is in me"

Hearts of Confidence

When you love confidently, your relationships are successful. It's easy to slip into the abyss of jealousy, doubt, and toxic patterns. Calcite hearts hold you to a higher level. They encourage trust, hope, and healthy bonds. Try it out, you have nothing to lose!

Choose from:

Banded Calcite for Dates & Soulmates

Orange Calcite for Health & Hugs

Blue Calcite for Truth & Honor

Septarian for Love & Passion

#7 Orange Calcite Heart Fancy a Date 

Let the energy of Orange Calcite heart fill your soul with confidence. Its vibrant hue and Sacral chakra awakening properties support your pursuit of dream dates and soulmates. Feel romance vibrate strongly within you as you confidently declare your love.

Positive Affirmation: "I fancy a date with my soulmate"

#8 Orange Calcite Heart Big Golden Love 

This gorgeously radiant Orange Calcite heart brings ecstatic love energy to your home. Let its inspiring vibrations fill your space as you heal and experience happiness! Everyone deserves to be hugged and embraced by the gemstone's loving aura.

Positive Affirmation: "My love is big and bright"

#9 Blue Calcite Heart Dreamy Desires

Allow your wildest fantasies to come to life with the powerful energy of this Blue Calcite heart. Indulge in daydreams and watch as remarkable opportunities manifest. Hold the Blue Calcite gemstone close to your heart and feel your spirit soar. 

Positive Affirmation: "I embrace my dreamy desires"

#10 Septarian Heart Mosaic Beauty 

Hold your beautiful Septarian heart - a glorious mix of brown Aragonite and bright yellow Calcite - and shrug off all limitations. For this stone summons the heart of the dragon, and allows you to attract a powerful, real love. 

Positive Affirmation:  "I welcome a love that's passionate, raw, and true"

Scrumptious Stone Sets

These Calcite stones look too good to eat! And they are too good to eat, in fact, DON'T eat them. But you can use these colorful gemstones for crystal grids, Feng Shui, healing layouts, and so much more.

Choose from:

Green Calcite good feelings crystals

Blue Calcite heavenly healer crystals

Green & Red Calcite stop & go gems

Yellow Calcite chipper tumbled stones

#11 Green Calcite Raw Crystal Set Jolly 

These glossy Green Calcite stones are the jolly jelly jewels of the crystal healing world. The naturally waxy stones initiate feelings of joy in your Heart chakra. Use the glossy beauties for crystal layouts, meditation, grids, Reiki, and any healing ritual you can dream of. Let your belly jiggle with joyous laughter.

Positive Affirmation: "I feel jolly jelly joy"

#12 Blue Calcite Raw Crystal Set Holistic

Your Blue Calcite crystals are a gift from the sky, for your holistic healing. With the raw gemstone set, you can direct your focus towards wellness. The large, natural crystals are perfect for purposely arranging grids, mandalas or whatever creative designs your heart desires. Now is the time to seize your own destiny - get yours today!

Positive Affirmation: "I heal with the grace of Heaven"

#13 Calcite Raw Crystal Set Stop and Go

This 14 piece Raw Gemstone set offers an interesting combination of benefits. Chunky Green Calcite energizes and motivates, while Reddish Orange Calcite encourages a sense of relaxation and balance. Ideal for crystal healing, grids and layouts, this set helps you to stay calm under pressure and energized when you need to get up and go.

Positive Affirmation: "Sometimes I wanna stop, sometimes I wanna go"

#14 Yellow Calcite Tumbled Stone Set  

Elevate your energy and confidence levels with this Yellow Calcite tumbled stone set. These crystals work their magic on the Solar Plexus chakra to awaken your life calling and fill your space with a bright cheeriness. Grid your room for an upbeat atmosphere or lay them on your body to feel even more invigorated! 

Positive Affirmation: "I am chipper, happy, and confident"

Cheery Cube & Eggs 

What would it feel like to hold happiness in your hands? Pick up a Calcite cube and egg to find out. These healing crystals boost you with confidence while infusing your chakras with vibrant energy.

Choose from:

White Calcite Viking Cubes

Pink Calcite Gentle Love Eggs

Yellow Calcite My Happiness Eggs

Septarian Strong Dragon Stone Eggs

#15 White Calcite Cube Viking Glacier 

Unlock the secrets of the Vikings with this stunning White Calcite cube. Feel the energy of the glacier as you gaze into the cube. Referred to as Icelandic Spar, this healing gemstone will transport you to a world of natural wisdom and inspiration.

Positive Affirmation: "I see the secret of the Vikings"

#16 Pink Calcite Egg Gentle Surrender 

Let go of your reservations and surrender to the power of love with this Pink Calcite egg. Show strength and vulnerability by healing your heart and allow the love to radiate from within. This egg is the perfect tool to bring together your inner and outer world

Positive Affirmation: "I surrender to love"  

#17 Yellow Calcite Egg My Happiness 

Discover the warmth of golden Yellow Calcite with this healing crystal egg - an inspiring reminder to embrace your feelings and allow your inner happiness to flourish. As your joy and contentment grows, you will own inner radiance. Give yourself permission tom anifest your true joy. 

Positive Affirmation: "My happiness has hatched"

#18 Septarian Egg A Dragon is Born 

An inspiring piece, the Septarian Dragon Stone egg helps you step out of the shadows and become a stronger version of yourself. Discover the true power of transformation and renewal. Awaken the dragon within you. 

Positive Affirmation: “A dragon is born”

Chakra Healing Sets 

Calcite goes well with everyone and everything. It gets along with every stone. That's why they are just perfect in these Chakra healing sets. 

Choose from:

Solar Plexus Set for Sun-Earth energy

Enlighten Me Set for Total healing

#19 Solar Plexus Chakra Tumbled Stones

Energize with a Solar Plexus chakra with this gemstone set! Crafted from Septarian, Honey Calcite, and Aragonite, this stone set is here to bring you joyful healing. Enhance your energy, channel the Earth and the Sun, and connect with your inner spark. 

Positive Affirmation: "From Earth to Sun, I'm covered"

#20 Chakra Set Enlightened Me

Discover a new, enlightened you with this beautiful Chakra cleansing set. The sacred smoke of Palos Santo recharges your crystals with the power of the moon, channeled through white Selenite. Let this set open your seven chakras and find balance in your life. 

Positive Affirmation: "I love the enlightened new me"

Tower of Power

Your showcase closes with a mighty beacon of strength and sunshine. The Calcite Tower of Power stands as a class of its own. This crystal eliminates bad energy and gloomy mood from your home and spaces, replacing it with hope and happiness. What a looker!  

#21 Orange Calcite Tower of Confident Power

Bring the power and light of Orange Calcite into your spaces. This magnificent crystal tower wand illuminates your life with courage, joy, and passion. Its bold presence is a beacon of confidence that ignites your spirit and sparks your ambition. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am a tower of confident power".

Calcite Crystals for You

There's so much to love about Calcite. Which are your favorite colors, shapes, and pieces? We have a whole collection of these attractive green stones. Check out the Calcite Crystal Collection or shop right here at your convenience:

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