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Carnelian for Love, Sex, Confidence, Attraction

woman with orange carnelian heart in front of her face Are you fantasizing about your dream lover yet unable to catch them? Do you need a confidence boost so you can win in love?

Carnelian is the crystal that helps you attract love and sexuality the way you want it. Stop sitting behind your desk daydreaming. Start living a life of passion and romance. Live the good life with Carnelian.

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Does Carnelian help with love?

Yes. Carnelian opens your Sacral chakra, which flows with physical and sexual energy. When you open both your Sacral and Heart chakras, you can find healthy, fulfilling love.

Carnelian lights you up with sexual vibrations and the people around you can feel it through your aura. That's how Carnelian helps you attract lovers. 

"There's this guy at work that is so cute. I think about him all the time. He never noticed me. Then my friend told me about Carnelian and how it is the crystal for love. I didn't really believe her but I ordered a bracelet anyway because I had nothing to lose and I wanted him. When I wore it to work the next week, the guy I like actually talked to me! We just started dating. Let's see where this goes! I'm so glad I found Carnelian."

-Jessica C.

What does Carnelian do for relationships?

Carnelian doesn't just help you find love. It helps you keep love. You need to build an emotional bond with your partner and you also need to maintain a strong sexual relationship. Carnelian is a stone full of fire element, strong and bright like the sun. In crystal healing, it is known to have yang, masculine energy. If you're feeling stuck or lazy, use Carnelian to get motivated physically and energetically.

"My husband and I have been together four years now. Things got boring in the bedroom. I learned about chakras awhile ago during a yoga retreat. I thought I'd try Carnelian on my sacral so I took it with me to the gym. After two or three weeks, I felt motivated to get our sex life back. The stones get hot when I hold them for a long time so I know they got energy! I put a big Carnelian crystal on my husband's side of the bedroom even though he didn't know what it was for. We started having fun again and things are even better than they used to be. I got pregnant!"

-Kylie S.

Is Carnelian good for anxiety?

Yes. If you're feeling anxiety, Carnelian will help you replace it with confidence. Carnelian is especially useful in relieving social anxiety. If you're afraid to be around people or act on your feelings, you're going to have a hard time in love and life. Those who want to succeed need to take action. With Carnelian, you don't need to hide anymore.

"I'm a true introvert. My more outgoing friends go out and talk to girls. They make it look easy but it's not for me. When I was invited to parties I would make up some excuse so I could stay home and play games or watch TV. My sister sent me this video about the power of Carnelian and she gave me one of hers. She told me to carry it for confidence. I did start feeling better after that. I'm not sure how Carnelian works, but it works for me. Now I go to more parties and meet more people. I'm still the same guy as before but I think I'm little less afraid."   

 -Noah H.

Carnelian for confidence and crystal healing

Now it's your turn to attract love and sex with Carnelian. Don't get left behind. Carnelian will give you the confidence of the sun. You will rise up and conquer your fears each day. You will be a winner in love.

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Sheila Satin - May 9, 2023

Hello Triyana, you can see our current stock in your crystals at:

Sheila Satin

Triyana M. - May 9, 2023

I want rose quartz and moonstone and carnelian crystal

Sheila Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Asha, sorry we forgot to answer your follow up question. You can categorize them in many ways, as you wish. Here we have them alphabetically:

Here you can organize them by chakras:

You can organize them by intentions:

The possibilities are endless. Whatever makes sense to your mind is great. You could also organize by color, by popularity, etc.

Asha - November 25, 2021

Quick question, how do I categorize crystals. There are so many and I want to learn them, but my through my studying, the question that keeps coming up in my mind is how to organize/categorize the crystals to further my education.

Please advise.

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I’ll answer your questions in the format you asked:

1. Crystals for Anxiety:

Physical Health and Depression Issues: We don’t do crystal recommendations for these as they are medical issues and you should consult with a doctor. However, we have a resource on how you can find help:

2. Crystals that Combat Negative people:

3. Feng Shui Chart for Wealth and other corners:

4. Love Crystals

After reading through those recommendations, please let us know if you have further questions.

Natalie S - November 25, 2021

1. Can you please help me with which Crystals to wear to improve health. I have got very bad depression and anxiety and had 2 strokes and live alone with my assistance Dog. And would like to please ask what to wear to improve physical and mental health as well as no. 2…? 2. I would like to please know which Crystals to wear to detract negative energy and bad intentions from negative people I seem to attract.3. where to place my Crystals in my non existent wealth corner and 4. Love Crystals???

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