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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Chrysocolla Jewelry Collections

chrysocolla necklaces and earringsTouch the sky with Chrysocolla jewelry. When you wear Chrysocolla, you become a beauty in blue. Handsome too. Take a look at our 3 Chrysocolla Collections and 1 Bonus Medley. They have you stand out and above from ordinary to extraordinary.

Why should you wear Chrysocolla Jewelry?

To heal a broken heart and love fully once again

To channel awareness through your higher chakras

To live as an enlightened God or Goddess here on Earth

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3 Chrysocolla Jewelry Collections (+1 Medley)

Chrysocolla jewelry is precious and pretty. It has been one of my top 3 favorite gemstones for a very long time. That's why Sheila has created some awesome original Satin Crystals designs to meet your spiritual needs and stylish desires. 

#1 Chrysocolla & Malachite Goddess Class Collection

Celebrate your status as a human being and a spiritual master. The Goddess Class collection boasts precious Chrysocolla gemstones doing a divine dance with stately Malachite and Copper. When you want to stand out and rise above, these original jewels are for you. The Goddess Class collection contains:

  • Chrysocolla Malachite Necklace for Goddesses
  • Chrysocolla Malachite Bracelet for the Elegant Elite
  • Chrysocolla Malachite Earrings for Higher Thinkers
  • Chrysocolla Copper Ring for Sassy & Stately Souls
  • Malachite Copper Ring for Divine Lovers of Life

#2 Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Sweetheart Collection

Is simple elegance your preferred style? Fall in love with Chrysocolla Sterling Sweetheart jewelry. Genuine Chrysocolla beads swing to the song of serenity. You float gracefully about your day, in love and light. Choose from these dainty designs:

  • Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Necklace for Cherished Moments
  • Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Earrings for Spirit Awareness
  • Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Pendant for a Drop of Divinity

#3 Chrysocolla & Cuprite Fire Sunrise Collection

Chrysocolla jewelry is so cool and cleansing. But there's a fire burning in your heart! When you want jewelry that gives you a bit of fuel, turn to the Chrysocolla Sunrise collection. You get motivated to reach your goals while remaining calm in the soul. Pick your pieces:

  • Chrysocolla Cuprite Bracelet for Inspiration & Elements
  • Chrysocolla Sonora Sunrise Pendant for Achieving Dreams
  • Chrysocolla Sonora Garnet Pendant for Fire & Sky
  • Chrysocolla Sonora Chariot Pendant for Spiritual Missions

Bonus: Chrysocolla Awareness Jewelry

Did you know that Chrysocolla heightens your awareness? Heals heartbreak? Enhances love? Invigorates your Throat chakra? And help you find your place on Earth? This crystal does it all. That's why the Awareness Collection contains a medley of pleasing pieces that complement your versatile spirit. You know what suits you. Mix and match:

  • Chrysocolla Gunmetal Ring for Paradise with Power
  • Chrysocolla Donut Earrings for Earth & Spirit Pleasures
  • Chrysocolla Celtic Knot Bracelet for Holy Healing
  • Chrysocolla Golden Ring for Goddess Juno's Blessings
  • Heart Chakra Bracelet Set for Love on all Levels

Chrysocolla You'll Crave

I love Chrysocolla and you will too! Take a look at the Satin Crystals Chrysocolla Collection to see genuine jewelry and healing stones. Or shop right here at your convenience:

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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