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Clear & Snow Quartz Jewelry Showcase

women and man's hands wearing quartz jewelry Did you know that Quartz is #1 in the crystal kingdom? And, when you wear Quartz jewelry, you are #1.

Show off your love for crystals and your master healing energy by wearing Clear and Snow Quartz jewelry.

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7 Masterful Clear and Snow Quartz Jewelry

Quartz is the ruler of the crystal world. When you wear these seven Clear and Snow Quartz jewels, you will feel like the ruler of your world.

#1 Quartz Crystal Energy Cluster Pendant

Keep this cluster of Quartz close by, it's the master crystal healer that knows all.  No matter what energy you wish to manifest, the Quartz pendant cluster funnels energy your way. Your natural Quartz pendant shimmers in its gold setting, fascinating everyone who comes across your path. It is the crystal soulmate you desire. LEARN MORE.

#2 Clear Quartz Bracelet Positive Crystal Orbs

You are the light that this world thrives on. Fill your aura with the positive glow of Clear Quartz. Each miniature sphere is like gazing into a crystal ball of unlimited potential. Harness your energy and let it shine wearing this amazing gemstone bracelet. LEARN MORE

#3 Clear Quartz Pendant Pinnacle of Power Gem

Feel the pinnacle of crystal healing power through this spectacular double terminated Clear Quartz pendant. When you wear the gold-set gemstone, you are carrying with you the master of the crystal kingdom. Gain clarity of vision and focus of mind through the laser beams of your go-to crystal pendant. LEARN MORE.

#4 Clear Quartz Earrings Wrap of Royalty Hoops

Celebrate your natural glow with these Clear Quartz earrings. The curvy gold jewel frames your face, focusing on that lovely smile. Wrap your aura in royalty when you wear these unique gemstone earrings. LEARN MORE.

#5 Chakra Bracelet Snow White's Rainbow Kiss

Snow White Quartz awakens from her long slumber as she is kissed by colorful chakra crystals. Your surreal gemstone bracelet convinces time to stand still. Catch your breath for just one moment and inhale the beautiful things in life like snowflakes falling gently over a rainbow sky. Through stillness, color, and serenity, your soul finds healing. LEARN MORE.

#6 Yellow Quartz Pendant Bright Side of Life

Always look on the bright side of life. This Quartz pendant helps you see the positive in each situation. A sunny yellow tint steers you to good vibes and optimistic nature. You are the creator of your own universe. Wear your new Quartz pendant proudly as a symbol of your strength. LEARN MORE.

#7 Snow Quartz Obsidian Harmony Bracelet

You want the intense protective power of Black Obsidian harmonized with the heavenly touches of Snow Quartz. With this stylish monochromatic bracelet, your guardian angels can watch over you every step of the way. It is a must-have addition to any outfit. Wear it day and night to remain eternally connected and cared for. LEARN MORE.

Your Quartz Quest Continues

Do you have Clear or Snow Quartz in your crystal healing jewelry collection? Which pieces do you have? Which do you need?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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Lisa Satin - April 25, 2024

Hello Rabail,

We are so happy to hear that the videos made a positive impact :)

Unfortunately, we do not have natural Clear Quartz bracelets at this time. We are working to obtain them but it’s very difficult.

Natural Quartz bracelet alternatives are as such:

Clear Quartz with Phantoms:

Golden Rutilated Quartz:

Blue Rutilated Quartz:

You can see all our bracelets here:

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance :)

Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Rabail K. - April 25, 2024

Hello! I came across your youtube video explaining how t identify clear quartz from fakes. I am interested in purchasing a bracelet that is not clarified clear quartz. Can you please direct me to one on your website? Thanks.

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