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Colorful Quartz Crystals for Cozy Fall Decor

golden healer quartz spheres on wood stands with orange flowersHow do you celebrate Autumn? I'm lucky to live in beautiful Rhode Island where falling leaves, changing colors, and cornucopias are beloved symbols of the season.

Does the landscape transform in your hometown? My mom and sister live in California, where the only season is HOT. Yet they experience signs of Fall in a different fashion. Autumn opens with the aroma of pumpkin spice wafting out of every coffee shop, sunflowers standing tall in the garden, and colorful fall Quartz crystals decorating the home.

This year, move beyond the cliches. Pick up these perfect colorful Quartz pieces to rejuvenate the energy of your abode. This season, bring the Fall colors to you.  

Why Choose Quartz for Autumn?

Did you think that Quartz was just clear? I'm here to show you otherwise. Our top picks for Autumn are Golden Healer Quartz, Fire Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, and Iron Quartz.

These Quartz crystals range from golden yellow to crispy red. Colorful Quartz stones have a special warm tone that embodies the spirit of Autumn. They bring a comfortable, cozy feeling of home and hearth.

Quartz that resembles Fall colors makes you want to curl up on the couch and gaze out the window. It inspires you to roast up that butternut squash for a hearty meal. It gets you in the mood to visit pumpkin patches and corn mazes.

Quartz allows you to joyously celebrate another cycle of change.

What are the Top 4 Colorful Quartz and their Healing Properties?

Here are the Top 4 Colorful Quartz for the Fall season. Which ones are your favorites?

golden healer quartz sphere

Golden Healer Quartz: This honey-toned treasure brings you abundance, wealth, happiness, and joy. It helps balance your emotions, make decisions, and finds clarity when you have questions regarding life and spirituality. By stopping time, Golden Healer Quartz reminds you to smell the flowers, the trees, and even the aromatic pumpkin spice lattes. Isn't it time to hit the pause button and enjoy the fine things in life?


Red Fire Quartz: This stone brings a special warmth to your Fall season. Its fire-like tones keep you feeling cozy even on cold days. Red Quartz specializes in keeping you motivated. Sure, it feels nice to sip leisurely on apple cider this season, but you still have things to achieve. The energy of Red Quartz inspires you to get up and get going because progress doesn't stop no matter what the weather brings.


golden rutilated quartz sphereRutilated Quartz: Gaze into this gemstone and you will be reminded of golden sticks suspended in the air. Rutilated Quartz is everything you could want in a Fall crystal. It connects you with nature and the natural cycle of change. Meanwhile, Rutilated Quartz also helps you jump any hurdles that may come your way. Let's not forget that it also attracts abundance and bounty to your being. Who can pass that up?


iron quartz sphereIron Quartz: Iron Quartz can come bearing flames of yellow, gold, and even red. Iron Quartz is an energizer that helps you feel happy as you go about your autumn activities. Some people may experience sadness as summer slips away, but Iron Quartz is here to shake you out of that mentality. It strengthens your soul and your resolve. Iron Quartz reminds you to go out and embrace the moment with full force. There are apples to be picked, pumpkins to be carved, and crystal healing mandalas to be made.  

    How Do I Decorate with Quartz this Fall?

    I thought you'd never ask! Here are some tips on how to decorate with Colorful Quartz. In addition to these suggestions, be creative and go with your intuition. Do what makes you happy!

    • Place Golden Healer spheres, Red Quartz spheres, and Iron Quartz spheres in the center of your coffee table or dining table to embody the changing colors of the season.

    • Place Golden Healer stones and Rutilated Quartz stones on the front patio or in the garden as a natural symbol of Fall. It energizes your plants while brightening the energy of your space.

    • Colorful Quartz polished stones make nice accessories to your seasonal theme. They can be tastefully tucked into any nook of your home or office to energize it with warm vibes.

    • Place a Golden Healer Heart and a Pink Fire Quartz sphere on your bedside to get into the loving and passionate mood that keeps you warm through the cold nights. 

    Does Quartz compliment my Fall wardrobe?

    Yes, yes it does! Colorful Quartz fits perfectly with your Fall color themes. When the weather is cooling down, the jewelry you wear can counteract the cold with its warm and welcoming vibes. 

    Adorn your body with colorful Quartz jewelry. Rutilated Quartz bracelets, Rutilated Quartz necklaces, and Fire Quartz pendants keep you energized while also showing off your fashion-forward Fall style.

    Quartz jewelry not only keeps you cheery but brings a smile to those who may otherwise fall victim to the weather. It even makes the perfect fall-time gift for all of the special people in your life.

    Where can I get Colorful Quartz?

    Quartz is a positive addition to your crystal healing collection. Shop the Quartz Collection at Satin Crystals or find your favorite pieces for sale right here:

    All Warmed Up and Ready to Go

    Continue on your Quartz crystal journeys with the following guides:

    Share your Stories

    How do you feel about Colorful Quartz? We would love to hear your stories with this dazzling stone. Feel free to comment on this post with any crystal thoughts. 

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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      Lisa Satin - December 30, 2023

      William, thank you for your message. We do not remove any minerals or occlusions ourselves, so are unfamiliar. However, it looks like iron out should do the trick, according to this rockhound article:,-The%20powdered%20form&text=After%20soaking%20for%20the%20time,any%20chemicals%20before%20trying%20this.

      You can also post your question on discussion forums as there are many knowledgeable rockhounds there to help you!

      William G. - December 30, 2023

      Will ‘Iron Out’ spray or rust removal WD 40 rid orange spots on Quartz? If you sell or can recommend some type of detergent, Thanks.

      Lisa Satin - October 31, 2023

      Hello Adam,

      Placing stones in fire is not something we recommend. You can find our preferred techniques for crystal cleansing/charging/programming here:

      Adam L. - October 31, 2023

      Hello good afternoon I would like to ask you is it safe to cleanse golden healer quartz with fire or does it cause it to fade and lose its powers?

      Sheila Satin - September 23, 2021

      You are welcome, Teresa. We are happy to provide you with information regardless if you buy anything or not. The Crystals will come to you when the time is right!

      teresa - September 23, 2021

      Thank you for your time I’ve looked at the link you’ve sent your goods are beautiful unfortunately my circumstances at this present time financially doesn’t permit me to purchase anything at this time but I’d like to thank you for sharing your goods with me. Teresa 🙏

      Sheila Satin - September 20, 2020

      Hi Shani, Thank you for your email and for the picture reference. We do not have any girasol rose quartz at the moment but we do constantly get new items so you can always check back.

      At the moment we only have two At the moment we only have two girasol quartz*

      Sheila Satin

      Shani - September 20, 2020


      I have been on the hunt for a grey colored rose quartz….I was told that you may have these available. They are a rose quartz, but tend to look more grey.

      Do you have any stones available at your shop that look like this?

      If you do have available, is it possible to get photos? I would be very interested in ordering rose quartz in this coloration.

      Thank you very much.

      Kind regards,

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