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How to Use Red Quartz for Crystal Healing

How exactly do you use Red Quartz in crystal healing? You are about to learn 3 crystal healing rituals that harness the unique energy of Red Quartz. These rituals enhance your Fire Element, help you attract love, and ground your Root Chakra.

Unleash the fierce powers of your Red Quartz crystals and jewelry. They are bursting with primal energy. Collect your Red Quartz now so you can leap right into the hot world of healing.

Ritual #1 Strengthen your Fire Element 

Purpose: Some people are born with natural Fire Element traits, others must develop them. When you strengthen your Fire Element, you become bolder and less fearful.

Do this ritual if you are burning to reach a goal, but aren't confident enough to take precise actions. After you ignite your Fire Element, you feel a rush of motivation and a take-charge attitude.

Use one or both of these Red Quartz Stones:

  • Red Hematite Quartz sphere 

  • Dragon Flame Iron sphere


  1. Charge your sphere in the sunlight for at least one day in the garden or a bright windowsill.

  2. Lie down in a comfortable bed or on the floor.

  3. Place your Red Quartz stone near your Root chakra. The Root chakra is at the base of the spine, so you can place it several inches below your groin, anywhere near your hips, or even on top of your pelvis.

  4. Go into a relaxed meditative state by taking deep breaths and releasing tension from your body. 

  5. Imagine a fire being lit at your Root chakra. Feel the flames igniting your natural creativity, passion, and drive. Slowly, imagine the fire working its way up every part of your body until you are completely set ablaze.

  6. Continue to meditate on your goal and imagine yourself leaping forward fearlessly as you take the steps to achieve it.

  7. After the meditation, place the sphere on display in a prominent place so you are constantly reminded of your goal.

Ritual #2 Attract Love and Friendship

Purpose: Red Quartz is known to attract and strengthen relationships. It is a crystal that promotes love, loyalty, friendship, passion, and affection. If you feel you are missing friendship or romance in your life, this ritual is for you. Attract people who will fulfill your many desires and needs.

Use one or both of these Red Quartz Stones:

  • Strawberry Quartz sphere 

  • Fire Quartz Heart Pendant


    1. Clean and charge your Strawberry Quartz sphere and/or Fire Quartz pendant. If you're unsure how, follow these instructions about CRYSTAL CARE (but do not program them with your intentions yet).

    2. Find a calm place to sit, stand, or lie. Hold the Strawberry Quartz sphere near your heart and wear the Fire Quartz pendant on a chain near your Heart chakra.

    3. Infuse the crystals with the specific intention to make new friends or lovers. Depending on which you choose, you can come up with your own affirmations or repeat one or all of these mantras a minimum of ten times:

      For Friendships: "I attract a best friend who understands me, has fun with me, and always looks out for me"

      For Lovers: "I attract a partner who is loving, passionate, and enriches my life"

    4. If you are seeking friendship, place the sphere in your living room or dining room and gaze into it each morning to recite your intentions.

    5. If you are seeking love, place the sphere in your bedroom and gaze into it each morning while you recite your intentions.

    6. Wear the Red Quartz heart pendant as often as possible to remind you to attract friends and/or lovers.

    Ritual #3 Tame your Temper

    Purpose: Perhaps you are too fire-fueled by nature or circumstance and need help taming those angry impulses. Believe it or not, a type of Red Quartz called Fire and Ice can help you balance your healthy passion with a calm and collected poise. Keep level-headed without losing your creative drive.

    Use one or both of these Red Quartz Stones:

    • Red Quartz Fire and Ice sphere 

    • Red Quartz Fire and Ice pendant


      1. Clean and charge your Fire and Ice sphere and/or Fire and Ice pendant. If you're unsure how, follow these instructions about CRYSTAL CARE (but do not program them with your intentions yet).

      2. Place your Fire and Ice stones in the refrigerator for 1 hour or until cool.

      3. Hold your chilled Fire and Ice crystal and take it to a relaxing place where you can sit, stand, or lie down.

      4. Close your eyes and infuse the stone with the following intention: "I cool my inner fire with ice while maintaining my passion"

      5. Imagine an icy cool feeling overcome your body, mind, and soul. It puts you in a state of calm serenity.

      6. Any time you feel yourself getting angry or anxious, reach for your Fire and Ice Quartz sphere and/or pendant and feel yourself instantly cool down to a state of wise zen.

      Ready to benefit from Red Quartz healing?

      Do you have Red Quartz yet? Have you used it for healing purposes? We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

      Meanwhile, here are additional links for your healing pleasure: 

      Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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