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Colors of Aventurine

green, red, blue, grey aventurine stonesDid you know that your Aventurine stone comes in so many spectacular colors? Now you can target specific chakras with abundant energy. The five most popular colors in the Aventurine family are awaiting to bring you an array of benefits. 

What color is Aventurine?

Aventurine is most commonly found in green but comes in a myriad of natural colors. You can also find this stone in red, orange, yellow, pink, peach, brown, white, grey, and blue. 

Besides causing the glittering Aventurescence, the inclusions in Aventurine can create different colors. The Aventurine may show light and dark patches of color in the same stone, and it can also be banded. 

Learn all about Aventurine Meanings and watch the video to learn all about this colorful stone. Meanwhile, find out how each of Aventurine's natural hues can benefit you today. 

What are the benefits of each Aventurine color?

While all Aventurine stones have the common energy of abundance, each color has a metaphysical specialty and a chakra healing focus. 

1. Blue Aventurine

blue aventurine sphere

In crystal healing, Blue Aventurine is your mental healer. It helps calm your anxiety and allows you to breathe deep and free. It sings a sweet lullaby and eases you into a state of relaxation. 

Use Blue Aventurine when you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with life. This soothing stone is all about focusing your mind to see only that which is right in front of you. Take one step at a time and you will make room for abundance to fill your life. 

Can you benefit from Blue Aventurine?

  • You are overwhelmed by choices and voices

  • You need a gentle reminder to focus

  • You want to enjoy a stress-free life

What chakra is Blue Aventurine?

Use Blue Aventurine at the Third Eye chakra and Throat chakra

Where can I buy Blue Aventurine?

Find your healing treasures in the Blue Aventurine Collection

How does Blue Aventurine get its color?

Blue Aventurine ranges from light blue to navy blue. It is naturally colored by Dumortierite minerals and sparkles with Mica inclusions. 

2. Green Aventurine

green aventurine sphere

In crystal healing, Green Aventurine is the ultimate symbol of abundance. Aligned with the color of money and the desires of your Heart chakra, this stone is used to manifest your goals.

When you are seeking something more in life and you are ready to change your negative mindset, Green Aventurine is your best friend. Use this stone to call in the prosperity you deserve. 

Can you benefit from Green Aventurine?

  • You want to achieve financial abundance

  • You seek a positive money mindset

  • You need a powerful manifestation stone

What chakra is Green Aventurine?

Use Green Aventurine at the Heart chakra.

Where can I buy Green Aventurine?

Find your healing treasures in the Green Aventurine Collection.

How does Green Aventurine get its color?

This Aventurine varies in shades of pale green to dark forest green. The color comes from green Fuchsite and the shine from glittering Mica inclusions. 

3. Grey Aventurine

grey aventurine sphere

In crystal healing, Grey Aventurine is for those who want to see beyond the physical world. Great for all things metaphysical, this mysterious stone allows you to tap into the Universe. 

Bypass your ego and the chaos of the everyday world, and use Grey Aventurine to go right to the source of Oneness. When you are spiritually aligned to your Higher Self, abundance will flow to you with ease. 

Can you benefit from Grey Aventurine?

  • You want to tap into the magic of the Universe

  • You wish to hone your metaphysical talents

  • You want to draw healing abundance to your aura

What chakra is Grey Aventurine?

Use Grey Aventurine at the Third Eye chakra

Where can I buy Grey Aventurine?

Find your healing treasures in the Grey Aventurine Collection 

How does Grey Aventurine get its color?

This Aventurine varies from a light silver-grey to a dark black-grey. Muscovite and Ilmenite inclusions can cause the gray, yellow, or silver version of Aventurine.

4. Purple Aventurine

purple aventurine sphere

In crystal healing, Purple Aventurine connects you to your spiritual side. This royal color is the preferred color of your angels and spirit guides. It has a steadfast vibration, watching over you as you maneuver through life.

Call on the energies of this purple stone when you need a direct line to spiritual guidance. If you're feeling lost and need a helping hand, meditate with Purple Aventurine. It will show you the way to manifest a brighter future. 

Can you benefit from Purple Aventurine?

  • You feel lost and need some guidance

  • You seek spiritual abundance

  • You want to feel secure about your future

What chakra is Purple Aventurine?

Use Purple Aventurine at the Crown chakra

Where can I buy Purple Aventurine?

Find your healing treasures in the Purple Aventurine Collection 

How does Purple Aventurine get its color?

This Aventurine stone can vary from pale purple to dark midnight purple in color. This stone gets its color from purple Lepidolite

5. Red Aventurine

red aventurine crystal ball

In crystal healing, Red Aventurine is all about equilibrium. Whether you are feeling raging aggression or a debilitating meekness, Red Aventurine helps you find a happy balance. 

Only when you are truly balanced can you focus on manifesting the fruits of abundance. Red Aventurine roots you to the core of the Earth and gives you as much positive energy as you give out to the world.  

Can you benefit from Red Aventurine?

  • You want to plug into the Earth's abundance

  • You are feeling out of sorts and need balance

  • You want to give as much as you want to receive

What chakra is Red Aventurine?

Use Red Aventurine at the Sacral chakra and Root chakra

Where can I buy Red Aventurine?

Find your healing treasures in the Red Aventurine Collection

How does Red Aventurine get its color?

This Aventurine ranges from light orange to deep red. The color is caused by the presence of very fine stripes of Hematite or Goethite.

Your Aventurine Rainbow

What color of Aventurine calls to you? Have you used any of these Aventurine colors in healing? We would love to hear your stories, comments, and questions. Feel free to post them below. 

Here are additional resources for your Aventurine journeys: 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - January 16, 2023

Thanks for writing to us, Shuba.

I would not go by the opinion of friends or anyone else regarding the identification of stones. Unless they are certified mineralogists, gemologists, and/or scientists with professional lab equipment to back up their claims.

I have never heard of anyone replicating Aventurine with Howlite. Aventurine is commonly found worldwide and is not a high-end mineral so it would be a waste of time and energy to attempt to transform Howlite into Aventurine. Howlite is commonly used to replicate Turquoise, not Aventurine.

Aventurine has natural mica inclusions. Howlite will not show this and will show veins all over instead.

You can learn much more about Aventurine stone here:

You can learn about Howlite here, including a section about real vs fake Turquoise:

Good luck on your crystal journey, we hope you find the right piece.

Shuba G. - January 16, 2023

A friend told me that the green adventurine was dyed howlite. I used a rock finder and was told it was something else.

Shuba G. - January 16, 2023

A friend told me that the green adventurine was dyed howlite. I used a rock finder and was told it was something else.

Lisa Satin - January 26, 2022

Hi Christina,

Thanks for your inquiry. Although Golden Aventurine is often called Citrine, it’s a completely different stone. Citrine is a Quartz crystal whereas Aventurine is its own crystal. Here is information about both:

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find natural Citrine and it’s not often made into spheres. If we do come across some, we will definitely add them to our collection.

Please note that you will also see Lemon Quartz and Calcite being sold as Citrine, so be careful with this stone! Check out our real vs fake Citrine video:

Aventurine is much easier and more common to find. On the bright side, both are excellent money manifestation crystals. If you have any questions, please reach out to us again.


Lisa Satin

Christina - January 26, 2022

Hello is natural citrine also called Golden Aventurine? Will you have natural citrine in sphere form soon?

Sheila Satin - May 9, 2021

Hi Roger, I am not sure what you mean be Rainbow Aventurine. Is this a name of a particular stone? If you are looking for more on Aventurine (which comes in a rainbow of colors), you can visit:

Sheila Satin

roger - May 9, 2021

please tell me about rainbow aventurine

Sheila Satin - September 7, 2020

Hi Isaac, I suggest you try where they do custom bracelets. We only have the bracelets you see on our website. Plus we do not have shipping to Ghana at this time.

We have written about crystals and money here:

Sheila Satin

Isaac - September 7, 2020

Please I need the gamstone some but need this colors in a bracelet form
Diamond mixed for me how can I get it and how much am to pay for it am in Ghana

Those you have can it attract wealth and protection

Sheila Satin - August 23, 2020

Hi, thanks for shopping with us and for your reply. Sending you best of positive energy for your surgery.

Yes, you are right there are a lot of fakes out there and we try to educate people in our articles and videos so you know how to spot them.

Your turquoise will be traveling to your place soon. Let us know if you have any questions meanwhile!

Sheila Satin

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