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Emerald is May's Birthstone

hand holding pile of raw emeraldsYou need Emerald for May! Not only is it May's birthstone but this gemstone brings class and nobility to your life. 

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3 Reasons to get Emerald now

Marvelous May is here! Emerald is a precious and beautiful gemstone that vibes with the month of May.  

Here are three reasons to get your Emerald now:

1. Emerald is the May birthstone 
If you were born in May, you are a royal soul who deserves the best. If you know someone born in May, treat them to the precious gift of Emerald.

2. Emerald is the Stone of Nobility
Emerald has been revered as a noble stone throughout the ages, used to adorn the jewels and places of kings and queens. You're the ruler of your life. You can decorate with Emeralds, too.

3. Emerald is an Abundance Stone
Who wants abundance? You do! Emerald is a prosperity stone that attracts grandiose materials and experiences to you. 

Your Emerald Experience

What Emerald gems and jewelry do you wish to manifest? What healing rituals have you done with Emerald? 

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below.



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