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How did Bloodstone become Popular?

How Bloodstone Became Popular - Satin Crystals BlogWhat do you know about Bloodstone? The name itself is intense and alluring. Bloodstone may not be one of the commonly known crystals like Quartz or Amethyst, but somehow it has become one of the most popular gemstones at Satin Crystals.

As you learn more about this robust stone, you will also fall in love with its beauty and abilities. Rich Indian Bloodstone jewelry is a hit for its midnight forest green peaking with flecks of red, white, and yellow inclusions. This is a crystal for warriors and winners, helping you avoid or endure the pains of life to come out completely victorious. 

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Bloodstone’s popular metaphysical properties

Here are a few of Bloodstone’s metaphysical properties which may answer why it is such a popular healing crystal:

  • Retains wealth.

  • Regulates the Heart chakra.

  • Promotes confidence and courage.

  • Encourages healthy energy circulation.

Another interesting fact about Bloodstone is that the red inclusions in the crystal have long been seen as a symbol of Jesus’s sacrifice at the cross, thus making it a popular stone among many faiths.

We sometimes hear back from customers who claim that their Bloodstone has been totally drained of red specks during their times of ailment or have increased in red colors during other times. These mysteries make Bloodstone more intriguing as a healing stone!

There's so much more to know about Bloodstone. That's why we have created tutorials about it. Start by discovering more about the Bloodstone Meanings.

Popular Bloodstone jewelry 

We noticed that Bloodstone jewelry is the most popular form. You want it, so we make it!  At our boutique, Sheila hand-makes Indian Bloodstone bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and anklets. 

Bloodstone bracelets are easy to stack up the arms and the necklaces are easy to layer. If you have more than one pierced ear hole, you can even layer up the Bloodstone earrings! The color is often dark, leaning towards a fashionable black, making Bloodstone easy to wear with your casual T-shirt to your fancier black tops. Although subtle in its dark color, you do get that pop of color with Bloodstone’s organic inclusions, which distinguishes it from your black jewelry.

Known also as Heliotrope, this crystal appeals to all genders. You can’t go wrong gifting Indian Bloodstone to your loved ones and special friends.

Over the years, Sheila has created and sold hundreds of Bloodstone jewels. Let's take a look at the best sellers:

Best Selling Bloodstone Bracelet

Embrace a fearless, bold, and attractive version of yourself with our stunning Indian Bloodstone bracelet. This popular healing crystal empowers you to pursue your dreams and achieve success. Feel like a powerhouse and capture the world's admiration with this vibrant green jewel.

Best Selling Bloodstone Pendant

Maintain your confident coolness all day long with the empowering Bloodstone Brewing Sun pendant. This fiery charm serves as a reminder to find harmony between your shadow and your light, leading you to become a balanced individual. Radiate your uplifting energy with the aid of this enigmatic gemstone treasure.

Best Selling Bloodstone Necklace

Elevate yourself and ascend alongside the Goddess. The Bloodstone Goddess necklace exudes elegance while carrying profound symbolism. Adorn yourself with this ethereal gem to awaken your inner feminine power. Embrace your energy and live a life of empowered opulence.

Best Selling Bloodstone Anklet

When you need an anchor, turn to your Bloodstone anklet. Feel and look amazing, whether dressed up or down. Bloodstone anklets keep your mind and body in shape. With beautiful Earth energy, this grounding anklet empowers you to navigate the day with a clear mind rooted in reality.

Best Selling Bloodstone Earrings

Unleash your inner diva with the Bloodstone goddess earrings. Flaunt your powerful feminine energy with these lightweight yet glamorous dangle earrings. Perfect for work, shopping, and yoga classes, these one-of-a-kind jewels will make your inner goddess shine!

Popular Bloodstone Crystals

Surely a stunning statement stone, we understand why Bloodstone jewelry is popular. However, it's equally impressive as a healing crystal. Our customers often ask for Bloodstone crystals to help with energy circulation, overcoming fears, and so much more. 

Bloodstone invigorates both your Heart and Root chakras for healthy flow. When you want to recite some positive affirmations in Bloodstone, see the samples right in the How to Write Crystal Affirmations article.

Meanwhile, check out these three top-selling Bloodstone gems:

Best Selling Bloodstone Ball

This handsome Bloodstone sphere captivates all souls. Its glossy surface and healing properties attract positive energy, making it perfect for winners like you. Embrace the power of this real Indian Bloodstone beauty and march forward in life.

Best Selling Bloodstone Palm Crystal

Transform from timid to triumphant with this empowering Bloodstone stone. Boost your confidence and manifest your desires with every proud stride. Slip this vibrant green gem into your pocket for a daily energy boost or wear it on your body for a revitalizing chakra lift.

Best Selling Bloodstone Wand

Experience the power of community and healing with your friends and crystals. This Bloodstone massage wand combines red speckles of minerals with a vibrant green gemstone, inspiring you to collaborate and work as a team. Get your gemstone massage wand now for ultimate relaxation.

More Popular Bloodstone

These are some of the reasons why Bloodstone gained its celebrity status at Satin Crystals, but each person is attracted to this stone for different reasons. Did you see a piece that called your name? We have many more jewelry and stone options in the Satin Crystals Bloodstone Collection. You can also shop right here, right now:

Crystal Resources for you

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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Sheila Satin - August 31, 2020

Hi, good question. We don’t work with chips, so I’m not sure where to purchase them, although etsy or seem like good places to start. The etsy link you sent does not look like Bloodstone though, it looks like multi-colored Jasper to me.

If you type “bloodstone chips” into Ebay, there should be actual Bloodstone that comes up (I just did a test)

Have a great week,
Sheila Satin

Chris P - August 31, 2020

Greetings, ladies

I hope all is well. I’m using the recently purchased bloodstone spheres on areas of my body for pain relief. The healing nature is awesome.


I’m making memory rings and bracelets. (Learning how to create jewelry relieves my stress.)

I want to buy drilled bloodstone chips, in bulk, but I’m not sure where to purchase online.

I did see this ad on

Please advise.

Thanks and stay safe.

Sheila Satin - August 23, 2020

Hi! Bloodstone is one of my favorites so I’m always on the lookout for the dark ones with interesting inclusions.

Our vendors in India do not have a website. My father was Indian so we have a direct connection with them as family friends for many years :)


Crystal - August 23, 2020

Thanks. I want to buy authentic bloodstone, so it’s good to know about your website, as an option. Does your vendor in India have its own website? Our local gemstone, Garland of Letters is still closed down due to Covid-19. It used to be my go-to bricks and mortar store in Philadelphia.

Sheila Satin - August 23, 2020

Hi Crystal, I know how you feel about the Bloodstone slab. It’s actually an old find that now lives in my personal collection, and unfortunately we don’t have anymore for sale! The vendor only had 4 to begin with and I took them all because they were so awesome! I am always on the lookout for exquisite Indian Bloodstone, though.

We did just get some more beautiful Bloodstone spheres in from India, they will be added to this listing shortly:

Sheila Satin

Crystal - August 23, 2020


Where can I find that BEAUTIFUL slab of Bloostone depicted in your video: ??

I gasped at its glory!!!

Please tell me, as I want to cloak my body and spirit with protection during these turbulent times. I was born on March 7. This Bloodstone is my birthstone!!!

Thanks. Stay safe and blessed.

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