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How to use Crystal Cabochons in Healing and Jewelry

moss agate oval cabochon at throat chakraWhat is the purpose of a crystal cabochon? Are these gemstones meant for jewelry-making or should they be used as healing stones? Both! Crystal cabs are versatile. These artisan-crafted treasures are so useful that we've made a brand new category at Satin Crystals just to house them all!

Let's briefly review what a cabochon means and what it's used for. Then, shop some of your newest cabs.  

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What is a gemstone cabochon?

A cabochon, or "cab", is a gemstone that has been shaped and polished for jewelry settings. The term derives from the French word “caboche,” meaning head or noggin. Cabochon gemstones typically feature a smooth, domed surface and a flat base.

The most common shapes are ovals and ellipses, although other geometric and freeform shapes are also createdCabochons are usually cut to feature the most beautiful part of a stone. They are carved to show off asterisms in a gemstone, iridescence, chatoyancy, and other special patterns.

What can you do with a crystal cabochon?

The flattened back makes a cabochon an ideal component for jewelry making. Crystal cabochons are popularly used for making pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, and other jewelry pieces.

In terms of crystal healing, you can also use these stones as-is. They provide you with ample energy, whether worn in jewelry form or used as a healing stone. They are small and portable to travel with you anywhere you go. 

What can a crystal cabochon do for you in healing?

  • Pop your chakras open in a crystal layout

  • Erase your stress when rubbed like a worry stone

  • Launch your vibrations when held during meditation

What can you create with a crystal cabochon?

  • Masterpiece jewelry

  • Feng Shui charm for your home and office

  • Chakra plate when glued to a larger crystal plate or slab

  • Crystal mandala or grid

These are just a few examples of what you can do with a crystal cabochon. Can you think of more creative ideas? Leave a comment below this blog.


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