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How to Use Gemstone Donuts

pink jasper donut gemstones Big donuts! Little donuts! Creamy Agate donuts! Strawberry Jasper donuts! What can you do with a Gemstone Donut?

Let's learn about these deliciously delightful donut-shaped stones. What do they mean and how do you use them?

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Without further delay, let's do donuts! 

What is a Gemstone Donut?

A Gemstone Donut is a crystal that has been crafted into a flat circle with a hole in the center. They are also called Donut Pendants, Donut Beads, and Pi Stones.

What does a Gemstone Donut mean?

In Chinese culture, the gemstone donut represents peace, harmony, and faith. The Jade donut symbolizes a coin and is a toke for abundance and prosperity.

In the Incan tradition, these crystals are referred to as Pi stones. They represent the circle of life and karma. This geometric shape is called a Torus and resembles the circular path that the sun travels.  The hole in the middle represents the principle of complete Oneness. 

How do you use a Gemstone Donut?

There are many ways to use a Gemstone Donut. The Chinese often hang donuts as amulets that protect the wearer from evil. In Inka times, they were used as a part of the Incan Shamanic initiation rituals.

We have 7 ideas on how you can use Donut Gems. Ultimately, you can do whatever you desire with your Gemstone Donut. Just don't eat it!

1. Feature it as a pendant on your necklace: The most popular use of a Gemstone Donut is to wear it as a pendant on your necklace. This provides you with positive crystal healing energy all day long. Various stones give you differing healing properties. Create your own or get them ready-made.

2. String it with other crystal jewelry: Gemstone donuts come in many sizes. Tiny Donut Gems make intricate additions to your jewelry designs, like beads on a necklace or bracelet. Larger ones can be used as pendants or even wire-wrapped into rings or hung as earrings.

3. Hang it as a Feng Shui charm: When you want the protective healing power of a Gemstone Donut but you don't want to wear it, you can hang it into a charm or talisman. Decorate your home and garden for a delightful look and positive vibe.

4. Lie it on your chakra for healing: Your Gemstone Donut doesn't need to be modified, you can use it as-is for crystal healing. These clever little stones lie flat on your chakras during a crystal healing session. 


5. Slip it in your pocket as a worry stone: The smooth surface and small size make Gemstone Donuts a perfect candidate for being a worry stone. Keep it in your purse or pocket so you have something to rub when you feel the stress or anxiety building up.


6. Use it as a display stand for crystal balls and eggs: What a great idea! Instead of placing your balls, eggs, or other small gemstones on a bare surface or a different material, amplify their power and beauty by placing them on a Gemstone Donut.


7. Gift it as a token of eternal love and friendship: Symbolizing peace and eternity, Donut Gems are a meaningful gift for friends, family, and special souls. They are versatile and easy to pack and ship. In fact, when you order Gemstone Donuts from Satin Crystals, we can pack and ship them directly to your giftee.



These are just a few examples of what you can do with a genuine gemstone Donut. Can you think of more ideas? Leave a comment below this blog so others can benefit from your creative wisdom.

petrified wood sphere on unakite donut gemstone

Indulge in Gemstone Donuts

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