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Howlite Healing Jewelry Showcase

sheila of satin crystals wearing howlite bracelets, necklaces, ringsWhen should you wear Howlite healing jewelry?

Snowy white Howlite is perfect for the fresh energy of the New Year. Wear it to harness the exciting power of January's Wolf Full Moon. But don't stop there! Enhance your outfit with Howlite jewelry every day of the year. You're in for a howlin' good time!

This pristine gemstone encourages healthy habits, mindfulness, and serenity. Holistic Howlite jewelry accentuates your wild side and quirky style. 

You are about to discover a bustling collection of 25 handmade Satin Crystals Howlite jewelry designs. 

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Your Howlite Jewelry Showcase

Howlite's white tone and neutral gray landscaping make it an easy match. Complete your look with this healing crystal. 

4 Howlite Healthy Habit Bracelets

The highlight of Howlite's healing abilities is it helps you keep healthy habits. Break destructive routines and engage in something new.

When you wear Howlite bracelets, you do the right thing. Howlite guides your hands to the right transactions. Break free from the shackles of the past and pave a better way.

Choose from 4 fantastic Satin Crystals designs:

Howlite Healthy Habits Bracelet: All Howlite all the time. It keeps you inspired and on track with your resolutions. This jewel matches every occasion in your life.

Howlite Snowy White Fairy Tale Coil Bracelet: Embrace the picturesque and pristine first snow. This eye-catching jewel holds your hand as you embark on new journeys and fresh starts.

Howlite Red Jasper World Travel Bracelet: This is for zesty souls who cherish friendships, love, and travel. Hosting the colors of Canada, this fun bracelet keeps you guided through the Crown and Root chakras as you venture into the wild world.

Howlite Jade Bracelet Love of Money: Eliminate that poverty-mindset with the Howlite Jade abundance bracelet. Howlite retrains your brain to think and act rich, while Jade summons wealth into your world.

7 Howlite Rockin' Rings

Howlite Peak Performance Rings: These three metal rings encourage you to be on top of your game. Howlite is a stone of healthy habits. The adjustable bands are for those who strive to be best in sports, education, business, spirituality, and life.

Howlite Picture Perfect Rings: These gorgeous Howlite gems sit picturesque in their fancy metallic frames. When you gaze into your new ring, you are reminded of a winter morning- a quiet snowy backdrop untouched by humans. Wear these rings for calm tranquilty and Crown chakra health.

3 Howlite Full Moon Earrings

When you wear Howlite earrings, you gain lunar energy and psychic knowledge. These white gemstone earrings open your spiritual gateway to divine advancement. Get your thoughts in order and the rest shall fall into place.

3 Howlite Pack Leader Cufflinks

Are you leader of the pack? Dress the part and you shall prevail. These Howlite cufflinks keep you looking smart. When you want to dress to impress, adorn yourself with these professional accessories. The whole team will notice who's boss.

8 Howlite Healing Necklaces

Howlite Fun Personality Necklaces

Black and white does NOT mean boring. These Howlite necklaces showcase your fun personality while lavishing you with crystal healing vibration. Check out the Protective Bear, Lava Yin Yang, Soothing Soul, and Friendly Penguin necklaces.

Howlite Strands of Serenity Necklaces

Did you know that Howlite calms your thoughts and soothes your stress? When you wear these strands of Howlite, you feel as light as a cloud. Release your baggage and let the good vibes flow. Choose from the Bloodstone of Confidence, Black White Perspectives, Charming Jet, and White Meditation  necklaces.

Holistic Howlite for you 

What else can holy Howlite do for you? Learn about Howlite and other healing stones as you journey with Satin Crystals. For genuine Howlite gemstones and jewels, shop our vast collection:

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