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Illegal Moqui Marbles? Get Yours Now!

moqui marble pair in handExperience Moqui Marbles before they go extinct

If you want to experience the most powerful Earth-Energy crystal ever, act now.

If you want to experience the magic of ancient native Shamanism, act now.

Moqui Marble Shaman Stones are rare minerals coming only from Utah and Arizona. Today, these chocolate brown treasures are even harder to get than ever.

Did you know that it's now illegal to extract Moqui Marbles from the National Park? 

Don't worry, Satin Crystals has your back. Like squirrels who have feverously gathered acorns before the cold winter, Sheila and I have lawfully stashed away a pile of legal Moqui Marbles before they disappear from the mineral marketplace forever. 

Why do you need endangered Shaman Stones?

You may look at these rugged oddballs and wonder "Why in the world do I need Shaman Stones?"

Over the next several days, we will send in-depth healing information to VIP members about the benefits of Moqui. If you're not on the list, join immediately so you are included.

Until then, here are 5 quick but critical reasons why you need to get Moqui Marbles while you can:

  • Moqui Marbles have the strongest connection to Mother Earth energy of all the elements around, as they are aged up to 25 million years.

  • Found in the Navajo desert, they go by the nickname "Shaman Stones" because the Moqui Indians used their unmatchable spiritual powers during rituals and ceremonies.

  • Moqui Balls are the number one recommended stones to hold after meditations. They help you realign back to the physical realm so you don't remain in a vulnerable trance state.

  • They come in male and female forms. You can use them in pairs and sets for specific rituals that we will share with you soon.

  • Day by day, Moqui Stones are becoming harder to acquire because of the ban on picking them. Time is running out as the stockpile diminishes. 

Lisa Satin's love for Moqui Marbles

You crystal folks who have worked with me directly know the irreplaceable power of Shaman Stones.

In my meditation group, we frequently used these stones to ground ourselves after sessions. The rough, grainy textures of Moqui stones create a rooting and satisfying sensation in your hands. The clinging of two or more together form a soothing melody to your ears.

Moqui is extremely effective in anchoring your aura back to planet Earth after it has been floating in the astral world. You need to be careful after meditations and spiritual sessions because your aura is open to a different existence. Thanks to Moqui Stones, you remain safe and grounded thereafter. That is why I hold onto them after each and every meditation and healing session.

Thank goodness we have a secret stash of legal Moqui treasures at Satin Crystals. These were extracted before the ban, or have been collected lawfully in small pockets of private land. I hope you will try them out for yourself and join me in the love for Moqui Marbles.

Get yours before they say goodbye forever.

More Moqui Mail to Come...

We want to share all the powers and advantages of Moqui Balls with you. Add your name to the Satin Crystals VIP list so you get these articles and exclusives directly to your inbox over the next 10 days:

  • Spiritual and Scientific Meanings of Moqui

  • How to Practice Shaman Stone Rituals

  • Your Personal September Horoscope with Moqui Stones

  • Moqui Stone Guided Meditation to Lift your Vibration

  • Moqui Marble Showcase of Endangered Goods

  • Moqui Ball Affirmations for a Better You

If you want to get your Moqui stone without delay, check out our Rare Moqui Stone collection.

Contact Us 

Have stories to tell about your Moqui Marble experiences? Comment below on our blog or feel free to contact us anytime! 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - November 7, 2022
Hi Beatrice! They are certainly full of good energy. You can read all about Moqui Shaman stones here:
Beatrice - November 7, 2022

Hi are shaman stones good for good luck attraction?

Lisa Satin - September 6, 2022

Hello Kang! It depends on what rituals you plan to do and what energy you want. Here is an article about Moqui meanings and uses you might find helpful:

And another about rituals you can do:

Kang - September 6, 2022

How would I know which combination is best?
Thank you.

Sheila Satin - September 6, 2022

Hi Kang, they could all be various combinations. If you need a specific variety, let us know and I will check our stock.

Kang - September 6, 2022

Hi! I would like to know if all 5 Moqui Marbles are Males or Females or combination of males & females.
Thank you.

Lisa Satin - November 3, 2020

Hi Robert,

We admire your commitment to Moqui Marbles. Rest assured, ours are from very reputable sources. Collecting Moqui Marbles is not illegal in all areas, just sites like State Parks, National Parks, and Native American reservations. We certainly would not be selling contraband and announcing it for all to see :) Moqui Stones do not come with certificates. You may be thinking of Boji Stones, as those are similar yet patented minerals that come with documents.

Robert - November 3, 2020

I’m concerned. It sounds like you’ve obtained Moqui marbles illegally. Collection has been banned off public land for years, and yet you boast you got them off public land. Can you guarantee the items are legal? Any documentation? The issue is if your marbles are illegal, anyone buying them is also illegal.

Sheila Satin - August 31, 2020

Hi Anton, your Moqui stones are all wrapped up for their journey to you tomorrow. Thank you for your kind words and your support. Good luck on your ventures and if you need any assistance that we may be able to help with, don’t hesitate to email.


Sheila Satin

Anton - August 31, 2020

Hello Lisa and Sheila,
I have been following your web for some time now. Honestly, Not always because of the product, but for the sincerity of your words that sell the energy that Stones provide. Myself, am in an endevour to sell ‘Journey Stones’…. so I take the time to read your juices, and enjoy you’re passion that prevails. Perhaps a time comes we acclimate passions. BUT, for today, I was drawn to the stones of my purchase. Thank You for being YOU!
Embrace Your Journey’s L n S

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