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Jade Jewelry Showcase for Lucky New You

woman wearing two jade necklaces and a jade bangle Enter the New Year wearing these Jade jewelry pieces that promise a lucky new you. They are also perfect for a prosperous Chinese New Year.

Jade is prized around the world as a gemstone of great fortune and prosperity. Your ancestors wrapped themselves with impressive Jade jewelry. You can too!

You can wear Jade any time of year: it's never too late to turn your luck around! 

We have 4 Jade jewelry collections that style your spirit with success. Are you a Jadeite lover or a Nephrite soul? Perhaps both. See the Satin Crystals Jade jewelry designs and find out.

Learn how Jade gemstones benefit your life when you access our VIP community. We invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP Club today. It's free and easy. 

Jade jewelry collections for lucky you 

Jade is one of those beloved stones that is so popular that there are fakes to be found everywhere. At Satin Crystals, we promise you real Jadeite and Nephrite. Check out these 12 pieces over 4 desirable collections:

#1 Jade Luxe Class Collection

These three green Jade jewels are the cream of the crop. Lavish yourself in a classic crystal style that raises your level to pure luxury.

Jade Bracelet Prosperous Pleasures of the Soul 

Your soul will sing with pleasure as you slip on this real Jade bracelet. These lovely green gems are famous throughout the world thanks to their power of attracting prosperity. 

Positive Affirmation: "My soul sings with prosperity"

Jade Necklace Adorn me with Abundance of Luxe

Adorn yourself in luxe abundance each time you don this stunning Jade Necklace. Real Nephrite Jade comingles with brass accent beads give you a lavish look. 

Positive Affirmation: "Abundance adorns me"

Jade Ring Flurry of Abundance Nephrite

Wear this Nephrite Jade ring and bask in the riches of the world. Choose Jade when you want to attract a flurry of abundance. The shiny copper setting gets you noticed. Prefer it in gold? You got it!

Positive Affirmation: "I love a flurry of abundance"

#2 Canadian Nephrite Noble Collection

Dark and desirable, these three gemstones are made from real Canadian Nephrite. Your love for royalty, abundance, and luxury runs deep. 

Jade Ring Nobile Imperial Line Gem Sterling Silver

Inherit the nobility of the imperial line when you wear this Jade ring. Set in a crown of sterling silver, the green Nephrite gem elevates your style to pure royalty.

Positive Affirmation: "I am positive glory"

Jade Earrings Wise Owl in Green Forest Night 

Under the moonlight of the night lives the wise owl. These forest green Nephrite Jade earrings channel the energy of your owl guardian. Feel connected to nature. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am universal wisdom"

Jade Pendant My Lucky Day Green Canadian

It's your lucky day! This green Jade pendant has dropped from heaven to bless you with good fortune. Jade gemstones have been passed on from generation to generation.

Positive Affirmation: "Every day is lucky" 

hand wearing and holding jade bangles

#3 Burmese Jadeite Rich Collection

Burmese Jadeite is rich and rare, like you. Enhance the green energy in your life with ancient Jadeite. These three beauties heal your heart and soul.

Jade Bangle Bracelet Abundance for Eternity

This real Burmese Jade bangle attracts eternal abundance to you. Bouts of luck can come and go, but when you emanate with the Law of Attraction, it's forever. We have three types of Jade bangles for you to choose from. 

Positive Affirmation: "My abundance is forever"

Jade Ring Successful Soul Green Crystal Jewelry

With your Jade ring right on your finger, you are continually inspired to be a successful soul. Lucky green Jade ushers in an era of good fortune. It's the gem you've wanted.

Positive Affirmation: "I am a successful soul"

Jade Amulet Emperor's Lucky Loop Noble Green

How did the ancient emperor of the Far East maintain his nobility and wealth? He used the prosperous powers of Jade to adorn his palaces and jewels.

Positive Affirmation: "I am in the lucky loop"

#4 Jade Lucky Looks Collection

You want the ancient abundance powers of Jade jewelry but with a modern edge. Get lucky while looking good when you pick these prosperous pieces.

Jade Pendant Profit Prosperity Point Sterling Silver

Point me to profits, I'm ready to go! This real Jade pendant guides you to a luxe lifestyle by activating your aura's vibes of abundance. Follow your intuition and the positive energy of this Jade point pendant and take the steps towards fantastic success. 

Positive Affirmation: "Point me to profits"

Jade Earrings Lucky in Life Skull Nephrite Sterling Silver

Stack your odds for success with lucky Jade earrings. Dangling with sterling silver skulls, these designer jewels represent your ability to manifest whatever you desire. Wear them and keep your law of attraction goals at the top of your mind throughout the day. 

Positive Affirmation: "My mind is always manifesting" 

Jade Necklace Class and Character Crystal Burmese 

You've got class, and you've got character. This upscale Burmese Jade necklace is your perfect fit. The dark green precious gemstone emanates of high vibe and elite fortune. You deserve the best in life, and this Jade necklace delivers.

Positive Affirmation: "I've got class and character"

Howlite Jade Bracelet Love of Money Habit of Abundance

Two powerful stones come together to bring you a bracelet brimming with abundance of energy. Howlite, the stone of habits, meets dark Green Jade, the stone of fortune. This duo changes your money mindset. Let money love you too. 

Positive Affirmation: "I find the light in every situation"


Your Jade Journey

Are you excited about real Jade jewelry? Have you tried out a Jade jewel of your own?

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

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