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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Jewelry Restringing Fees

hand restringing malachite stretch braceletIs your jewelry starting to droop? To keep your jewelry maintained, make sure to restring your stretch bracelets when they start to loose elasticity or fray. Restring your necklaces if they are getting weak.

If you want to learn to restring jewelry yourself, you can find Youtube tutorials. That way, you can restring pieces yourself and pay only the cost of supplies. Alternatively, if you have a crafty friend or live near a jewelry shop, take your bracelet to them. 

If you prefer us to do the job, send your jewelry to Satin Crystals and we can restring for a fee.

Here are the starting prices for repair:

Stretch Bracelets $20+/per bracelet

Clasp Bracelets $25+/per bracelet

Necklaces $40+/per necklace

Earrings $20+/per pair

Depending on the complexity of your design, we are able to help you repair your jewelry. We may ask you to send in a picture of your jewelry if you did not purchase it directly from Satin Crystals. An additional $5 will be charged to cover postage cost on products that are not originally from Satin Crystals. 

We only offer restringing of stretch bracelets, wired necklaces, and earrings. Please note that we do not offer metalsmithing. 

Do you offer free restringing?

Yes! For the best deal yet, join the Satin Crystals VIP club and get free restringing. This complimentary service is valid for one year for any beaded jewelry you buy directly from our website. Please note that this offer applies only to jewelry pieces that we created ourselves. Have your order number ready when asking for a free restringing. 

You will be responsible for shipping cost. Contact us and we'll get you started on the process. Please note that bead and material replacement are not included as a part free restringing. You can find more information about this service in the section below. This is a complimentary service that may be revoked or changed any time upon our discretion.

Do you offer bead replacement?

Replacing lost or damaged jewelry beads is possible within the first 30 days of your purchase, during the return and exchange period. 

Should a few of the beads of your Satin Crystals bracelet or necklace become damaged after the return period, we may be able to offer bead replacement for a fee, as long as your jewelry was purchased directly from our website less than one year ago. This is on a case to case basis and a courtesy extended only to VIP members. It is also dependent upon if we have enough surplus beads in stock. If the damaged pieces exceed over 25% of the beads, we will instead recommend you purchase a new item.

You will be responsible for shipping cost. Contact us and we'll get you started on the process. 

Do you make custom crystal jewelry?

If you are looking for a specific combination of healing crystals for your jewelry, it may be possible to make a custom design for you. Keep in mind that we have only one jewelry designer here, Sheila Satin, and the time frame for your customization to be ready may be months from now.

If it is a small adjustment to designs that we already carry, your request may be granted. If your request is for a stretch bracelet, memory wire bracelet, or beaded necklace with gemstones we already source, we are happy to make you your custom request. 

If there is an urgency and a deadline for your custom jewelry, you are requesting a design that is drastically different than what we already carry, or you are looking for metalwork, we recommend finding some talented jewelry designers on Etsy where there are artisans who specialize in personalized designs. 

Meanwhile, we have a large selection of crystal jewelry for you ready-made at Satin Crystals. 

Additional Jewelry Care 

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