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Job Jewelry Showcase

tigers eye cufflinks on man's sleeves Are you looking for a new job? Better job? Bigger salary? You need gemstone jewelry that gets the job done!

Job jewelry enhances your confidence, positive vibrations, and natural skills. Everyone is at a different point in their career journey. We have 7 Job Jewelry Collections that assist you perfectly, no matter where you are on the professional path.

Which one do you need right now?

Hawks Eye for envisioning your Dream Job

Red Jasper for Job Hunting & Resume Writing

Tigers Eye for Interview Confidence

Aventurine for Salary Negotiation

Agate for Promotions

Onyx for Leadership

Mahogany Obsidian for Big Bosses 

Invest in your career with crystal jewelry. Take a look at the original pieces in each collection. But first, we invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP club. It's fast, free, informative, and easy.

7 Get a Job! Jewelry Collections 

At Satin Crystals, we offer original jewelry designs for all. There's something here for you and your career.

#1 Hawks Eye Vision Jewelry

When you're looking for a new job or a different job, the most important thing you need to do is clarify your goals. What does your dream job look like?

Only after you envision the details clearly can the Universe help you manifest it swiftly. Wear Hawks Eye jewelry to gain a clear vision of your ideal job. Keep your eye on the prize and be rewarded with a fulfilling career. Select your jewels:

  • Hawks Eye Bracelet for job vision and focus

  • Hawks & Tigers Eye Necklace for worldly accomplishment

  • Hawks & Tigers Eye Earrings to keep your mind on the prize

  • Hawks & Tigers Eye Bracelet trio for comprehensive job success

#2 Red Jasper Motivation Jewelry

Once you know what you want in your work life, you need the motivation to achieve it! Stay fired up with Red Jasper job jewelry. These gemstones keep your energy levels up while you job search. Wear them while you write resumes and cover letters.

Searching for a job is a full-time job in itself. Red Jasper jewelry charges and recharges you until your goals are met. They also serve workers who are losing motivation and need a dose of inspiration. Pick your pieces:

  • Red Jasper Bracelet for a daily dose of energy

  • Red Jasper Caveman Necklace for fire-filled motivation

  • Poppy Jasper Bracelet for calling you to action

  • Red Jasper Sun Pendant to keep you smiling through it all

  • Red Jasper Bull Necklace to feel large and in charge

  • Red Jasper Cufflinks for fine writing skills that win


#3 Tigers Eye Interview Jewelry 

Nail that interview with Tigers Eye jewelry! These gemstones enhance your confidence as you pounce for the prize. Wearing Tigers Eye to your interview helps focus in a calm yet powerfully attractive manner.

Got the jitters? Not with Tigers Eye. Channel your guardian tiger and showcase your talents with confidence and class. Select your stone:

  • Tigers Eye Ring for a big-business attitude

  • Tigers Eye Bracelet for unwavering confidence

  • Tigers Eye Cufflinks for professional power

  • Tigers Eye Coin Earrings for a classic vibe

  • Tigers Eye Bear Necklace for exuding mighty energy 

  • Tigers Eye Silver Ring for an attractive personality

  • Tigers Eye Point Earrings for following the path of success

  • Tigers Eye Faceted Bracelet for glistening qualifications

#4 Aventurine Income Jewelry

You're so close to sealing the deal! When it comes to negotiating your income, don't clam up; speak up! Aventurine jewelry gives you the confidence to declare your worth.

Negotiating your income doesn't just happen during the interview process. Claim your raises whenever you feel you deserve it. These crystals are calling: 

  • Aventurine Turtle Necklace for wise prosperity

  • Aventurine Coin Earrings for lucky fortune

  • Aventurine Bracelet for abundance style

  • Aventurine Bead Necklace for growing wealth

  • Aventurine Ring for securing your big bounty

  • Aventurine Token Earrings for more money

  • Aventurine Cufflinks when you want to go for gold

  • Aventurine Arrowhead Necklace for shooting for the stars

#5 Agate Promoted Jewelry

You're set in a job but you're ready to climb the career ladder. Agate job jewelry is for you! Moss Agate and Tree Agate help you to grow, reaching up from the ground to the sky.

You have the skills and the personality. You're ready to flourish. Agate jewelry propels your energy to a higher level. What will you wear?

  • Moss Agate Bracelet for that dream promotion

  • Moss Agate Earrings for flourishing like a flower

  • Moss Agate Ring for doing deeds that lift your status

  • Tree Agate Necklace for climbing up in your career

#6 Onyx Leadership Jewelry

You are now in the position of leadership, or striving to be! To maintain your status as a strong leader, you want to harness the energy of Onyx crystals. This shiny black gemstone is about hard work, dedication, steadiness, cooperation, and teamwork.

Onyx jewelry also protects you from negativity because the team is only as strong as its leader. Feel the strength! Pick your piece:

  • Onyx Ring for a big show of strength

  • Onyx Bullseye Bracelet for victory in the workplace

  • Onyx Cufflinks for debonair leadership

  • Onyx Penguin Necklace for a personality that's loved

  • Onyx Bracelet for the endurance of an ox

  • Onyx Earrings for deflecting bad vibes

#7 Mahogany Obsidian Boss Jewelry

You are top of the top, cream of the crop! Big bosses have confidence in themselves and know how to lead a career with class. Mahogany Obsidian jewelry is the choice of the elite and respectable VIP. 

  • Mahogany Obsidian Ring for worldly bosses

  • Mahogany Obsidian Bracelet for manifesting to the top

  • Mahogany Obsidian Earrings for volcanic statements

  • Mahogany Obsidian Tektite Bracelet for fulfilling your destiny

Job Crystals for You

There's so much you can achieve with job jewelry. Look like the boss you were meant to be with styles that have meaning. What pieces will complete your ensemble? Check out the Job Crystal Collection to see all the gemstones and jewelry or shop right here at your convenience:

Contact Satin Crystals

We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions about healing crystals. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you. 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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